Timmy Jernigan falls to the Ravens


As he so often does, Ozzie Newsome has found a valuable pick in the draft.

With the Ravens’ second-round pick, No. 48 overall, Baltimore grabbed Timmy Jernigan, a Florida State defensive tackle who’s generally viewed as a first-round talent.

Jernigan is a tough, physical nose tackle who was a major part of the Seminoles’ national championship effort last season, and it’s a bit surprising that he was still available in the middle of the second round.

However, the news last week that Jernigan was red-flagged on a Scouting Combine drug test, reportedly for a diluted sample, may have led some teams to mark Jernigan down. (It also may have contributed to the fact that Jernigan didn’t attend the draft, even though he was one of the 30 players initially on the list.)

Now Jernigan heads to Baltimore.

26 responses to “Timmy Jernigan falls to the Ravens

  1. You know it’s a good pick when the steeler trolls come out blabbing about character. You know that team that hasn’t made the playoffs in years (although I do remember Tebow knocked them out the last time they did). And how about that character QB of their’s. Lol!

  2. I think the writing is on the wall for Haloti Ngata.

    He refused to take a pay cut, now I’m not saying that was a bad sign for the Ravens but his contract is at $16million for the next 2 years. He certainly hasn’t been his usual Pro Bowl self for a year or two as well.

    Just a thought

  3. You guys keep pumping up this Ozzie Newsome myth. I dont know what league you have been watching but he has had a lot more high round losses then wins the last 5 years. Matt Elam, Courtney Upshaw, Arthur Brown, Jimmy Smith, Torrey Smith, Sergio Kindle, Terrance Cody, Michael Oher.

    Really besides Dennis Pitta and Paul Kruger who has he drafted in the last 5 years who has been any good at all?

  4. You know what Matt Elam, Courtney Upshaw, Jimmy Smith, Torrey Smith, Terrence Cody, and Michael Oher have in common?

    They all have one more Super Bowl ring than you do.

    Another great value pick for the Ravens. Stockpiling a lot of talent in the front seven. Defense wins championships.

  5. @mackacmccoy

    Ok I’ll bite. How bout this

    Oher – 5 year starter at tackle
    Torrey Smith – starting wo with. Breakout year last year
    Jimmy Smith – another starting CB
    COurtney Upshaw – not a pro bowler but good edge setting LB
    A Brown – well see
    Matt Elam – starting safety , going to strong after playin out of position.

    True, Cody and Kindle were busts. But how about pitta, Kruger , osemele, Ladarius Webb , Flacco , rice ,

    Your right he’s terrible.

    Does he hit on every pick, nope. Is he infallible , nope. But I’ll take him over almost any other GM.

  6. @macjacmccoy
    How can you judge the Elam and Art Brown picks after one year? Or Upshaw who was stuck behind Jarred Johnson and now Dumervil? Because they weren’t studs? And Torrey, a 2nd round late pick is a top 15 wideout in the league. Other than that? Ellerbe, Art Jones, Suggs, Ngata, Webb, Flacco, Rice, Yanda, just to name a few. 3 pro bowlers in that group, a SB MVP, and a few guys who were top FA demand in their respective years.

    But no you’re right Ozzie is no good.

  7. Some teams benefit from the dumb ones. In 3 or 4 years, you’re going to wonder why the Ravens were able to do this, just like when they got Elam at the end of the first round last year.

  8. Id love to see the Ravens move Ngata, maybe even cut him. Lets use that money to lock up Torrey Smith long term. Jernigan/Brandon Williams are the future.

    I dont know how Timmy plummets that far but it seems like a HR

  9. I don’t see Jernigan as the big-time help the Ravens need on the D-line. I mean, you really believe that this pick means the end of Ngata? Really?
    College D-line studs like Jernigan and the guy the Steelers chose are just that: great college players. It’s a different ballgame in the professional trenches.
    It’s hard to see the Ravens or the Steelers as being anything more that mediocre this year, and that’s the only way a soft team like the Bengals will ever win the division.
    Dear Lord, anyone but the Bengals.

  10. RE Ozzie: ….we also got Tucker as a free agent post draft. Ozzie was smart enough to not pick him, and then get him to camp.

  11. Anyone who would question Ozzie automatically loses credibility as man, fan, and human being. Clearly we have some real imbeciles lurking around these days.

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