Panthers’ G.M. will conduct final day of the draft via Skype


Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman will be 800 miles away from the team’s draft room today, but he’ll still be running the show.

Gettleman is in Worcester, Massachusetts, where his son is graduating from Becker College today. So he’ll communicate with the rest of the team’s personnel staff via Skype, and he’ll still make the Panthers’ picks in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds of the NFL draft.

“Through the process of technology, nothing will change. The process will be exactly the same,” Gettleman said, via the Associated Press.

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson gave Gettleman permission, and the Panthers have been planning to do it this way for months. in March. The Panthers’ defensive-minded head coach Ron Rivera, joked, “If all four picks are defense, you know what happened.”

7 responses to “Panthers’ G.M. will conduct final day of the draft via Skype

  1. Lets see, the gm’s got other priorities on draft weekend? No wonder the panthers will never get over the hump. I hope the good players follow suit and when their wives graduate from interior decorating school and the daycare has the big play that no matter what day it is they can Skype in for meetings and even a game or two. What a joke. Go Hawks!

  2. Let’s see, the graduation ceremony is in the morning which means Dave should be able to devote his full attention to the draft. I’m not a prophet but I think the team is doing a good job of getting over the “hump”. I just hope that most Sea Hawk fans are not as obnoxious as a few seem to be. Enjoy the mountain top while you can.

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