Through six rounds, the wait continues for Michael Sam

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The NFL got record ratings when Johnny Manziel slid into the bottom third of the first round.

While the numbers won’t be nearly as big, there remains exactly one storyline left as we’re through six rounds of the NFL Draft.

So far, no one has turned in a card with Missouri defensive end Michael Sam’s name on it.

The SEC’s co-defensive player of the year, who also happens to be openly gay, has been the subject of intense pre-draft scrutiny since just before the Scouting Combine.

But unless someone makes a move in the next hour or so, the NFL will have to defend itself against charges of bias, fairly or unfairly.

So far, we’ve seen guys with recently torn ACLs, Canadian tackles, former basketball players and small-school wonders come off the board.

But no one has expressed interest in a guy who had 11.5 sacks in the SEC last year.

Stay tuned.

75 responses to “Through six rounds, the wait continues for Michael Sam

  1. It has nothing to do with his personal life, the fact is he is too small to play Defensive Line in the NFL and at the Senior Bowl when they tried him out at OLB which he might fit into, he was terrible. Not even to mention the fact that his combine showing was bad.

    There is no doubt why he hasn’t been drafted yet, because the PR of him being gay cannot hide the fact that he will probably not be able to play pro football. I don’t care what he did in the SEC, because even the best college football is a vastly inferior game to a lousy NFL team.

    Maybe one day a gay player will come along that is a genuine talent, and not some kid who apart from his coming out, would not even be considered in the draft.

  2. Ah yes, the “vaunted” SEC. The same conference which absorbed two middle of the pack Big 12 team whose starters were recruited in the Big 12 and had immediate success within two seasons. Sounds right.

  3. Well, his agent was wrong, coming out wasn’t going to get him drafted any higher so a team could get good publicity.

  4. Michael Sam may be a bad football player, but the Minnesota Vikings’ defense is so bad that even Sam would provide a drastic and immediate improvement.

  5. Is it bias if you don’t want that kind of distraction on your team? Ok, so he was courageous for coming out but he’s obviously paying the price. You can’t make people like just because you want everyone to know your gay, not everyone will embrace him. He will now suffer the consequences or the rewards of his decision.

  6. Nfln had his measurables up vs two mid round guys that were the same position. He ran in the 4.9s vs the other two in the 4.7s, his vertical was 25 and I think the other two were 36, and their arms were 8 inches longer. His personal life has nothing to do with not getting drafted

  7. I’m sorry to say that this has everything to do with his personal life, and the NFL should be ashamed. When is the last time the SEC Defensive Player of the Year didn’t get drafted? Combine aside, scrutiny aside, are you saying that this guy isn’t worth a late round pick and a shot, but the long-snapper from Oregon is? Teams are afraid of what might happen inside the locker room and the media blitz that would accompany it. Nothing more than cowardice, plain and simple. Cowardice.

  8. Until someone unseats the SEC they are still the best conference. Look at the first 10 draft picks. Quit belly aching (southern for stomach pain) and dethrone us. It’s that simple.

  9. Sam tried to make this all about gay to cover up the fact he is not NFL caliber player. His numbers at the combine were horrid. His not being picked yet has everything to do with football and nothing to do with sexuality.

  10. He’s just not very football player. Maybe he’ll get signed as a UDFA or 7th round flier somewhere.

  11. lol silentmaj– If he ends up as Mr Irrelevant, imagine how many non-football people will say that is an intentional insult.

  12. @mikejune says: May 10, 2014 5:46 PM

    I’m sorry to say that this has everything to do with his personal life,


    The problem was he has all this publicity and teams have enough of that with starters and skill players, He should have kept his private life just that…private.

    Look how all that media worked for Tebow. It didn’t. He should be a #2 somewhere, but no one wants a #2 with a media circus

    This coming out thing was probably a ploy, we knew this kids was a late round pick, his agent probably figured some NFL PR guy would ask the GM to take the guy earlier for the positive press and it backfired, now he may go undrafted.

  13. Of course his being gay is a factor in not yet being drafted. Can’t blame GMs and HCs for passing on that media circus.

  14. There would be a good deal of humor in him being chosen as Mr. Irrelevant.

    He is famous only because of the media being enthused about a non-football aspect.
    And the ‘Mr. Irrelevant” title is also media creation.

  15. Since when is 6’2″, 261 lbs “too small” to play DE in the NFL? Oh wait, it’s not. There are tons of guys smaller than that who already play. People are really digging for excuses now, and it’s ridiculous.

    He’s not getting drafted because NFL teams are afraid of how it will “affect their locker room.” That’s it. At least be honest enough to admit it instead of hiding behind these blatantly weak arguments.

  16. Sad truth is that it’s actually the media scrutiny that may prevent him from being drafted.

    Because it’s a LOT easier to not draft a guy with questionable NFL talent and be criticized for it because of his sexuality than to draft him and then cut him and be questioned for it. Because then it’s ALL on you, not you and 31 other teams.

    As for SEC Def Player of the Year – people, HEISMAN TROPHY WINNERS sometimes don’t get drafted. This is not an unusual thing, as college is a totally different game.

  17. If Clowney where openly gay, does he still go #1 over all? I don’t know but I still think he gets drafted high.

  18. Funny how nobody knew he was gay when they were handing him the SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award and he was being projected between rounds 3 and 5. Now he’s just not a good football player.

  19. Ah, schmig, you can be a small DE if you have speed. Unfortunately, Sam just isn’t fast enough to overcome his size at that position. He will probably get drafted or picked up as FA as an OLB.

  20. Sam is better off as a UDFA anyway – it’s in his best interest to pick his team.

    This is a positive – not a negative.

    Now if no one invites him to camp – you got a big problem. But to fault the NFL for not using a pick on a tweener – that’s no surprise.

  21. Who wants that kind of drama on the team?..i cannot blame these teams for not taking far.

    Him coming out is exactly why he hasn’t been drafted imo.

  22. Morgan Breslin from USC put up bigger stats in college over his career, is about the same size and is faster, but he hasn’t been drafted yet and may not get drafted. yet no one is making a big deal about it.

  23. If he goes undrafted and does well as an UDFA it only serves to help his cause. If he goes undrafted and doesn’t find a team then you can probably make an argument that his coming out really played a factor.

    Kid is a tweener so he already had some teams that would never be interested because of the scheme they run.

  24. Jackson Jeffcoat hasn’t been picked yet either.

    Lots of good college players don’t get drafted.

    Has nothing to do with sexual preference.

  25. Did your liberal mind ever consider that it is bias to draft a guy who is openly gay BECAUSE he is openly gay. If Sam gets drafted that means someone else does not. Maybe they dont want the circus and distraction…or…. maybe he just isnt good enough.

  26. It may be that some teams are concerned about the media distraction that will accompany Michael Sam. Maybe they want to focus on football rather than the socio-cultural issue of the day. And maybe PFT could learn something from that…

  27. mrschmiggles says:
    May 10, 2014 5:57 PM
    Since when is 6’2″, 261 lbs “too small” to play DE in the NFL? Oh wait, it’s not.

    You’re right. The real reason is that no one wants the media circus. They saw what it did to the Jets, and they don’t want it.

    From the second Sam came out, I said it’d go down like this:

    (1) Media makes Sam undraftable;
    (2) NFL teams pass on Sam to avoid media;
    (3) Media blasts NFL.

    I’m a registered Democrat, but even I concede that the people who shape media narratives are mostly privileged white fringe-liberals, and the vast majority of Americans (including many Democrats) want nothing to do with their agenda.

  28. This is like anything else, if he was joe Montana he’d be drafted because these guys jobs and livelihoods depend on winning. These days if you are gay, a minority, or have a disability you’re always under discrimination if someone doesn’t like you, hire you, or show you the money. How can someone of one of those groups even know when they can’t cut it in whatever world they choose if they have a “card” to be played?

  29. If Clowney would have been the one to come out, do you think he would have been drafted?

    MAYBE Sams skill set would have gotten him drafted, maybe not. But, in the decision making process, you have to weigh off field issues, as well as game tape, interviews, how well the prospect does on tape and at tbe combine.

    Like it or not, if he was more talented, he would have been drafted. He just isnt good enough.

  30. The fact that people are staying away is not because he is gay. They are staying away because once drafted they don’t want to be accused of bigotry if they cut him. Unfortunately, the fact that he came out publicly makes him easier to avoid than to take the risk of legal issues, or some kind of dolphins type locker room situation

  31. Now the pressure is on to draft him because if a team does not, it shows that everyone in the NFL is a bigot, right? Just like I was hearing w/ Obama in ’08. If America doesn’t elect him then it’s because he’s black and we’re all racist.

    Owners care about money and winning…plain and simple. If he can help a team win, he’ll play in the NFL. The real bigots are the ones calling everyone else bigots for not allowing an undersized, slow person on an NFL team.

  32. Courage is not coming out and telling people about your sexual preferences, and hoping to get a free ride from the press; courage is Michael Sam coming out and telling the press that he wasn’t selected because he just wasn’t good enough.

  33. So def player of the year has no talent to get a 6th or 7th rd pick i find that hard to believe

    He was better then most of the guys picked at his spot
    Nfl and there typical 6ft 4 guy prototype crap
    Most of them suck

  34. Look at the draft board.

    It does NOT list Michael Sam as a draft eligible player
    It does NOT list him in the 20 best left available at this point.
    It has ZERO player info on him.

    What’s the deal?

  35. Remember Bob Kraft’s nauseous moralizing about how the Patriots would be an ideal spot for Sam; how his organization would provide the best environment; and how Sam could “grow” there?

    Ha! The Patriots just passed on Sam with the 244th overall pick, which means nothing to them!

    What a joke. Truth is, Kraft would probably draft Eric LeGrand before Michael Sam.

    Typical limousine hypocrite.

  36. For an SEC Co-DPOY, his stats were fluff stats. The majority of his sacks came against inferior teams. Nothing impressive about it. There are players with better stats & measurable who will also go undrafted.

    He will have a chance to prove him self as an UDFA,

  37. Haflway through the seventh round….

    If Sam is so great, why isn’t he even making Mayock’s, Kiper’s or McShay’s top ten available list?

  38. coseybedaman says: May 10, 2014 6:25 PM

    The fact that people are staying away is not because he is gay. They are staying away because once drafted they don’t want to be accused of bigotry if they cut him. Unfortunately, the fact that he came out publicly makes him easier to avoid than to take the risk of legal issues, or some kind of dolphins type locker room situation
    I may be wrong here but didn’t you just contradict yourself?

  39. We say bellyaching in the north, too. And we also know that it’s just one word.

  40. Why is it that people are trying to force pro sport owners how to run their team. If you don’t like the way it is don’t watch. Geeez

  41. If he isn’t drafted, the inevitable Chris Kluwe twitter crapstorm will ensue…What a tool..

  42. No team wants a media circus and that’s what he brings now since he made all the hoopla a fewonths back. Blame his agents for making it a circus. Now if a team takes him and he doesn’t work out and get released the media is going to blame his sexuality for the release and the team is going to be labeled a bigot by the PC nazi’s and the media.

  43. In a perfect world him being gay shouldn’t be a problem. This is not a perfect world and the fact that he is openly gay does present it’s own separate set of issues weather people want to admit it or not.
    Nice to see the Rams tackle that challenge.

  44. An UDFA who isnt unusually large and inst unusually fast?

    Someone may likely sign him to help the NFL save face.
    So hell probably get a chance to prove himself.

  45. Want to know something really funny, with 8 picks left in the draft, there are about 20 guys who I heard about throughout the College football season, and I love me some College ball (Especially SEC, ROLL TIDE!), none of those 20 are named Michael Sam. Nobody talked about this kid until he came out. Nobody was like, “Hey, keep an eye on this Sam kid, he could really surprise you.” I think I heard his name a handful of times through 4 Mizzou games I watched, all against SEC Competition. If he does get picked, it IS because he’s openly gay, and you are doing your team a disservice, and even this kid, by doing so.

  46. Although he was taken by the Rams there would be no issue or big deal about when he was taken except for the fact he’s ‘you know’. And none of this has to do with ‘equality’. It’s about favoritism via political correctness. The government conditioning has worked. On some.

  47. I love how football teams talk about distractions, like they are building rockets. It’s football not brain surgery. It’s the same game that children play. After the advent of the forward pass there is nothing new. Distractions, don’t make me laugh. I got a real distraction for you a straight football player would jeopardize his career smoking weed. A player that was on the verge of stardom. Fact is teams are willing to deal with some distractions.

  48. Awards are given out to almost every player They are overrated Tired of people saying he’s not getting drafted because he’s gay wrong He’s being treated like everyone else a ton of great players don’t get drafted I.e. my boy Victor Cruz .P.s he just got drafted so Shut up everybody

  49. Although he was taken by the Rams there would be no issue or big deal about when he was taken except for the fact he’s ‘you know’. And none of this has to do with ‘equality’. It’s about favoritism via political correctness. The government conditioning has worked. On some.

  50. I’m happy he got drafted because it shuts up Chris kluwe for maybe another week.

    I think the guy has proven he can play. I don’t know why so many are down on his ability. Sure he had a bad forty and isn’t that big but he played well in the sec. I definitely think he could make special teams. He has almost no chance playing lineman on that team.

  51. Your wrong brother, Belly Aching is two words in the south. It just takes us longer to say it! And I repeat, quit your belly aching about bellyaching. Do they play football up north? Wanna a bet on another SEC crown?

  52. Jordan lynch was a heisman nominee & went undrafted, so just bc you win an award doesn’t mean you will be automatically drafted. Tge truth is Sam doesn’t really have a position in the league & that has nothing to do with his sexuality. Great college players go undrafted every year so this isn’t an anomaly. No GM wants to draft him bc more than likely he will end up being cut so no one wants to look like a bigot, they also don’t want their players having to deal with the media constantly hounding or creating rifts in the locker room over a player that probably won’t amount to snything more than a special teams guy. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

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