Hue Jackson: A.J. McCarron pick “not about Andy Dalton”


Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson doesn’t mind that people found quarterback A.J. McCarron cocky during the pre-draft process.

Jackson said he’s been called cocky too and he likes confidence in his quarterbacks, which helps explain why the Bengals made McCarron a fifth-round pick on Saturday. The addition of McCarron comes during an offseason that’s featured a lot of speculation about Andy Dalton’s future in Cincinnati, which led Jackson to clarify that McCarron’s arrival has nothing to do with Dalton.

“This is not about Andy Dalton,” Jackson said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Andy Dalton is our quarterback and we stand by him 100 percent. And he has done a tremendous job during the offseason. I am so looking forward to working with all these guys, but obviously he is the leader of our football team. I think he has a bright, bright future ahead of him.”

Given the scrutiny that Dalton’s been under this offseason, we’re not surprised that Jackson made things clear but the situations speaks for itself. If you are planning to challenge an incumbent starter, you don’t wait until the fifth round to do it. Dalton’s going to rise or fall because of what he does on the field, not because of anything McCarron does. Like most fifth-round picks, McCarron is a lottery ticket that may bring something in return or he may wind up hanging on the fringes for a few years before dropping out of view.

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  1. All the trash talk about Dalton makes me laugh. So he has only led them to the playoffs three years in a row, failing to advance. Must be a real waste of time. I wonder how many teams in the league would complain about that performance. I am certain their are about 20 teams who would take Jamarcuss if he could accomplish the same. How about it Vikings , Bills, Raiders fans, would you be upset at your qb if he only led you to the playoffs three years in a row?

  2. I like the pick. Why drop dalton??? Because he hasn’t won a playoff game in his first three years in the nfl? Knee jerk reactions are a sign of poor management. I found brat a terrible oc (who game plans to not throw the ball to aj green for a half of a playoff game?)and jay gruden wasn’t much better I called over 50% of the plays we ran from my couch so I can’t see teams having a hard time shutting down our offense with those two numpty’s calling plays.

  3. The only people who actually believe this is about Dalton aren’t Bengals fans.

    There isn’t a controversy and Dalton is the QB.


  4. Just maybe before Mr. McCarron wants to consider himself Mr. superstar he will not put the horse before the cart. My humble suggestion to him is worry and study FOOTBALL, before you go Hollywood reality show.

  5. The A.J. McCarron pick is all about cheap Bengals owner mike brown paying 5th round money ($425,000) for a second string quarterback instead of signing a higher priced veteran quarterback.

  6. Andy has been good most teams wish they qb who got them to playoffs jags would luv him

    Yes he needs to play better but hes still young relax people

  7. This is a good pick..

    We needed someone to slightly push AD to step his game up. AD is a good QB and will take us where we need to be.. But if you can find a young potential like this why not pick him up.

    This season scares me a little as a Bengals fan. We lost the heart of out team in the DC and well we lost a ok OC too… Marvin is in the last year of his contract..

    Really this could be a make or break year for this team…

    WHO DEY!

  8. Dalton’s not upper eschelon but he’s more than an adequate starter in this league. I don’t think he’s in any jeopardy. Certainly not from McCarron. Seriously? Come on.

  9. Everybody says the Bills 4 Super Bowls mean absolutely nothing because they lost.

    So, making it to the playoffs three straight years is nothing, if you don’t advance.

    Dalton is becoming a choke artist, and AJ McCarron will eventually steal that job. I could see him and/or Murray following the footsteps of Brady. They won’t be Brady, but they will be better than we thought because of where they fell, they’re pissed.

  10. Guy was a 5th round pick, it has nothing to do with starting, but the 5th round your just throwing darts at a board seeing what sticks.

  11. Lmao yeah this is mike brown being cheap. He paid jason Campbell lol. This is nothing but bringing in a potential fall back option in case dalton thinks he needs to be paid like manning.

    Can either have a team with most money in a qb or one with it spread around. Sorry but you can win with a moderately priced qb.

  12. This is potential insurance. Dalton has played well in most regular season games, but when the lights get hot, he shrinks. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing year after year and expecting different results. If Dalton implodes this year, he will be gone next. Every GM and owner would do the same thing.

  13. I am waiting for the day that a coach comes out and says they are behind their QB 90-95%.

  14. While it is obvious that McCarron is a real football player and is a very capable game manger, if Jackson thinks that he has to reassure Dalton, then things must be worse than it look like from the outside. I’d love to have the guy as a backup; he’d be perfect. But, a franchise QB he is not.

  15. First off, Brat was NEVER Dalton’s QB. Brat was gone before Dalton came. Dalton started when Jon Gruden started. That is to a previous post. 2nd of all, if Hue has to come out and clarify the pick isn’t about Dalton, it normally is about Dalton. They just signed Jason Campbell as a Vet backup. Picking McCarron up in the 5th is a steal. If he doesn’t pan out, so be it. But if he succeeds and Dalton still doesn’t win a post-season game, McCarron will be our new starting QB. It’s not about Andy, until it is as they say. Right?

  16. I say start him. The worse that happens is they play one less game than they might with Dalton.

  17. This is all about Andy Dalton coming out saying he wanted to be paid. “The Red Pick Machine” shot off his mouth, and this is Mike Brown’s response. If Andy would have remained quiet and humble and a team guy,Mikey would have highly over paid him what he is really worth, since Mikey loves “the trigger man.”
    By Andy spouting, he got Mikeys hackles up and this is his way of saying-you can and will be replaced. By picking 24th the Bengles had little shot at a top QB
    so this is a stop gap measure,same for Jason Campbell. Mikey will wait for us to suck one year then pick a qb of the future….same old Cincinnati…

  18. Dalton seems like a good guy. I find it very amusing to see QBs ask for 18 million ala Kapernick etc. when they haven’t won a playoff game or only win one because another QB got hurt. Andy hasn’t won a playoff game yet but doesn’t mean he won’t.

  19. Hues back and IMO he will get the most out of andy Dalton and the running game…This man knows football !

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