Lions wanted to add a quarterback, but none fell where they wanted


The Lions don’t have a need for a starting quarterback, but General Manager Martin Mayhew said that the team was interested in drafting a quarterback to join Dan Orlovsky and Kellen Moore in the backup mix.

That never happened and Mayhew says it’s because any time they would start talking about a quarterback, the player would wind up being selected by another team. Justin Rogers of points to Zach Mettenberger, David Fales and Tom Savage as quarterbacks taken shortly before the Lions had a pick on Saturday.

“A number of times we had quarterbacks in the conversation and then we see that they weren’t there,” Mayhew said. “We put some names up, and by the time we got ready to pick, those guys were gone.”

Rogers reports that the Lions have agreed to terms with undrafted free agent James Franklin, who led Missouri’s offense for the last three seasons. Franklin used his legs a lot and used them well at Missouri, but he’ll probably need to show more with his arm to stick with the Lions.

Franklin doesn’t have the kind of upside you’d want in a player to develop behind Matthew Stafford, who will need to have a better season in order for Mayhew to guarantee himself a chance at picking a quarterback next year.

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  1. I like the Franklin signing but it is not accurate when they say no QBs fell to them. Were they expecting these guys to be there in the 7th round?

  2. Franklin is a gamer and a fine signing, but don’t tell me there weren’t great QB options all over the place. Not to mention they could have traded down from Ebron a long way and picked up a lot of extra material that in itself could have been a high ranked QB. This was a pretty disappointing draft and no preparation to find value targets or make strategic trades. Another botch job by the Lions.

  3. With the 158th pick (5th round), the Lions took a DT from Princeton. The QBs still on the board were AJ McCarron, Zach Mettenberger, Aaron Murray, Tajh Boyd, and David Fales. Tajh Boyd didn’t get picked until the 7th round.

  4. Boyd went late 6th round, my mistake. I still like the Franklin signing so if that works out then it means they made the right choice.

  5. They signed Franklin because they didn’t have a scrambling QB on the roster to simulate guys like RG3 and Russell Wilson in practice.

    Also, not happy with the 3rd rd selection of the center Swanson. They needed to use that pick on an immediate impact player on D/ST, not the supposed center of the future.

  6. If Ebron was their first choice, they should of traded down.
    Choice makes no since unless they plan on using
    one of their four TE’s as a wide out. Hopefully
    they have a plan.

  7. Some content was stripped by our security filters, but it should be possible for one of your Editors to embed the content for you.

    Top 5 QB’s in the NFL :

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Aaron Rodgers
    3. Tom Brady
    4. Drew Brees
    5. Teddy Bridgewater

    I hope you’re kidding

  8. Stafford and Bradford have been the 2 most overpaid QB’s in football the past few years. Stafford has shown some decent progress but he throws way too many INT’s to me. I wonder if he would even be a top 15 QB without Megatron. Probably a mistake to not pick one of the QB’s to develop for a year or two. But it will soon be time for Stafford to get his team to the playoffs.

  9. I love all the fantasyland experts saying they should have traded down from 10. you need someone to trade WITH to make that happen. the next trade came at 20 for cooks.

  10. As bad as Stafford was last year, he still is light years ahead of Bradford as far as skill, development, accomplishments, and potential. Bradford has shown absolutely nothing in his short career that would lead one to believe he could be a good quarterback while Stafford has shown flashes of brilliance. It comes down to consistency with him and when he figures it out he will be considered an upper echelon QB once again.

  11. Given their 5 year track record, this regime has zero credibility when discussing their preferences and the names on their board. Time has shown that their board doesn’t work very well. Objective observers understand that Zach Mettenberger and a hobbled Aaron Murray have greater upside than Dan Orlovsky. Except on the Lions’ board. It’s time for a new board and new people to write on it.

  12. Don’t worry we got Mr. Endzone backing up stafford. He’s more a capable guy he can step in and give us 2 or 3 mental lapses maybe accidentally step out of the back of the end zone no biggie ya know.

  13. Matthew Stafford has had the best receiver in the NFL the last several seasons, but no legitimate #2 to accompany him, and a lot of times not even a #3. Our TE’s have been a mixed bag. Bush and Bell have been really nice adds. Hopefully Ebron will be a beast, and Tate a solid #2. I’m praying to the football gods that Caldwell has some Yoda in him. I like Stafford- he’s a good kid. Now he has his offense, and has to win playoff games.

  14. If you switched Bradford and Stafford I wonder how much worse Stafford would play and how much better Bradford would……

    One guy has lots of weapons and a system to succeed and the other guy doesn’t

  15. A lot of Stafford’s picks where balls that went off of receivers hands. Not saying he didn’t make some stupid throws but take away all the drops and Stafford is a too 5 QB. that is way I like the Ebron pick. If Barr or Gilbert where still at 10 I think they would’ve been picked but when all else fails go with the top player on your board and that’s what they did!

  16. If they don’t take TE with the first pick and instead take a defensive player, they would have had options further down the road. Ebron is going to be a good player in this league, it’s just tough to think he was the best move for THIS franchise.

    Ah well, hopefully Lombardi is able to use Ebron as well as NO uses Graham… even if he does, it’s a lot to spend on a hybrid TE.

  17. I think letting our last backup Shaun Hill go will work out to be the biggest mistake the Lions made this year. He will probably be a starter if his new team gives him a legit shot at it. I thought Stafford should have been benched for a game or two after throws all those interceptions. Shaun Hill would have done a better job at that point and Detroit would have made the playoffs. If he throws interceptions like last year this staff will bench him for sure.

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