Cardinals moving Teddy Williams to cornerback

Getty Images

Wide receivers John Brown and Walt Powell joined the Cardinals in the draft and their arrival has led to a change for Teddy Williams, one of the wideouts already on the roster.

It’s a pretty significant change as he won’t be a wide receiver any longer. Williams announced on Twitter that he was “back on the dark side” and Darren Urban of the team’s website confirmed Williams will be moving to cornerback.

Williams has some experience making shifts like this. He entered the league as a cornerback with the Cowboys and then moved to receiver before shifting back to cornerback for stints in the UFL and with the Colts. The Cardinals moved him back to receiver and Williams caught one pass last season for 51 yards before tearing his Achilles and heading to injured reserve for the season.

Assuming his Achilles cooperates, Williams will probably be fighting Bryan McCann for the last spot at corner for the Cardinals. Brown and Powell will fit into the back end of a receiver depth chart that no longer includes Williams.