Josh McCown: It’s just a matter of time for Mike Glennon


Just before the draft, Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith called Mike Glennon the team’s quarterback of the future.

Seeing as how the Bucs signed Josh McCown and immediately installed him as the team’s starter in 2014, it was easy to shrug off Smith’s words as a bit of pre-draft strategizing to cloud potential interest in a quarterback. The Bucs chose no quarterback, however, and reports that they turned down trade offers for Glennon suggest Smith wasn’t just trying to  disguise the team’s intentions.

McCown thinks the Buccaneers made a wise choice. He said Tuesday that Glennon “has everything out in front of him” and said he hopes to help groom the younger quarterback for big things down the road.

“I just like his skill set,” McCown said, via “He throws the ball well. His arm strength is obviously well above average. He can really spin it. He’s a hard worker. He loves football and you have to have that at that position and he’s intelligent. It’s just a matter of time for him.”

McCown signed a two-year contract with Tampa, so Glennon should get a chance to show that Smith was right about him being the quarterback of the future. If McCown’s right, holding onto Glennon will make one of the new regime’s first decisions look like a wise one.

18 responses to “Josh McCown: It’s just a matter of time for Mike Glennon

  1. McCown only says that, because he knows he’s going to be a flop after week 6 or 7 when they see why he was never a starter to began with. Hes no better than his brother that played for bucs back in the day.

  2. McCown has sounded like an absolute class act since day one — I’ll be rooting for him in 2014. Hope Glennon works out for the Bucs going forward.


    Pats fan

  3. 19 and 9 his rookie year. He’s got plenty of talent and now he’s in a much better situation with Tedford as his OC (Qb Guru).

    He’s got the twin towers at Wr and baby Antonio gates in Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The secondary in the NFC south can’t match up with all of them. If he gets the start he can puy up 4,000-4,500 yards easily.

  4. If Tampa had anything decent on their OL last year they could easily have been 8-8.

    They didn’t lose only because of Glennon.

  5. YEAH!… That’s not going to get people to buy tickets…. Maybe 2015 they will be worth spending all that money to go see!

  6. he has so much talent that a journeyman qb with 5 good games in the last 10 years was given a fat contract to be the starter over him. only Lovie Smith would crush a kid’s confidence like that and say he is the future of the franchise. he is right the kid has lots of talent that will go to waste in what Lovie considers offense.

  7. McCown is a class act and he’ll get the chance to start but the team gave him a two-year deal so his money is guaranteed to a certain degree.

    If he falters Glennon will get the chance to be the man and at the end of the day, every team needs competition at every position unless you’ve got a legit franchise QB.

    How do you define that? The franchise has to be invested $100million into the QB. That’s my opinion take it for just that

  8. Elsewhere, a coach breaks down how Trestman made McCown work for Chicago. If he can do that, then the Bucs offensive coorindator can do it as well. The trick will be to give McCown the time to throw the ball in the neighborhood of the big receivers, and have them come down and fight for the ball. That is how they made McCown work in Chicago. He is not particularly accurate, and his arm is not that strong. However, he does throw it well enough to be in the area of what he needs to be. In other words, don’t ask him to be pin point accurate, and give him plays his sub-par arm strength and inconsistant accuracy can get the job done. They did it in Chicago, now the question is can they replicate it in Tampa for a full season.

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