Greg Hardy free on $17,000 bond after domestic violence arrest

Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy is free on $17,000 bond this morning, but has been ordered to stay away from his girlfriend and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week after his arrest on domestic violence charges.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Hardy’s attorney said in court this morning that the woman in the case wouldn’t leave Hardy’s apartment early Tuesday morning (around 4:18 a.m.), and that she attacked the 290-pound defensive end, at which point he called 911.

The accuser’s attorney said that his client has injuries from head to toe, saying she went to the emergency room Tuesday and is in a sling with an elbow injury. The arrest warrant charges that Hardy grabbed the woman, threw her to the floor and a tiled bathtub, slammed her against a futon and strangled her.

Panthers team president Danny Morrison said they were still investigating.

And, proving that irony is not dead, there was a previously scheduled breakfast at Bank of America Stadium this morning for Men For Change, an area group that works to stop domestic violence against women and children.

17 responses to “Greg Hardy free on $17,000 bond after domestic violence arrest

  1. This guy is a top 5 pass rusher but hes detrimental to the team. A 13.1 million franchise tag is a huge cap hit, and he already said he wants Carolina to offer him “a crapload” of money, then he gets arrested for domestic violence? Clearly this guy is about himself and not the team

  2. Dude is a clown in charlotte, he’s got talent and that’s undeniable but he is a club rat on the weekends and nobody even pays him any attention when he comes in somewhere even though he thinks he is The greatest person alive, the fact he gave himself a nick name is bad enough but he’s to desperate to be famous instead of just playing football

  3. I love how everyone automatically assumes the man is wrong. This woman was probably drunk and acting wild and assaulted him. No one ever blames the woman, ever no matter what. Whenever there is a domestic it’s always the man going to jail no matter what. Not always fair. I’m not condoning hitting a woman ever, but even just defending yourself as a man vs a woman usually lands you in jail.

  4. So Hardy’s lawyer says he was attacked and called 911. Her lawyer says she has been reduced to raw hamburger meat. Nothing in the report says he produced any pictures of her graphic injuries.

    Obviously, someone is lying. I’m guessing it’s both of them. He probably did throw her up against the tub. She probably got some injuries, but also might have pulled a Lynn Whitfield in “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” and beat herself up a little more to get Hardy in more trouble.

    raiders4lyfe17 – no, you won’t see Hardy week 1. If the NFL doesn’t suspend him, Jerry Richardson will.

  5. I love how this article states Hardy’s weight, as if a crazed woman would never attack a man that’s bigger than her. I’m not taking a side in this, I’m just saying that others shouldn’t be quick to judge either. Some women are physically and mentally abusive, and those types are usually good at manipulating, too.

  6. @defscottyb: Not everyone automatically assumes the man is wrong, and you’re proof of that, because you just assumed the woman was wrong (you said “This woman was probably drunk and acting wild and assaulted him).

    If we’re going to talk about assumptions, why don’t we just agree to not make any either way?

  7. If he called 911 seems she was the aggressor . Hardy probably had enough and pushed her down. Sounds like someone else is wanting to cash in on the mans payday. Just from what I’ve read. If he is guilty than he deserves the punishment. But we all know women are crazy in general ,add alcohol and crazy goes up 10 fold. I will wait till more facts come out before condemning the man.

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