Stephen Jones: Our safeties are better than media critics say

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The Cowboys had a need at safety heading into the NFL draft, but they didn’t address that need until the seventh round. Cowboys V.P. Stephen Jones says the reason for that is simple: The Cowboys don’t believe safety is as much a need as everyone says.

“We obviously feel a little bit better about our safeties than maybe some of our critics in the media,” Jones said on a conference call with season ticket holders.

Jones said a depth chart featuring 2013 third-round pick J.J. Wilcox and 2012 fourth-round pick Matt Johnson along with veteran Barry Church is better than people realize.

“I’d start with J.J. Wilcox,” Jones said. “He was really having a tremendous training camp and he had a real tragedy in his life when he lost his mother. We were naming him the starter that day, and then he had to leave camp, rightfully so, to be with his family. . . . We think J.J., working with him in the offseason, has it all back together again and we think he’s going to seize the opportunity.”

“Matt Johnson has real injuries, but they’re more unfortunate than chronic,” Jones continued. “This is probably the year for him to really have it all come together. . . . Church is the leader of that group and we have young guys in [Jakar Hamilton] and some guys like that we think can step up for us.”

Jones also said seventh-round safety Ahmad Dixon was a great value.

“We were also really pleased with Ahmad Dixon,” he said. “He’s almost a cinch to make our team because our special teams coach, Rich Bisaccia, was so fired up about him.”

So no matter what the media say, Jones feels just fine about his safeties.

63 responses to “Stephen Jones: Our safeties are better than media critics say

  1. Stephen lives in a dream world, along with his dad.

    It’s very nice there, much nicer than reality.

  2. What did you expect him to say? We hate our safeties, and had no clue during the draft? Realistically, I don’t see their defense getting any better from last year though.

  3. I usually don’t give too much credit to statements like this from executives. But Stephen Jones has worked so hard to get where he is that it is hard not to believe that what he says is the honest truth.

  4. Jones says their safeties are good enough. Stats say he’s delusional. BUT that pic of Dr. Evil says “One Millllion Dollars.”

  5. Who cares about your Safeties??? Your team’s entire Defense sucked last year & that was w/ DeMarcus Ware & Jason Hatcher. Cowboys are going nowhere AGAIN.

  6. One thing thats nice about the Cowboys is as long as the Jonse’s are in charge there, the Cowboys will never be a real threat to do anything but come close and yet again fail. Having Jerrah showing his Sons how it is done is a laugher that should hold them down for YEARS to come,lol.

  7. I usually don’t give too much credit to statements like this from executives. But Stephen Jones has worked so hard to get where he is that it is hard not to believe that what he says is the honest truth.

    Self made! Pulled himself up by his own bootstraps!
    Nobody has ever handed him a thing! Rose up through the ranks! Started off as nothing but an eyeglasses cleaner!

  8. Their defense was really really bad last yr, but they did get alot more turnovers than previous yrs.. so hopefully we still have that going for us.. but yeah jj and company have no clue how to draft defensive backs, they draft good wr and linemen but they cant draft corners or safetys if their lives depended on it..

  9. This guy is the poster boy for the American Dream – from eyeglass polisher to NFL Executive in only a couple of seasons!
    Where do I sign up for that program?

  10. Stephen Jones’ qualifications? He shares the same DNA as the Cowboys’ owner/GM. The rest of the league thanks you.

  11. I’ve never even thought about how bad the Dallas safeties might or might not be.

    I tend to stay hung up on that bumbling front office…

  12. The biggest problem in Dallas is Jason Garrett and the coaching staff… The Cowboys have some talent, just NO COACHING! I think maybe Marinelli might just be the right guy to coach em up and get that defense playing as a team, but time will tell.

  13. I like how he didnt mention anything about Jeff Heath. He started half the season last year and was horrible. The biggest problem with the defense is the depth since the starters are too injury prone to stay on the field.

  14. How to tell if you’re a troll:

    -You say Jones is wrong because the defense was horrible last year. The defense was terrible because the DL was riddled with injuries and had street FAs playing tons of reps. No pass rush = no pass defense. Even the best safeties would only make a dent (and these are not the best safeties). So that reflects very little on the safeties.

    -You say Jones is wrong because these safeties just stink, period. How do you know that? Church is still quite young and was solid last year. We knew Wilcox would be raw in year one, so only an utter idiot would pass judgement on him. Matt Johnson is a complete unknown. This could be a perfectly capable group, and we have no way of knowing…which was Jones’s point in the first place.

    You know why so many of you are so sure the Dallas safeties are terrible? For the same reason you think Tony Romo is garbage…because they wear a star on their helmets. Enjoy living life as people who willingly chose to believe things that aren’t true just because you can’t control your raging bias. It makes you simply an inferior human being.

  15. It’s almost as if he and Jerry are trying to become the modern day Buford T. Justice and Junior.

  16. Insanity – Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  17. Let’s be realistic. For Jerry Jones it’s all about ‘the show’. Offense is the show for Jerry. Jerry thinks Cowboy fans will pack the stands as long as he puts on a good show. Defense doesn’t enter into Jerry way of thinking. He hasn’t successfully dealt with the safety in 4 years. He left the DL also sink into last years spectacle. I’m afraid this defense will not be any better. For Jerry and Stephen Jones, winning is not their ultimate goal, it’s all about ‘the show’, keeping butts in seats, and selling Cowboy merchandise!

  18. They are definitely better than Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson, even though they are corners.

    The Cowboy’s safeties should both be give larger contracts then those 2 big mouths….

  19. Daddy is the king of over-hyping every Cowboy player.

    Sonny is just the opposite. Faint praise here; “We obviously feel a little bit better about our safeties than maybe some of our critics in the media,” Jones said

  20. It’s a good thing they have Sean Lee, so that when he inevitably gets injured 18 times this season they can blame the problems with their defense on his absence. Nevermind the fact they suck pretty bad with him anyway.

  21. The Jones like to try to convince people that they are all good at safety when they are far from it.

    Church is a solid strong safety but they lack a good free safety that can cover. With all respect to the death in his family, Wilcox had only one year experience at the position at small Georgia Southern. He wasn’t ready for safety in the NFL and it had little to do with his family.

    Johnson is a bust that has been constantly injured.

    Dixon is a good hitter and plays like Church but doesn’t offer much in coverage.

  22. Thank God they didn’t mention Heath in this article…Hands down the worst safety in this league. Go back and watch the Lions game can’t tackle, cover, or run.

  23. Cowboys had the worst defense in the league last year and after the players we lost and the players that came in, one could argue we are even worse this year.

  24. All secondaries suck without a pass rush,so if that can get better so will the db’s and safties. You people love bashing the Boys,funny thing is 50% of the people bashing have a much crappier team,so what ever makes you feel good. And when they reach the top again all the fake fans (probably a lot of you posters) will be pole riding again! You know who you are clowns! #howboutdemcowboys!

  25. Since Stephen Smith has a long, rich football history and uncanny knowledge about the game – based on his years of playing and coaching then what he says goes.

    Or, maybe his only experience with the game is a rich dad and he knows butkus about anything other than being born on third base…

  26. Heres the player the cowboys could have gotten through 3 rounds:

    1. Clinton Dix / CJ Mosley (Replace either Bruce Carter or JJ Wilcox)
    2. Jernigan / Ealy (Starting DE or DT)
    3. Crichton / Sutton (Starting DE or DT, take the opposite of what you took in 2nd Round)

  27. no one knows how good any of their teams are going to be this season because the season hasn’t started yet so why don’t all the haters just go read about your own teams that suck also. and for people that say “the most mediocre franchise in sports” all the time are way less than mediocre themselves so find something not so predictable for a change

  28. As long as Cowboys fans keep eating up this garbage, Jerry and son will keep serving it up to y’all! They’ve got a stadium to fill, you know.

  29. I’m a Cowboys fan, but color me skeptical.

    Seeing is believing — and Wilcox didn’t show much last season.

    Heath sucked.

    Hamilton didn’t get much PT.

    And I’m sorry, but Johnson has yet to make it through a full training camp.

    Denial is kin to delusional, Stephen.

    Calvin or Haha should’ve been the pick at 16.


  30. Calvin Pryor + Kony Ealy + Trai Turner >>> Zack Martin + Demarcus Lawrence

    I do like Demarcus and think he’ll be better than Ealy, but also think they could have stayed firm and still got Lawrence. Turner isn’t nearly the drop off from Martin as Wilcox is from Pryor.

    Just a couple years ago, Wilcox was a WR in a DII school. If he needs to learn the position, make him a backup until he learns it. Until then, the defensive QB of a Marinelli/Kiffin is manned by someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing. Yeah, the defense is going to suffer.

  31. You folks that blame that defense last year should learn a thing or two about football. The horrid call to switch to a dinosaur and his failure of a scheme ranked up with the injuries they fought all year long. Not to say that personnel didn’t have something to do with it, but it’s far more concerning that a terrible scheme was put in place and then defended.

  32. Nice to see The Cowboys will be in good hands after Jerry….LOL!!!! Poor Dallas fans their team is stuck on stupid.

  33. Jerrah still proved his stupidity by moving up in the 2nd round to draft Demarcus Lawrence and give up their 3 rd pick! Had they stayed where there were they most likely could have drafted Lawrence or Kony Ealy who was still there and would have been fine. Giving up that 3rd though was critical and explains why Dallas will not see another Super Bowl under this idiot GM!

  34. I usually don’t give too much credit to statements like this from executives. But Stephen Jones has worked so hard to get where he is that it is hard not to believe that what he says is the honest truth.
    Good one! I wish I’d said that!

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