Field of Jeans to host Pac-12 title game


Plenty of NFL stadiums end up being vacant for 355 days per year, and yet they somehow become obsolete after only 15 years.

The 49ers’ new venue will be used plenty of times per year, and another event has been added to the so-called Field of Jeans’ dance card.

Per Doug Haller of, Levi’s Stadium will host the Pac-12 title game.  The move will be announced Thursday.

Previously, the conference’s title game had been hosted by the participant with the best record.  The Pac-12 now joins all other major conferences with a neutral-site championship game.

The duration of the deal isn’t yet known.  The stadium opens later this year; the first NFL regular-season game will be played there in Week Two, when the 49ers host the Bears on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

Did I write this story so that I could mention that the 49ers will christen their new home on NBC’s Sunday Night Football?  Not necessarily.

UPDATE 2:06 p.m. ET:  The arrangement has been announced.  It’s a three-year deal.

6 responses to “Field of Jeans to host Pac-12 title game

  1. You’re right that most NFL stadiums are rarely used except for 10 to 12 NFL games per season.

    This is not the case in MN. The old Metrodome hosted the Vikings, the Twins, the Gopher Football and Baseball teams, NCAA Basketball tournament games, the Minnesota HS football tournaments….

    That’s just a list of sporting events. Hundreds of other events were held in the dome.

    The new stadium will also be a multi purpose building and will host more non football activities than NFL games.

  2. 49ers are my favorite team, and Levis is my favorite brand!


    I gotta go to this niners-bears game

  3. The first event at the new stadium will be a San Jose Earthquakes soccer game, on August 2nd.

    Earthquakes won’t be permanent residents, though, as their own new stadium opens in 2015.

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