Prosecutor: Aaron Hernandez “ambushed and executed” two men


Prosecutors say former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez murdered two innocent men who did nothing more than cross paths with the wrong person two years ago.

At a press conference announcing that Hernandez is being charged for the double murder, District Attorney Daniel Conley said that victims Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado were gunned down by Hernandez, and that police have recovered the murder weapon, a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, and linked it to Hernandez.

“Mr. de Abreu and Mr. Furtado were ambushed and executed as they drove home,” Conley said. “Aaron Hernandez is the principal, the shooter, and the person responsible for taking the lives of the two victims.”

Conley said reports that the two victims may have been involved in some type of criminal activities were false.

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” Conley said. “Neither of them were involved in gangs, guns or violent crime of any kind, and that characterization was unfair to their memories and their families.”

Instead, authorities say the two victims had a “chance encounter” with Hernandez while they all happened to be at the same bar, and Hernandez followed them out and opened fire into their vehicle, killing them both and also shooting at three others who were with the two victims.

Hernandez’s cousin, Tanya Singleton, is also facing a charge of criminal contempt of court for failing to aid in the investigation after originally agreeing to cooperate in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Hernandez is currently in jail awaiting trial on another murder charge in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd. Authorities say Hernandez will likely stand trial for the murder of Lloyd first, and then stand trial for the murder of de Abreu and Furtado after the conclusion of the trial in Lloyd’s death.

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  1. “Police have recovered the murder weapon, a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, and linked it to Hernandez.”


  2. It should be fascinating to say the least to see how the prosecution links Hernandez to the gun. And it will be the critical point of focus in the trial.

  3. I wonder what the Pouncey brothers have to say about all this. Possibly a set up? An accident? Gun just went off twice? Maybe a new free hernandez campaign? What say you Pouncy bros?

  4. There has always been reasonable doubt Hernandez was involved.

    Right up until the moment the D.A. announced the recovery of the weapon and linked it to him.

  5. So Hernandez’s response to any situation he doesn’t like is to shoot someone? Good thing he is in jail or Eli Manning would be looking over his shoulder.

  6. Aaron’s value in even the DEEPEST of FF dynasty leagues is now less than Chad Johnson’s.

  7. Did they detail how they linked the weapon to Hernandez and how they know he was the shooter? While I don’t believe he is innocent of his crimes (well, definitely Lloyd) to assume the indictment is a slam dunk is shortsighted.

  8. I don’t doubt for a minute that Hernadez did any of what is being alleged,but it seems they’re overcharging like crazy without any real EVIDENCE to back it up. Pinning their hopes on some Jailhouse Snitches is a very dangerous move.

  9. I think he’s guilty, but if you think article sums everything up and makes for a sure conviction, you know nothing about the judicial system. They’re reaching for the stars with the hopes that something sticks. In what way is the gun linked to Hernandez?

  10. For those that had a sliver of hope (yeah right), that this evil guy would ever taste freedom and through an act of divine intervention would ever play ball again, you can stick that proverbial fork in it. This goose was cooked a long time ago. Hmm, also that cover up in Fl, this guy is as evil, demented as they come.

  11. The guilt is well known and right there. Proving it is usually hard because this country would rather let 10 guilty people go before they convict 1 innocent person. Thus the burden of proof is great.

    The most frustrating thing of all time is KNOWING someone is guilty of a homicide and him getting away with it because it is just that way sometimes.

    Been there and it’s haunting…

  12. Good thing being guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law is a bit more difficult than being guilty in the court of public opinion.

    Still find it hard to believe this guy was just spraying bullets in downtown Boston as a recognizable member of the New England Patriots. He’s obviously a bad guy and was probably involved with both incidents but not 100% convinced he was Rambo unloading bullets everywhere.

  13. I’d say a good part of the prosecutor’s statement is hot air. Even if Hernandez was the killer, saying it’s all the result of a ‘chance encounter’ stretches the believability. I have trouble to believe there was no motive whatsoever.

    In other news, the Patriots have to be elated with this. Since this pre-dates him signing his contract, it would mean he accepted it under false pretenses and gives them a stronger case to invalidate it and recover some signing bonus.

  14. This guy does not hesitate to pull the trigger. With all that money, a dream job and a young daughter I can’t understand why he would throw his life away like this. And over what? What a waste.

  15. From steak and potatoes to bologna and cheese.

    Clearly, he didn’t think this through.

  16. Come on Brady…Take a minute and comment on something of substance like your teammate being a murderer!!!

  17. You don’t believe it could have been a “chance encounter”? These guys must have “disrespected” him. We all know that is more important than life, wealth, freedom and health. What else could he do?

  18. It’s becoming clearer that Hernandez was leading a double life and that he needed to cover his tracks to not hurt his football brand.

    He just wasn’t all that good at it.

  19. Aaron, this patriots fan couldn’t be more disgusted for you. You could have had everything man, millions of dollars, family, worldwide fame, super bowl rings. All you had to do was keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble, sitting in your house playing Madden and cutting your gang ties. What makes this sting even more is that you pretended to be an all American kid-charity, etc, when you were using that to pull the veil over our eyes. You are going to have a mighty long time to think about how you ruined your life, and when you have to answer at the end of your life, you are gonna be judged accordingly. Good riddance and rot in jail

  20. Oh and the other thing I’m equally disgusted about is Urban Meyer will put his hands over his head and yell “nannana I had no idea”, when that pig was covering hernandez’s butt for 3 years and enabled him. The worst thing is that Urban declares himself to be religious-pretty sure men of god don’t recruit and enable felons and sleep with interns- nice try Urb.

  21. Just think, if Urban Meyer and the Gainesville police had done their jobs in the first place and properly put Hernandez away when he shot those guys in college, there would be 3 people in Boston still alive. Instead, because Hernandez was a big time football hero, Urban, the UF administration, and police covered up the the shooting. Urban is pure scum.

  22. Ray Rice beats the crap out of his wife, Sharper flags all over their field, on and on. They’re all angels, right?At least NE cut the guy as soon as he was arrested, not so with Prince Ray Rice, still on the team. Every team has criminals…right ravens fans? The right thing to do is to cut them, not keep them and NE did what it was supposed to.

  23. People saying “Hernandez could have had it all” need to keep in mind that he was basically murdering people before he was even a star. This dude is a sick individual. Probably was taking roids too.

  24. They may have recovered a weapon but that doesn’t say anything yet. I’m not jumping or having any opinion on this until trial especially as I have a good reason to not trust DAs. Not saying that Aaron didn’t put himself in these situations, it’s not just chance on way or another, but still.

  25. The Patriots and their players shouldn’t say anything, he dj want play for them anymore. Plus, it’s anything they say will most likely me taken the wrong way by the haters and over analyzed by the media. Not a smart move PR wise.

  26. mvp43 says: May 15, 2014 12:56 PM

    The possibility of him recovering any money makes me sick. I hope he rots in prison

    If he gets convicted for the double murder his last contract can be completely voided as he signed it knowing he was in violation of the personal conduct clause.

  27. The Pats say innocent until proven guilty…

    And until then, we’d like him on a work release program please…

    The Pats will then try to delay his trials for another 4 to 5 yrs and then they’ll draft his replacement…

  28. I guess nobody will be taking him anytime soon in their fantasy football picks !!!!

  29. the world needs to rid itself of this Patriot piece of trash

    hope something occurs so taxpayers don’t have to support this thing

    at least take that $40M the pathetic Pats gave him…oh wait, they were duped…

  30. Burns me how much is being spent to deal with him. Set him loose an hour north of the normally northernmost landing site for Alaskan bush pilots – but wait until Christmas to set him free.

  31. Hernandez has put his name on the list with Whitey Bulger and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a notorious murderer on trial in Boston. Honestly the main difference between Bulger and Hernandez is that Hernandez made his living in a different way. Bulger murdered and intimidated people full time while Hernandez spent the off-season building up his resume.

    There is no way that hernadez is not involved. he was seen driving the car the night of the murders on surveillence cameras, he was seen at the club, the car was given to him by a car dealer and hidden after the murders by a member of his family or a friend and they also have the gun that was also hidden by a friend or family member. Not to mention there were other witnesses in the car the night of the shooting.

    About the only other thing that could go wrong for Hernandez is if Roger Goodell fines him for an unsafe hit.

    John Heisman

  32. And with this, Aaron Hernandez has officially broken O.J. Simpson’s homicide record. (I hope nobody breaks Hernandez’s record for a long, long time).

  33. Is there ever going to be a third criminal case for when Hernandez shot that guy in the face?

  34. So does this mean that Urban Meyer recruited and Bill Belichick drafted a serial killer…

    I mean 3 people over the course of 2 years… that’s a serial killer right?

  35. What seems to be happening here is the DA is hoping this gets played out in the court of “public opinion” to help his case. As guilty (alleged) as he is, the case still has to be proven and evidence has to be clear and concise. If not, he will walk and there would be no one to blame but the prosecutor. People have a habit of condemning people before trial. What will people post if he walks? The Patriots obviously did not do their research prior to signing this kid. Sad that he has thrown his life away like this. Even if he walks, no one will touch him with a ten foot pole.

  36. My ancestor John Billington was the first put to death in that state, he was off the Mayflower, this is our dubious family history. But because of wrongful convictions Massachusetts never put the death penalty back on the books, it was shut down totally with no chance of going back in in 1982 when voters voted in a constitutional ban on death penalties.
    So no Aaron will not fact the execution squad, he will face a much worse prospect, spending the rest of his life in lock up.
    Sad when a man has this much given to him and still runs around acting like some street punk.

  37. There is nothing more despicable than to see innocent people killed — and then their memory besmirched.

    If there is a Hell, I hope Aaron Hernandez goes there. But then, I’m not sure that sociopaths have souls.

  38. For those still doubting do you really think the evidence reported is all they have? Don’t be so naïve.

  39. For those who are saying “How could it be a chance meeting?” or “I don’t trust DA’s” or “how is the gun tied to him”, perhaps a primer in our criminal justice system would help. 1) Chance meeting simply means no previous connection. It doesn’t mean they didn’t get into an altercation at the bar. 2) You may not like DA’s or not trust them but I hope you understand that to get an indictment the DA had to present evidence to a grand jury of normal citizens who after viewing said evidence felt there was enough evidence to believe that the charges were credible and true. 3) No DA in would ever say they can “tie the gun” to a suspect and not have some colateral documentation to back it up whether it be forensics, eyewitness testimony or registration documentation. As to proving whether or not it is the murder weapon, that is simple and remedial balistic science so tying the gun to AH would carry a ton of clout in the courtroom. None of this ensures a conviction but for those speculating that this is nothing more than a rogue and over zealous DA, the facts to date and the system in place certainly leave the objectively minded seeing otherwise.

  40. I would not blame this on anyone but himself. This idiot had a chance to pull himself out of this mess. But because he had the big money, he thought he was untouchable.
    Hope the lock him away with zero chance of parole. Then the families can come through and clean him out, leaving him nothing so all he can have is what he make off of working for 35 cents a hour.

  41. I read a report somewhere months ago that stated the way they tied Hernandez to the double murder in Florida was a gun that was recovered either in his home or one of his vehicles…

  42. Is it now illegal to own 25-30 guns? Who cares? It’s no more dangerous than owning two…you can only fire One (or two) at a time.

  43. Three people dead for no reason except that Hernandez wanted to be a tough guy. No moral compass and too dumb to realize that all gangstas end up living in the same (big) house. In their idiocy they destroy other lives and then their own.

  44. Incredible to think that he was actually Tim Tebow’s roommate for a while. There is probably a great story there if Tim ever opens up and talks about his old buddy.

  45. It’s a conspiracy he signed the contract two months after he killed these people and in the contract there is a special clause fer him to get all of the money he knew he would eventually get caught

  46. Hey hernandez… Here’s some advice for you…

    Real “tough guys” like you want to be, don’t murder people to have the “tough guy” image like you think you might have.

    Real tough guys just walk away from confrontation. What does confrontation solve? What does a fight solve?

    Hernandez, I hope they burn you at the stake. I’m so lost and confused by trying to keep up with how many people you have shot at, shot, killed, beat up, whatever… I don’t know who’s who, or what’s what anymore! You’ve just done way to many things!

  47. I’ll believe it when i see it. Now he shot two chased three, and just now getting charged? They could’ve told a truthful version. Some1 with him might have shot and killed these two men, with a gun he paid for that was his body guard.

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