Jets’ Jace Amaro sets his sights on Rookie of the Year


New Jets tight end Jace Amaro was the 49th player chose in the NFL draft, but he thinks he can show this year that he’s better than everyone chosen before him. And after him.

“The goal is to win the Rookie of the Year [award] and be the best offensive player you can be, and if you don’t have that mindset, then you’re not really in this for the right reasons,” Amaro said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Amaro has spent a lot of time studying Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski and thinks he can be the same kind of player.

“Those two guys are ones that I sat with my position coach [in college] and watched hours and hours of tape on in 2013,” Amaro said. “That really helped me develop my game, to really understand how they release [off the line of scrimmage] and use their size.”

If Amaro can be anything close to the kind of player that Graham and Gronkowski are, the Jets will be very happy. And a lot of teams will be wishing they hadn’t passed on him in the draft.

51 responses to “Jets’ Jace Amaro sets his sights on Rookie of the Year

  1. Too bad for Amaro with Geno and Vick at quarterback he can’t even come close to being Graham or Gronk.

  2. He could be great 2-3 years down the road, but there is a higher learning curve at tight end compared to most other positions. We might have a good idea of how good he can eventually be by the end of the season.

  3. All he needs is a legitimate NFL QB to get him the ball, which the Jets don’t have…

  4. A couple of things here is the offense going to be centered around a t.e my guess is no. Can Vick and or Geno deliver him the ball consistently probably not, also when was the last time a t.e won anything? I admire his confidence, but here is the case where this guy knows not what he talks about.

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    The term “passed on him” is a misnomer. There were just about 40 other players that teams valued higher, or filled a need better. It’s not like he was on waivers and nobody bothered to put in a claim.


  6. Actually the goal should be to win the Super Bowl and that any individual awards are nice but meaningless if you don’t achieve that. Typical me first Jet.

  7. If Jets were going to feature a rookie TE, they would have gone after one sooner, rather than let one fall to them in the middle of RD2.

  8. That’s funny, because Gronk and Graham couldn’t be more different players. Graham is more of a big slot receiver, and Gronk is more like a traditional tight end, but he is so good and so long, he has developed a rep (when healthy) of being a dominant force. Both are great, but very different players.

  9. 500 other guys are thinking rookie of the year also, including guys named Clowney, Watkins, Evans and Manziel….. Good luck with that.

  10. I admire the guy’s lofty goal, but he sounds a lot like megahead…me me me, personal stats, glory awards, but the SB? meh, doesn’t care about rings for the entire team. I see nada in the article where he mentions team goals. Hope he changes his perspective in camp.

  11. Amaro compares more to Graham than Gronkowski. At least Gronk gives an effort to block

    Receivers depend heavily on their QB to be successful, too bad Amaro went to the wrong team

  12. I was hoping the pack would have a shot at him in the 2nd. I felt coming into the draft that he likely would have the best career among all the tight ends.

  13. You can tell Miami didn’t draft this guy . . . if they had , everyone would be calling him a complete reach.

  14. Already positioning himself to get paid like a WR on his second contract. Savvy kid.

  15. Agree with Craniator. Jets pick him and he’s a rookie of the year candidate…had Phins picked him if he was available at next pick, he’d be either a reach or a bust. But the guy can’t block, you see, so you Jets fans are gonna wish you had more like Charles Clay after it’s all over with…and did Rexy tell you to say that, Jace? Jets fans ought to be sick and tired of “me first” guys.

  16. I love all the Jet hating non Jets fans that have nothing better to do than bash another team. There is nothing wrong with Amaro coming in with confidence and setting personal goals. It’s actually good to see. I guess he should be more negative and say man I hope I can catch anything this yr. Also it would be different if he was the QB and being me me me. As for who’s throwing him the ball you’ll see both Amaro and Geno benefit from him joining the team. A young Qb’s best friend is a TE that can actually catch. When you haters talk all I hear is the teacher from Charlie Brown and peanuts cartoons.

  17. How about…” Do something before you talk big????”

    Typical jet…talk a lot, and do zero…TE’s supposed to be able to block…something not taught to him in college.

    Noone mentioning his suspension in college?

    ok jace…we hear you…now do something.

  18. Gotta respect his attitude but Austin Seferian-jenkins is going to be the better rookie. As long as he avoids pot suspensions we’re gravy. Lovie needs to show all the rookies how to use a Wizzinator at mini camp. Thats how he built a dynasty in Chicago

  19. This guy is such a perfect Jet. He hasn’t done anything yet, but he’s already talking about winning a personal award. He’s going to fit right in.

  20. People want to bash the kid as being arrogant but the author left out what question he’s being asked. All that is listed is his response and a lot of people bashing him are clueless to what the question he was answering. Sheeple!!!

  21. If you watch his college tape this guy has nowhere near the speed to be a Jimmy Graham-type of player. Amaro also seems a step slower than Gronkowski. I’m a huge Jets fan but I’m afraid that this guy is going to be ordinary at best. His name was linked to New York well before the draft with their 2nd round selection. I wish they had gone elsewhere with the pick.

  22. Hey Jace, have you seen who will be throwing the ball to you or attempting to??? Not in a million years will win this.

  23. Geno isn’t a bad QB he ranked 21 last year but had a lot of INTs
    Most of the INTs was because of the OL and WR
    The OL gave too many sacks and the WR couldn’t finish their routes

  24. Typical rookie. Both graham and gronk play with two future Hall of Fame QBs and on teams that are pass heavy. The Jets once had a tight end in Dustin Keller who they never had a QB to throw to him and eventually the wear and tear of blocking for a run first team sent him packing. With Geno a Qb this kid will be a bust.

  25. Rookie of the Year? As a TE? In that offense? Well, it’s good to have goals, anyway.

  26. Because Jimmy Graham and Gronk do a lot of blocking.


    Watch the Pats sometime. Gronk is big part of their running game. He often gets the block that springs a big gainer.

  27. Two days of stretching and filling out health insurance forms this week and he’s declaring himself OROY. I’m sure there are plenty of NFL veterans making a mental note of his braggadocio and are looking forward to putting him in his place.

  28. Big Texas kid flapping his gums in NY. Doesn’t seem like it will end well but it’s early.

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