Panthers sign sixth-rounder Tyler Gaffney


Running back Tyler Gaffney hasn’t finished classes at Stanford, but he’s already signed his first professional contract.

The Panthers announced that Gaffney agreed to a four-year deal with the team during this weekend’s rookie minicamp. He will have to return to Stanford until school’s out, forcing him to miss offseason time with the team.

“Stanford is on the quarter system, so it will be like June 9 before we see him again,” General Manager Dave Gettleman said, via the team’s website. “That hurts. That makes it difficult to work.”

It’s not the first delay Gaffney’s experienced in his football career. He played a year of minor league baseball before returning to Stanford and running for 1,709 yards and 21 touchdowns on 330 carries last season. He joins a crowded group in the backfield and he’ll start trying to take touches from DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert and Kenjon Barner once he’s back with the team.

9 responses to “Panthers sign sixth-rounder Tyler Gaffney

  1. Not sure this guy will even make the team. DeAngelo, Stewart, Tolbert and Kenjon Barner are all good options but none are a clear-cut No.1 RB. I’d say the Panthers best rushing option is Cam Newton

  2. This team has sunk way too much money at the running back position. I mean all you really need to do is draft a late round back and sign a proven back like Blount to a 2year 4 mil deal and your good to go. Instead theyve given williams and stewart a combine annual salary of 15 mil.

  3. Actually, with Stewart constantly hurt, Williams on the downfall, and Barner too small, I think Gaffney gets more playing time than people think.

  4. No clear cut No. 1???? Williams is No. 1 until Barner or Gaffney replaces him. Tolbert is a fullback, and the best one in the league. Stewart could have been the No. 1 back but for injuries.

  5. Stewart will be banished as soon as it can be worked out. Both he and DWill are too expensive, but Stewart is never on the field, so he is expendable.

    Hopefully, Gettleman can find a sucker to take him, but I doubt it. Gaffney runs hard and is an overachiever- just the kind of back needed for this system.

  6. He’s not going to be playing anymore college football. His eligibility is gone now. What’s the point of this rule? He was eligible to be drafted since he was a junior, but he can’t set foot on a NFL field until his class graduates? And according to the picture, he was already in uniform at some point. Can anyone explain this?

  7. mackcarrington, technically he is still in school. The year has not ended for him yet. Stanford is on the quarter system, while most schools use a semester system.

    If you recall, Luck was faced with the same issued. He had to wait for OTAs. The rule allows them to take part in rookie sessions. That is why he was there.

  8. @qdog112:
    Thanks for the explanation. I think I get it now. So if he just doesn’t quit school he still can’t join a NFL team yet? OK.

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