League could indeed be plotting hard line on expanded playoffs

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Sometimes, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says things not rooted in reality.  Sometimes, he’s on the mark.

His most recent comments may indeed be on the mark.

On the question of whether the NFL needs union approval to expand the playoffs, Jones said Monday, “Not to my knowledge.”  As best we currently can tell, the league would agree with that assessment.

If that’s the NFL’s play, it would be a stunner.  When the league and union met following the annual NFL meetings in Orlando, the league had planned to bring up the issue of expanded playoffs.  But the question never arose — and now the strategy could be to not raise it at all with the union and instead to play the proverbial Nike card.

It seems that an expansion of the playoff field from 12 to 14 teams would constitute what the lawyers would call a mandatory subject of bargaining.  Which means that the NFL couldn’t implement the change unilaterally, without the union’s blessing.

Getting the union’s blessing apparently would entail giving something up.  It appears that the league may have decided to try an approach that would require giving up nothing.

If the league ultimately has nothing to lose, the NFL may be willing to give it a shot.  Like Jerry, there’s a chance the NFL will hit the bull’s eye.

31 responses to “League could indeed be plotting hard line on expanded playoffs

  1. I think the owners will at one point make the same money if 28 teams make the playoffs.

    That will be the only way to offset the loss of finances for the watered down NFL playoff version their greed created.

  2. The league would be giving the players something. 49% of the tens of millions of dollars two more playoff game would bring in every year….

  3. I agree with expanding NFL playoffs. There should be a bigger reward for the #1 seed in each conference being the only team to receive a bye. Adding 1 more team wont water down or diminish the playoffs at all.

  4. The league can agree with Jerry Jones all it wants, but any change of this nature is subject the NFLPA’s approval. That’s standard in all CBAs.

    Was it just a year or two ago that the owners wanted to expand to a 17 or 18 game regular season and got a flat “NO” from the NFLPA? So how could the NFL add playoff games without their approval?

  5. What owner will be the first to mention “community” when talking about expanded playoffs ? Like $$$$ is just an afterthought..,

  6. Why would the players ever be against that. It gives 106 extra players per year a shot at what they supposedly want, the Super Bowl.

  7. I am done with the NFL is we expand the playoffs. 8-8 and 7-9 teams are already winning divisions in this league, now we’re going to reward 6-10 teams potentially?

  8. Lets see what teams would’ve made it in the last few years w/14 team playoffs

    2013: Arizona 10-6, Pittsburgh 8-8
    2012: Chicago 10-6, Pittsburgh 8-8
    2011: Chicago 8-8, Tennessee 9-7
    2010: NYG 10-6, San Diego 9-7
    2009: Atlanta 9-7, Houston 9-7
    2008: Tampa 9-7, New England 11-5

  9. I’m not buying any NFL merchandise as long as roger goodell (lowercase intentional) is the commissioner.

  10. Back to the subject from a few months ago when this was brought up.

    Who would get home field?

  11. The players who don’t want more games are your highest paid players. Your lowest paid players would love to play more games.

    How exactly does adding one more team for each conference water down the play offs when two teams get bye’s? Only the number 1 seed should get a bye.

    As for you who blame Goodell, remember he works for the owners…he is not as powerful as you think…and oh by the way its still the most popular sport in america by a landslide.

  12. Michael Vick can’t make it through a 16 game season in one piece. How do they expect him to make it through an 18 game season?

  13. Maybe that’s why they keep changing the rules so defensive players can’t hit anyone anymore…..that way they can squeeze two more games in without significantly raising the injury risk.

  14. I agree, move to 16 and get rid of the bye. It’s the only thing I don’t like about the NFL. They usually do everything right in comparison to MLB, NHL, guess I’ll mention NBA too. But the bye in the playoffs isn’t right. It also sometimes works against the team with the bye,
    If there in a groove they don’t want a week off. Same effect when you sit players final week of reg season.
    Go 8 teams per side. That would make things interesting.

  15. I wonder if this will give the players a reason to turn back the clock and threaten another walkout, toss out the “new” CBA and hold out this time for all of issues that got “pushed through” in haste and have proven to be detrimental to player interest?

  16. While I think this is for sure a CBA issue, it would be nice to see the union use common sense for a change. Expanding the playoffs makes sense for everyone…..more money.

    When I saw today the NFLPA linking this to the Louisiana workers compensation thing, I wanted to vomit in my hat. How stupid would the union have to be to hold up a deal that would add more than ten million per year for a rule that isn’t going to realistically make a huge difference?

    Why would they need a boat load of concessions on a deal that’s going to make them money? They want Goodell to give up his power, they want the workers comp thing (so Brees will stay happy), they want less drug tests, seems like they’ve linked it to 2-3 other issues.

    Seriously? I heard someone refer to the owners’ “greed” a few comments ago……when it seems the other way to me. They should negotiate 1 less pre-c game and take the money.

  17. The league should offer nothing. Saying they are getting 2 more teams a extra playoff spot and a chance at the Super Bowl. Plus a playoff game check and extra revenues from the 2 extra games it’s self. The union knows this already but is just looking to be greedy and get something extra beyond this.

  18. You cant win with the fans. the same people mocking the NFL for trying to improve the system are the same people will be bitching how flawed the system is when a 10-6 team doesn’t make the playoffs like Arizona last year….

  19. I don’t see why they’d need approval. It’s not like players would be signing up for more potential games. It’s still a max of 20 games.

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