Cardinals sign Ed Stinson, who Darnell Dockett calls “the next Dockett”

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It didn’t take defensive end Ed Stinson long to find a mentor with the Cardinals.

It didn’t take him long to sign a contract, either. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun reports that Stinson has agreed to terms on his four-year contract with the team.

Now that Stinson’s under contract, the fifth-round pick can go back to learning the ropes from Darnell Dockett. The veteran Cardinals end has taken Stinson under his wing while Calais Campbell works with third-round pick Kareem Martin and Dockett thinks that he can help mold Stinson into a replica of himself.

Ed Stinson will be the next Dockett if not better, I will give him all the tools and show him all the tricks. No one showed me but I will,” Dockett wrote on Twitter.

Stinson was a two-year starter at Alabama and thrived as a run stopper in college. He’ll back up and learn from Dockett in the near term and try to hold up his end of the mentor-protege relationship down the road.

8 responses to “Cardinals sign Ed Stinson, who Darnell Dockett calls “the next Dockett”

  1. He may have the strength but i’m not sure he has the quickness or a quick 1st step to disrupt the qb pocket. does he have the high motor as Dockett? if so then we have hit a gem in the late rounds. i can’t wait for preseason to see our draft picks play to have some sense where they are at.

  2. Great to here that Dockett is undertaking this project. Training your eventual replacement is the American way, but not voluntarily.

    I applaud him for his action. Bret Farve just sit up in bed and said, what?

  3. Dockett always has been a beast. Great DT. Always felt like he sort of got shafted playing with the Cards. I mean he played in a fricken 3-4. Two years he had almost double digit sacks in a 4-3 from the dt spot with not much help. Would have been cool if he played for lovie or someone.

    Anyways, if Ed is 1/2 of dockets talent. Not a bad pickup.

  4. Heck, if it ends up to be true or not it’s nice to see a couple of vets step up and get the rookies heading in the right direction on the field.

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