Report: Derek Carr won’t start for Raiders barring something “catastrophic”


The Jacksonville Jaguars have already committed to a “redshirt” year for quarterback Blake Bortles after taking him with the third overall pick of the draft. The Oakland Raiders appear ready to follow suit with second-round pick Derek Carr.

According to Jim Trotter of, the Raiders do not intend to put Carr in a starting position this year barring something “catastrophic.”

Head coach Dennis Allen is committed to Matt Schaub as the team’s starting quarterback for 2014. The Raiders traded a sixth-round draft pick to acquire Schaub from the Houston Texans and he’s under contract through the 2015 season.

Good Matt Schaub would be a considerable upgrade for the quarterback performances in Oakland over the past few years. Bad Matt Schaub would be very similar to performances Raiders fans have become accustomed to under center.

If bad Matt Schaub has made the plane trip to Oakland as well, the Raiders may feel pressured to play Carr sooner than later. Every quarterback drafted in the first 40 picks over the last two years have started at some stage of their rookie seasons. While the plan to give Carr a year to learn the ropes in all well and good in theory, the Raiders may still feel obligated to play him at some this fall.

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  1. Catastrophic is Shaub’s middle name. Just ask the Houston fans that watched him play last season. I mean who knows, maybe he’ll be a good fit with the oak town Raiders. I wish em luck.

  2. Matt McGloin was serviceable last year. He’s a solid backup if “bad Schaub” returns to form. Remember, McGloin hasn’t had the time to be groomed into much of anything yet. Give him time too just like all the rookies.

    I’d bury Derek Carr on the depth chart and only play him if “catastrophic events” take place.

  3. Pretty much aside from a six-game stretch in ’13, good Matt Schaub, actually very very good Matt Schaub has played the rest of his NFL career when called upon. The guy has been to multiple Pro Bowls, appearing as recently as 2012 – and he earned Pro Bowl Most Valuable Player Honors as well.

    Schaub may play a lot better than many folks realize. I’m no Raider fan, but I’m certainly pulling for the guy.

  4. Don’t play him unless the season is out of hand by week 12-13 unless Schaub is hurt or failing miserably. And then stick with the switch, if it’s made. Don’t make stupid QB switches the last game or two, at least do it sooner, and get him experience when it doesn’t matter.

  5. you go into a season with a plan thats bottom line…the plan is simple you start the vet Shaub who before last season was a premier top 10 NFL QB….that doesnt matter though what matters is the won loss record…if Raiders go 2-8 then yea Carr will see action but if 8-2 then of course Shaub leading us to the playoffs…and I do predict playoffs

  6. While Matt Schaub could turn out good as the Raiders improve, he had clearly worn out his welcome in Houston and needed a change scenery. But it was the other Matt, Matt McGloin, who defeated the Texans and Shaub last year. So, while Schaub has had several good seasons, I don’t see him as a Rich Gannon or Jim Plunkett savior. And I don’t know if he’s really the No. 1 as McGloin should get a shot. Derek Carr is real competitor, and probably the best QB in the draft and a steal for the Raiders. But why get him killed this year while the OL comes together.

  7. What a bummer for Carr. He gets to stay close to home but he has to play for the Raiders. I can’t see a spiritual guy like Carr relating to the Raider fan base AT ALL.

  8. Maybe… it would be a good idea for Oakland to hire some quality wide receivers.

    Oakland hasn’t drafted a WR before the 5th round since Jacoby Ford in 2010.

    Only ONE wide receiver (Darrius Heyward-Bey) has been drafted before the 4th round since 3rd rounder Johnnie Lee Higgins in 2007.

  9. How many Pick-6’s does Schaub have to throw before reaching catastrophic levels?

  10. Now let everyone tear apart Oakland and Jax like they are Cleveland.

    How many really understand how big a diva, immature and undisciplined football player Manzeil is? Maybe then they wouldn’t be blasting Farmer.

  11. It’s funny just 2 years ago every major sports media website or network was picking Texans to win the Superbowl.. The Texans QB? Matt Schaub..
    The guy gets hurt and Texans throw is Casey Keenum who was awful IMO and they stink it up so bad they get the #1 pick in 2014 draft. I remember a game last year it was actually Texans vs Raiders and Keenum was playing awful. He was getting sacked and thrown around and Texans were getting their butts kicked. Schaub comes in and all of a sudden starts to drive the Texans down the field with ease and for some odd reason Texans pull Schaub put back in Keenum and the very next play Keenum throws a INT. It was bizarre since they never did go back with Schaub even know obviously he was a better QB. Shaub had a ton of injuries last year and that Texans line was giving him or Keenum no favors. I believe Schaub is the next Rich Gannon. I don’t see Carr starting for atleast 3 years since Schaub will be the man who takes Raiders to the Playoffs this year.
    Yes I did just say that….Raiders defense on paper right now has to be in the top 5 and with McFadden and Jones drew they will have enough to grind these games out and win 10 games. The Chiefs were awful last year and got lucky they played 10 teams that had no QB… Chiefs won’t win more than 6 games this year. Seahawks laid the blue print out for Manning, Broncos still might win 8 or 9, Chargers will be decent and get the other Wildcard but Raiders win the AFC WEST…
    You don’t need to comment..Just wait and see

  12. Seems like Matt McGloin is being counted out at every mention of the Raider QBs. Personally I like his play and with experience he will get better. However, like every QB in Oakland he will only go as far as to how much the O line can protect him and establish a running game. Do not count Matt out yet guys.

  13. Schaub deserves the right to start. This kid Carr however has some special qualities. A Dan Marino type release, quick, and from any angle. Very accurate, on any type of route, short or long. The film on this kid is amazing, a rocket arm, but he has touch. He also has tremendous agility, something that many draft experts did not give him. Very good pocket awareness. The kid has fire and desire. He has been studying the NFL game from a super young age. This will not be a big leap for him to the next stage.

    He could be the starter after training camp. Schaub should be concerned I think.

    Best QB pick up in the NFL draft.

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