Bemidji State basketballer passes on 49ers camp invite

We mentioned earlier today the 49ers offering a tryout to a former Division II basketball player.

As it turns out, Bemidji State’s Zach Noreen has decided to pass.

According to Alex Berg of the Bemidji Pioneer, Noreen is going to stay in school and play football this fall, since he has one year of eligibility left. Trying out for the 49ers would have cost him any shot of playing football, after four seasons of basketball.

“I did not see this opportunity coming from a smaller Division II school,” Noreen said. “I talked with past players who regret leaving early and wished that they would have used their last year of eligibility.”

The 49ers offer was sort of accidental, as 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke saw him after going back to Bemidji to watch his daughter play for the womens basketball team.

Now, the 6-foot-6, 250-pound Noreen can actually work on learning to play tight end at the Division II level, instead of a weekend longshot. It cost the 49ers the element of surprise, but if it doesn’t work out for Noreen next season for the Beavers’ football team, it will have saved them airfare.

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15 responses to “Bemidji State basketballer passes on 49ers camp invite

  1. Great Niners story. That is some quality press and some quality moves by Baalke as well. Meanwhile in other news the President made jokes with reference to Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champions.

  2. I thought about that when I first heard the news. It didn’t make sense. His odds were so long it definitely didn’t make it worthwhile to close off other options. He can take more classes to make his ultimate occupation more lucrative as well, since the chance of his ever earning a living playing professional football is miniscule to none.

  3. Turned down by a Division II basketball player. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2014 Niners.

  4. Smart kid. Now that his name is out there, other teams will be keeping an eye on him. Maybe (not likely, but maybe) he explodes and gets drafted.

  5. Damn!..turned down by a d2 guy. Just kidding, this was a smart move on the kids side, go work your butt off to get into football shape, baalke will be there next year and I’m sure he will be watching.

  6. Huge mistake by a huge guy, from where I sit, but who knows better than him that he’s not NFL material.

    He will never play in the NFL, where he could get the coaching needed to be the best he can be. Going to play at a D2 school, as extinguished any chance of doing anything more in football. He basically conceded that, uhm “I’m not good enough and never will be”.

  7. Remarkably smart decision. If he shows some potential in DII football, he’ll get plenty of invites next year and be more likely to make a team.

  8. Yeah… because there is nothing that an NFL coach wants to do more than babysit and give special coaching attention to a non-football player trying to learn the game.

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