Bengals picking up pace on offense


The Bengals finished last season sixth in the league in points and 10th in total yards, offensive numbers that were good enough to lift them to an AFC North title and third straight trip to the postseason.

It was also good enough to lift former offensive coordinator Jay Gruden to the head coaching job in Washington, leaving Hue Jackson to run the offense in Cincinnati this year. Jackson was on the staff last season as running backs coach, but he isn’t keeping things just as they were last season.

Running back Giovani Bernard says that “the mentality of the offense has changed” with Jackson calling the shots, particularly when it comes to the tempo. The Bengals are working to speed things up, which reminds left tackle Andrew Whitworth of the way the offense ran from 2005-2007 when Bob Bratkowski was the coordinator and Jackson was on the staff as wide receivers coach.

“You make it to where [the opposing defense] have to work and operate quicker and don’t have as much time to line up and dissect and all those types of things,” Whitworth said, via “[Offensively], when you get hot a lot of time in that kind of situation, you get real hot. Working with a tempo is a great way to be able to play. Now you have to have players who are in condition to do that and that’s a total different thing. I can remember back in ’06, ’07 when we did no-huddle some … playing at that kind of tempo, it was always an adjustment to get used to being in that kind of shape.”

A high tempo doesn’t mean the Bengals will be relying on finesse as they are deep at running back after drafting Jeremy Hill and Bernard says they are going to “basically” try to smash in the face of the opposition. If the Bengals succeed at mixing that desire with a pace that presses defenses, it will make for a pretty appealing offensive identity in Cincinnati.

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  1. Hue Jackson always does well with the running game…he brought the raiders running game back from the dead in one season.

  2. With Hue as OC we can finally find out if Andy’s issues were because of Gruden or if he really can’t get them where they need to go.

  3. How many years has it been since the Steelers even made the playoffs? Bengals kept them out a couple times didn’t they? Go talk to other Steelers fans stuck in the past.

  4. I’m a fan but cannot get excited anymore until they win a playoff game at least. No change at head coach doesn’t boost my enthusiasm either. I’ll still watch them and hope for the best but I’ve become jaded over the years. By keeping Marvin it tells me this organization and Mike Brown are ok with being mediocre.

  5. Hue asked Run DMC what plays he likes and developed the run game around that. He’s not too proud to listen and make adjustments, and that bodes well for the Bengals.

  6. andy dalton in an uptempo offense seems like a bad idea. the guy is very mistake prone and forcing him to act and react quicker is a recipe for pick sixes.

  7. The offense needs to be forced to be faster and more explosive off the line since that is Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu’s weaknesses.

    When coming out of college… both 5th rounder Jones and 3rd rounder Sanu had the poor reputations of being slow off the line and slow to break from defenders.

  8. “Old folks home in Pittsburgh?”
    Oh, you mean the team that pounded the Bengals at the end of last regular season, right?
    The AFC North has never had a more unimpressive team win the division than the Bengals of last year.
    The most overrated team in the AFC

  9. Congratulations on “pounding” the Bengals in Week 15 as they rested their starters after already knocking the steelers out of playoff contention (for the second season in a row).

  10. Dear Bengals fans,

    You have one heck of an offensive coach in Hue. I think your offense will improve.

    Just keep him away from making personnel decisions (IE trades, etc.) and you should be just fine.


    Raider Fan

  11. For the first time in quite a few years, the players all seem to be excited. There aren’t any major locker room issues, everyone seems to happy with their contracts, and except for the Andy Dalton (non-)controversy, there aren’t any distractions.

    All there is left is for the Bengals is to play football and keep winning.

  12. Yep unimpressive. Like when they won against the Patriots unimpressive or when they won against the Packers unimpressive? You don’t get wins against teams like that without playing good football. What’s unimpressive is sneaking up on a 170 lbs. punter and blindsiding him into a hospital bed any gutless wonder can do that.

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