Fines for safety rule violations down significantly in 2013


Whether the game of football is safer is still matter for debate.

But it’s at least cheaper for teams, in one respect.

According to Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, per-team averages for player fines dropped $35,000 per team last year, and the number of teams fined for repeat offenses dropped from nine in 2012 to four.

The league requires teams whose players compile more than $105,000 in safety rule violation fines had to pay the league back $50,000, and then an additional $25,000 match any subsequent fine amounts if the team exceeded $157,000.

The league tabulated the yearly totals after appeals for all cases from 2013 were heard, and the team average went from $95,000 in 2012 to $60,000.

The Buccaneers and Lions are expected to be among two of the teams paying the league back, since safety Dashon Goldson and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh each topped six figures in fines and lost wages for suspensions.

The league has increased fines in an effort to reduce contact to the head and neck area of players.