PFT Whiparound: Should be a higher standard for owners

The guys of PFT take a whip around the day’s top headlines in the NFL.

1 responses to “PFT Whiparound: Should be a higher standard for owners

  1. I owned business for years. And you know what, the employees followed a code of conduct because I paid them. Like it or not, a employee should never have the right to tell a owner how to conduct themselves, but they do have a right to leave if they do not like the conditions.
    This idea of yelling because a owner got caught with drugs, well get over it, they are not playing the game, just paying people a ridiculous amount of money to do it. They are not under contract obligations, so to try to enforce this is both impracticable and silly.
    If an employee would have ever dared to try to tell me how to live, they would not have been employed anymore.

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