Marcus Lattimore “working through something,” will be limited at rookie minicamp


The 49ers knew they would have to wait a bit for running back Marcus Lattimore to be fully ready to go after they drafted him last year and that wait will stretch on past this weekend’s rookie minicamp.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said that Lattimore has looked good on the days that he has been working this spring, but that the running back won’t be able to be a full participant over the weekend because he’s “working through something” that isn’t the right knee he injured while at South Carolina in 2012.

“He’s working through something,” Harbaugh said, via the team’s website. “It’s not the knee, it’s something else he’s working through and we’re going to be going through the speed that the doctors allow, what his body allows him to go.”

Lattimore said this week, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, that he’s been sore in both legs as a result of his workouts this spring. Lattimore spun that as a good thing because it meant he was working with both legs, not just his left one, but it may be part of the reason why the 49ers are keeping him from going full speed at minicamp.

Harbaugh also said that safety Jimmie Ward, the team’s first-round pick this year, will not practice as he continues to recover from a foot injury but that he’s expected to be healthy for training camp.

25 responses to “Marcus Lattimore “working through something,” will be limited at rookie minicamp

  1. This guys never going to see the field. There’s a reason they used a 2nd rd pick on a RB this year with Gore and Hunter still in the fold.

  2. Working through something? Can someone name me ONE professional football player that has ever come back from an injury as serious as Marcus Lattimore sustained? Let me save some time. The answer is, There are none. Sure they may have come back and played but never at the level they played prior to the injury. A couple of names come to mind, Eddie George, Joe Theisman, Frank Gifford, and there are others, many others. The truth is that after an injury such as Lattimore sustained, the voices in his head are there telling him stuff. Those voices cannot and will not go away unless there is some way to erase one’s memory.
    I really do not think it is fair to expect to see the same explosive Marcus Lattimore if and when he works through whatever he is working through. I also do not think it is fair to blame him one bit.

  3. superbowl48champs says:
    May 23, 2014 6:20 PM

    Even as a Hawks fan, I am rooting this guy. Go Marcus!


    I tip my cap to you as that is pretty classy of you……Go Niners 🙂

  4. Icemanus: ” Can someone name me ONE professional football player that has ever come back from an injury as serious as Marcus Lattimore sustained?”
    Uhh, Adrian Peterson ring a bell? How ’bout Willis McGahee?

  5. As a South Carolina fan following Marcus since 10th grade, it breaks my heart to see how much adversity he keeps having to deal with. This was supposed to be the weekend he FINALLY got a chance to truly become an NFL player…poor kid just keeps getting knocked down every time he tries to get up…ughhhh

  6. Not good news, but too soon to know. Hyde was more than insurance. Ortho docs will tell you the more ligaments damaged the longer and less complete the recovery. It’s axiomatic, but it doesn’t mean he won’t play again…and well.

  7. Thomas Davis is another player that’s had a string of bad leg injuries, 3 ACL surgeries in 3 years! He came back in 2013 at an ALL PRO level.

  8. wow, lot of Seahawk types on every article hoping for 49er misfortune. Stay classy Seattle.

  9. Iceman us…Willis McGahee had a similar injury and the Bills took him in the 1st round. He sat his whole 1st season on IR. He just finished his 10th season and a nice career

  10. Lattimore isn’t done, not even close. He will get healthier and with his strong work ethic, he will become a solid running back.

  11. Seattle fans hoping for bad omen on our third string (possibly fourth) running back. Desperate for attention, or just pathetic? Either way, stay classy Seattle 🙂

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