First-rounder Jimmie Ward should be ready for training camp


Drafting injured players has become something of a specialty for the 49ers, though their first-rounder is expected to contribute this season.

According to Matt Maiocco of, rookie defensive back Jimmie Ward will likely be on the sidelines until the start of training camp with a foot injury.

Ward didn’t know he was hurt until his medical examinations at the Scouting Combine, when doctors discovered a Jones fracture (which is less severe and less French than a Lisfranc injury) in his right foot.

“I have no clue,” Ward said when asked when he was injured. “I didn’t feel it. I had no symptoms. I didn’t feel anything. . . .

“They basically put a screw in the metatarsal, it was fractured. They took some bone marrow out of my hip and inserted it into the crack to help speed up the process.”

He had surgery shortly after his pro day in March, and is expected to be back in six to eight weeks. He should have an immediate role as a nickel and at safety this year, so they’re in no hurry to rush him into OTAs, when he’s expected to be ready to go later this summer.


9 responses to “First-rounder Jimmie Ward should be ready for training camp

  1. Crabtree had a Jones fracture… sure didn’t seem like no big deal in his case. get well Jimmy

  2. Jones fractures can really linger because blood flow to the fifth metatarsal is lower but they are usually much more troubling for larger players (OL-DL) because of the added weight and the way they plant their feet during blocking/gaining leverage.

    Obviously the 49ers felt he was healing nicely after the pre-draft medical checkup.

  3. I think it’s funny how seahawk fans think they are funny by saying santa clara 49ers. You should look up how many teams actually play in the city their team is named after. Not many do. Maybe if you didn’t build your Stadium with literally no space around it, you too might have gotten a superbowl bid before your Stadium even opens. Guess that’s what happens when you get new fans to the league. Anyways… Get better soon Jimmie!!

  4. I commend the niners for drafting this guy. Yah know yrs ago they had a set of safeties that were the league elite and adding this pick w/# 1 from last yr just solidified the middle of the field for the next 10 yrs.

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