49ers pass on Rice, but sign another guy with familiar name


The 49ers didn’t sign Jerry Rice Jr. after his weekend tryout with his dad’s old club, but they did sign a guy with a familiar name.

The 49ers announced they signed tight end Kevin Greene and linebacker Chase Thomas, and waived/injured tackle Luke Marquardt and waived/non-football injury linebacker Morgan Breslin.

The Greene they signed isn’t the Hall of Fame finalist pass-rusher who did a year with the 49ers in 1997 (posting 10.5 sacks), but a defensive end/linebacker/tight end from Southern Cal who was undrafted.

Thomas, from Stanford, was with the Saints and Raiders last preseason, and spent the year on the Falcons practice squad, before having a cup of coffee with the Packers this offseason.

12 responses to “49ers pass on Rice, but sign another guy with familiar name

  1. Kid has all the heart in the world and his dad’s work ethic. Unfortunately he didn’t get the talent part. How do you follow a legend? It isn’t like WWE where being 2nd or 3rd generation gets you automatic superstar status

  2. Not shedding any tears for Jerry Jr. He’s inheriting a lot from his father outside of football talent, from a ton of money to a name he can use to get in any door.

  3. This breaks my heart. I know Jerry Rice Jr. had a less than stellar college career, but SOMEBODY please give him a chance. Put him on the practice squad at least!

    He has a good attitude and knows he has to make it on his own. I like his style.

  4. News update the Vikings sign Rice Jr and state “he will our number one receiver, since we are excellent at evaluating talent. He will become a core part of our team along with teddy bust water who we believe will be as successful as Akili Smith.”

  5. Junior is too slow to play in the NFL. I watched his NFL workout and he looked very amateurish and unnatural in his moves. A turtle could beat him in a foot race so let’s not even talk about how a cornerback could torch him

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