Ravens sign first-round pick C.J. Mosley

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The Ravens have their first-round pick under contract.

C.J. Mosley, taken by the Ravens with the 17th overall pick in the draft, signed his deal today. Now he’ll get to work finding his place in the Ravens’ defense, and head coach John Harbaugh said after seeing Mosley at the Ravens’ rookie minicamp that Mosley looks ready to start as a rookie.

“Probably the first impression is that he seems very comfortable in a defense. He understands the game very well. So, he’s been really well-coached, obviously, down [at Alabama],” Harbaugh said. “It’s not like he doesn’t know what gap he is fitting in. It’s not like he doesn’t know what adjustment to make. That’s a long way ahead for a rookie. Plus, he is athletic, and he moves around really well.”

The Ravens now have all of their draft picks signed but one. Third-round safety Terrence Brooks hasn’t signed yet.

16 responses to “Ravens sign first-round pick C.J. Mosley

  1. Cj’s the sort of player PIT will look back in 3 3 years and regret how they missed. Regret: Fast becoming Colbert’s MO.

  2. Cj’s the sort of player PIT will look back in 3 3 years and regret how they missed. Regret: Fast becoming Colbert’s MO.

    Criminals: fast becoming Ozzies legacy.

  3. This guy from all indications will anchor that defense for years to come. A natural leader big different in his on and off the field leadership styles then the greatest linebacker in Ravens and right near the top of the NFL history.
    About the arrest, what a bitter disappointment for a very smart kid getting his degree and a master degree too, from what I read. But wow- how dumb of a move. He’s a rookie and has some growing up to do. One would think he has read about all the NFLs arrest this year and the punishment that goes along with it. Additionally the embarrassment of the other Ravens arrested this off season, typically the Ravens are not in the news for bad reasons, this off season is terrible for an organization that worked hard to change its image under Harbaugh and its new owner. I think there’s something said about the new players contract limiting time the organization can have these kids in the building to mentor.

  4. I’m really excited for CJ. It is early but Ravens starting line on defense projects to be pretty young. The oldest guy could be Sizzle.

  5. “Does he behave in elevators and cabs unlike Otis Elevator Rice and cabby taliferro?” —- Hey I’m new here but this seems like a pretty low class comment unrelated to football. It seems all I see from you are personal attacks to someone who has commented already. These are people, real people. Trying to attach a clever nickname just isn’t right.

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