Michael Roos on Titans drafting Taylor Lewan: We’ll see if I can hold him off


Some people scratched their heads when the Titans drafted tackle Taylor Lewan with the 11th overall pick in this month’s draft because the Titans already had Michael Roos at left tackle and they’d recently signed former Ravens right tackle Michael Oher to a four-year deal with $9.5 million in guaranteed money.

Roos was not one of those taken aback, however. The nine-year veteran said he “knew [adding his potential replacement] was going to happen eventually” and that “we’ll see if I can hold him off” this season. Roos is confident that he’ll be able to do that even though he knows that Lewan’s arrival likely means he’ll be playing elsewhere in 2015 and beyond.

“I’ve been blocking the blindside for nine years and I’ll do that for one more year,” Roos said, via the Tennessean. “If there’s more, there’s more. If not, I’ll find out whatever else I’m doing. But until I’m told otherwise, I’m here.”

The Titans could move on from Roos now and save themselves from paying his $6.625 million salary, but that doesn’t make much sense from a football perspective given how well Roos has played over the years. Lewan’s best shot at early playing time will likely come from winning a competition with Oher on the right side. That doesn’t quite fit with the deal they gave Oher, but overpaying a backup is a better short term idea than parting ways with a productive left tackle without getting anything in return.

16 responses to “Michael Roos on Titans drafting Taylor Lewan: We’ll see if I can hold him off

  1. Classy guy. He definitely makes Eastern Washington University proud. Even if he did pay for that terrible red turf football field.

  2. Most would see Roos as a more consistent O-lineman than Oher. Titans will look pretty dumb if Lewan and Oher don’t live up to expectations. The team appears to have invested too much in O-linemen for a scrambling QB with a propensity to getting injured.

  3. Welcome to Baltimore Michael…you can take the spot Oher just left to join you in Tennessee

    Now that’s just plain funny. Why would a very sane, intelligent, and well spoken player want to play with a bunch of criminals? Nope not a chance.

  4. He will be the starting LT this season, and if he stays or goes will be up to how well Lewan plays. Roos has been everything you want in a player.. I would definely hate to see him go. Very professional guy.

  5. Because in that same building there are two Harvard Educated players, an offensive guard with a masters in physics was just drafted, and the NFL’s salute to service recipient reside.

    Along with four knuckleheads sure but please don’t talk about criminals when your QB is still a three time accused rapist.

    And no I don’t think all the Steelers are criminals because of him, just like I don’t think all their fans are morons because of you.

  6. I think the real question for titans fans at the tackle position is gonna be who’s gonna start at RT this yr…Oher, or Lewan? I knew the titans messed up when they signed Oher to such a big contract.. But I guess having too many T’s is better than not having enough. Hopefully Roos will mentor Lewan and get his head right. No more bar fights..

  7. Roos is a beast and a workhorse. He’ll be better than ever with this kind of motivation. He was the highest draft pick to ever come out of Eastern Washington University and the rest of us EWU Eagles fans are thankful for the horrendous red football field he helped build. Roos Field all the way!!

  8. Ugh, this pains me. Roos is a very good LT. I have no problem drafting Taylor Lewan either. I’m just baffled as to why they signed Micheal Oher & THEN drafted Lewan. Should have never signed Oher.

  9. And no I don’t think all the Steelers are criminals because of him, just like I don’t think all their fans are morons because of you.

    I guess counting is not part of thinking in your book nor is being factual. Ben has been accused and not convicted nor plead by two money seekers. Don’t let the truth get in the way of your arrogance and you tender skin. You enjoy dishing the insults but can’t take it in return. The raven way…no not all Raven fans just those like you..you are forgiven as you know no getter at your young age.

  10. Go-Hawks

    I am a graduate of EWU. I graduated on that field. Trust me, not all of us enjoy that terrible field, especially when the home team decides to wear red uniforms on it. But hey, good for him to give back to the University.

  11. It was three times actually. Once in 2010 (the big one where he raped a 21 year old) Once in 2009 when he exposed himself and fondled a Georgia Golf employee and lastly in 2008 when he assaulted a woman working at a casino.

    Now that being said in 2010 he was with teammates (who didn’t speak out in support of him mind you) and yet they were able to go home that night.

    In fact Tommy Maddox, Charlie Batch, Kordell Stewart, Dennis Dixon, Tyler Thigpen, Neil O’Donnell and just about every single QB hasn’t had to worry about these viscous moneygrubbing women that seem to target Pittsburgh QBs. Maybe it’s because he’s so pretty?

    Lastly apologies to the Titans fans out there, sorry this became yet another example of Ravens and Steeler fans arguing. Never my intent especially on an article about a great player and as a Ravens fan I wish you were still our main rival. We had some fun battles with Eddie George and McNair in the early AFC C days.

  12. Ideally, Lewan would play RT until Roos retired, and they release Oher after the season. They didn’t expect Lewan to be there at 11, so Oher was insurance.

  13. Last year teams were looking for LTs and paying big money for them. This year its CBs. Next year, because of all the great CBs drafted this year, good LTs will be in demand again.

    As long as Roos can and wants to play, he will always find work.

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