Bucs expect a “great” and “scary” defense this season


Buccaneers coach Lovie Smith has a good track record for improving the defenses he coaches, and he expects to do it again this year.

“We’re going to be a good football team and in order to be a good football team we have to play great, not good, but great defense and I think we will,” Smith said, via WTSP.

Asking the Bucs’ defense to be great this year is a tall order, especially after releasing cornerback Darrelle Revis. But Smith rapidly turned around the last two defenses he inherited, in St. Louis in 2001 and in Chicago in 2004. And Smith has inherited some talented defensive players, especially linebacker Lavonte David and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy. In McCoy’s view, opposing offenses are going to find what the Bucs do frightening.

“It’s a great defense to play in and once everybody figures it out and have the ins and outs of it, it’s going to be scary,” McCoy said.

The Bucs have had a “great” and “scary” defense before, when they won the Super Bowl in 2002 — which is the last time Tampa Bay won a postseason game. Getting back to that kind of defense would go a long way toward winning in the playoffs again.

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  1. It’s a pure hunch, but I’m calling Tampa to win the NFC South this season. Since 2002, there’s always been at least one team who had finished in last place in its division to rebound and win the division outright the following year. Last year it was the Eagles, and I think this year it’s the Bucs.

  2. Losing Revis doesn’t hurt the Bucs D, it helps; better use of resources/$.
    Tillman is a great Tampa 2 corner, so is Jennings, but neither is a good fit for a D scheme like the Jets, Patriots, Broncos, etc…..where man coverage is employed. C’mon man!
    Revis is a great CB but is wasted on a Tampa 2 D, especially at $12+ million.

  3. everybody expects the defense to be good but it is the offense that will do them in. the same as it did his bears teams. he can talk the talk all he wants and hire the best o.c. there is but at the end of the day they will be a get off the bus running team, that is the Lovie Smith way. not a bitter bears fan but one that has heard the offense will be different every year he was with the bears and it never was. this is the same guy who got Jay Cutler when he was the best young qb in the game and refused to run a offense that matched his skills or the players they had on offense. there were weeks when it looked like a NFL offense for a quarter or a half but as soon as they got the lead it was back to run the ball and throw a screen pass on third down, do not say you were not warned buc fans.

  4. With Lovie and Frasier leading the D, the D film studies are a very quiet, surreal place.

  5. D’Quan Bowers is up to what he’s always been up to, which isn’t much. On a team desperately in need of pass rush the last few years, he’s been basically invisible. He was a wasted 2nd round pick at this point.

    The defense should be quite good; McCoy and Lavonte are simply great players (PFF ranked them as the 4th and 5th best players in the entire league last year based on their stats), Verner is a guy who should excel at corner in Lovie’s scheme, Jonathan Banks was actually pretty darn solid at CB as a rookie last year. Adrian Clayborn is a guy who will be good when somebody else is getting attention at DE, and hopefully Michael Johnson is that guy.

    No real weak spots at all on that defense, other than SLB and Dashon Goldson’s innate ability to give up 15 yards on personal fouls every five minutes. More questions on offense (and general depth), but Tampa has a really, really strong group of defensive starters.

  6. They have the pieces on defense hence why they drafted ALL offense in the draft (how many times has that ever happened?). The Dunkaneers will be much improved overall. From 4-12 to 8-8/9-7 my prediction.

  7. Between Carolina, New Orleans, and Tampa the NFC South should have some pretty stout defenses.

    Can the NFC take one of the AFC playoff spots? Seems fair to me.

  8. Why does a defense need to be “cutting edge”?

    Dungy won with it in the 90s and 2000s despite it being basically Pittsburgh’s 1970s defense.

    Shove your “cutting edge”.

  9. I think the year off studying did Lovie some good. I think a year under Trestman did McCown some good. On paper the offense is at least imposing. Tedford spent time studying the two TE sets in NE, so that set in Tampa will feature two 6’5 235 guys in the outside (Evans and Jackson), a 6’5 260 TE in Jenkins, and 6’4 TE rookie of the year in Wright. A rotation of 3 backs, Martin, Rainey, and James, who all had 100 yard games last year. Sprinkle in Demps and rookie Sims, and speedy slot reciever Herron, and it looks potent…on paper. Tedford will stick with 3-5 step drops to get the ball out quick and limit sacks from the sub par guards.

    The D was top 5 in turn overs, and that should continue, and with the reduction in line stunts and letting the d line hint the QB sacks should be up too.

    Lots to be excited about in Tampa….Tedford is the key. But bear fan, please continue beating the dead horse. At least you are consistent.

  10. Am I wrong, or didn’t the Bucs get DE Michael Johnson, from the Bengals. We here in the ” Natty ” enjoyed his splendid play and heted to lose him to FA.

  11. There are a few things that are scary about the Bucs this season. 1- The QB’s on the roster, and no that is not a compliment. 2- The facilities. Who will this years winner of the first player to get MRSA? I’m banking on Carl Nicks again. 3- Those new ugly uniforms. Fire whoever came up with those jerseys. Please! Other than that the Bucs will be well the Bucs.

    With all that said the Bucs won’t be last in the division. Atlanta will hold on to that position for a second consecutive season.

  12. From your mouth to God’s ear. We’ve heard quite a bit about how offenses have figured out the “Tampa 2” but what most fail to realize is, with the right personnel, taking care of their responsibilities, the Tampa 2 works well. It all starts up front, defense is best played when your in someones face, pressure the QB, cover the receivers, for Christ’s sake it isn’t rocket surgery.

  13. Smith might not be Belichick, but he is a huge upgrade from Schiano. He wasn’t helping them improve, he was making them worse. I don’t expect the Super Bowl, but I think Smith is an above average coach, who has a lot to work with. I do think he was the best new coach hire. I feel like all the changes (and there are many) have been good, something I’m not used too. Bucs are a completely different team, set to take a lot of people by surprise this year, and that’s a good position to be in. They will be underestimated all the way into the playoffs.

  14. You meant to say Leslie Frazier runs a scared defense didn’t you. Look at last years fourth quarter melt downs with the vikings.

  15. Except Trestman didn’t come with McCown nor did his offense.

    Tampa will be better, but let’s not get crazy here. If only we could get Lovie and Trestman coaching on the same team!

  16. Tampa is the master of Cover 2. For those that do not fear it, it’s because the imitators did not do it right.

    And I do not think Lovie ever went all offense in the draft when he was with the Bears. The only positions questionable is quarterback and oline.

    Every other offensive position is filled with top end talent.

  17. BWAAAHHAHAHAHA! You got Leslie Frazier running that D remeber.
    He started 4 guys for the Vikings Defense last year that have not even been signed by another team, they are on the street.
    Zero evaluator of defensive talent = Leslie Frazier.

  18. I bet Matt Ryan, Drew Brees and Cam Newton are shaking like crazy thinking about the “scary” Tampa Two. Could get ugly fast in Tampa.

  19. Lovie’s D’s are based on turnovers. When they get them, great results. When they have that game or two or three where they don’t, usually a team drubs them. Check Lovie’s game by game results. +2 TOs – winning , +1 or less, losing.

  20. Don’t think they have enough to win the South but a 7 or 8 win season is quite possible. The fact that it was the Saints’ defense that actually carried them to a 11-5 record last year plus the additions and another year to fully digest Ryan’s scheme makes them the favorite. Carolina still has to provide they can throw the ball. The Falcons still don’t have enough on defense.

  21. They’re talented. But the cover 2 is severely outdated. The evolution of the passing game has rendered it useless. Defenses have to attack the QB and force poor decisions and throws, not sit back and tackle whoever catches for minimal YAC while the offense bleeds the clock and slowly moves the ball at will.

  22. Haterade all through this thread.

    The Bucs are a better football team.

    Could be a little better – could be quite a bit better…

    Everyone knows there’s talent there – now more than ever.

    We’ll just have to wait until September to find out.

  23. I think the Bucs may take the #2 spot in the NFC South under the Saints. The Failcons are falling off and Carolina should be decent but nowhere near as dominant as last year. The Bucs will be a good team this coming season…Who Dat

  24. Frazier is actually getting hate? He might not be great as a head coach, but as a defensive coordinator he made teams better by a long shot. He has a very good resume if you looked it up.

  25. The offseason moves have been so much more exciting and well thought-out than they have been in years. They are preparing this team to be a contender for years to come and it’s great watching as a fan. On both sides of the ball. It was hard to get excited in the past couple of seasons because you cringed @ any FAs coming in and how they would react to that schmuck schiano. Seriously, he would rival Rich Kottite for one of the worst pro HCs of all time, hands-down. A +.500 season should be a realistic goal, and a shot @ the NFCS as well.

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