Trai Turner hasn’t signed, yet


With the bulk of this year’s draft picks already under contract, there’s not much in the way of news when it comes to rattling off the various guys who have signed off on their rookie deals.

So here’s a bit of a curve ball.  Amid reports that the Panthers have inked third-round offensive lineman Trai Turner, a source with knowledge of the situation says it hasn’t happened yet.

While there’s no reason to think Turner eventually would be a training-camp holdout, the source said a deal between the Panthers and Turner isn’t even close.

And that’s as juicy as it gets when it comes to signing rookies under the new labor deal.

9 responses to “Trai Turner hasn’t signed, yet

  1. Might make a difference if he was expected to start! Hey, Rookie……. Don’t get started on the wrong foot.

  2. Get what you think you deserve and don’t take any offer put before you, would be my advice.

    They’re gonna ride you hard and put you up wet – then discard you once they’re through. Don’t let’em low ball you kid.

  3. What an idiot his salary is already predetermined and its a heck of a lot more money than he was making in college i think if he creates an uproar they will just cut him i love the way they do this there want be anymore 30 & 40 million dollar deals before they even take the field in the season no more jamarcus russell and david carr money for some chumps with stupid guaranteed money they would come into the league making 5 to 10 times more money than veterans who really deserve the money

  4. wow you have a chance to make millions why you doing this its not like your a first round your a 20 year old dont let your head get to big . nothings guaranteed your even going to start

  5. This kid needs to sign his deal. You’re only going to get so much as a 3rd round rookie OL, stop holding out and sign because the Panthers are not an organization that is going to cater to prima donnas. Especially Gettleman.. I’m sure he’s a little ticked off that this kid and his agent are taking forever to come to a contract agreement.

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