Falcons still wondering when Julio Jones gets back

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When the Falcons gather for OTAs this week, they know wide receiver Julio Jones won’t be with them, as he recovers from foot surgery.

Now the question becomes when he does. While there’s no set timetable, Falcons receivers coach Terry Robiskie was optimistic, with a qualifier, about the return of the star wideout.

“The day I can see him come out and just run and practice at full speed, practice all day and get up the next day and practice again, certainly then I’m going to feel he’s back,” Robiskie said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “I think every day, we’ll be out there with him with caution. We’ll be watching him a little bit kind of standing on pins and needles. I think if he jumps in the air to catch the ball, if he jumps on top of some [defensive back] and some DB is under him, you’re nervous.

“But again, I don’t know if it’s necessarily that I’m nervous that Julio is jumping in the air catching the ball. You’re just nervous when one of your guys is jumping up to catch the ball. . . . You’re nervous about two guys and their feet getting tangled up. You’re nervous about their knees getting [knocked].”

There’s some concern that that time might not come until training camp starts. Given the importance of Jones and Roddy White (just look at how their season fell apart last year with injuries), the Falcons shouldn’t be too concerned about June reps for either of them.

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  1. Looks like it’s time to bring Terry’s son Brian Robiskie back as camp fodder. NFL ready out of college my patoot.

  2. As a die hard fan, I remain confident(read: extremely hopeful) that both these guys are 100% by September. I’d rather them be rusty and 100% healthy, ready to go to start the season than see them hinder any progress for the sake of finding their rhythm with Matt Ryan for the year.

  3. It’s going to be an uphill battle for Atlanta in the NFCS. Saints look poised to make another run into the playoffs. Carolina is building on the Seattle/San Francisco model. And Tampa is stockpiling young talent. A healthy Falcons team would make this as brutal a division as the NFCW. Should be plenty of exciting games to watch in the south this season.

  4. The real question is even with Jones back, can Matt Ryan stay upright to get the ball to him?

    Sacked 44 times last season. That number has to improve.

    The Falcons will definitely improve over last year (no where to go but up), but the South is very tough and despite what Carolina did last year, I still think NO is the class of the division and the team to beat.

  5. A HEALTHY Falcons team and NFCS is theirs again. 7 losses by less than 7 points with that horrible D last season, no reason to think a HEALTHY Falcons team can’t produce 11+ wins. People keep harping on what everyone else has done in that division, but they seem to forget what Atlanta has done in that division in the last 5 seasons; one bad season with a team decimated by injuries doesn’t put them in the bottom tier of the division or the NFL.

  6. Just don’t rush this, Julio’s probably the best player on our team and his health can’t be jeoprodized for some practice.

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