Zimmer nearly pulled name from Vikings search


Vikings coach Mike Zimmer almost wasn’t Vikings coach Mike Zimmer.  Not because the Vikings didn’t want him; Zimmer recently said he nearly decided he didn’t want the Vikings.  Or any other head-coaching job.

“I almost didn’t go [for a second interview in Minnesota], yeah,” Zimmer said, via Mike Garafolo of FOXSports.com.  “I was so disappointed.  It was like, ‘Why even do this?’  It was to that point.  I figured I was getting too old . It thought, ‘Forget this.’

“But I talked to a couple of people who said, ‘Hey, you’ve gotta go. What are you doing?'”

Obviously, Zimmer decided to go.  And it worked out.  So far.

Credit the Vikings for going against the trend toward, for the most part, younger coaches.  At 57, Zimmer is older than Bud Grant when Grant retired the first time, after the 1983 season.  (Grant returned for 1985 after the one-year Les Steckel debacle.)

Maybe Zimmer will do for the Vikings something that hasn’t happened since the year Grant turned 50 — a Super Bowl appearance.

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  1. I really wish him all the bestest. If these players don’t lay it all out there for him… they have no heart.
    He can lead them to greatness.
    Step up or get stepped on Vikings.
    Your time is NOW.
    Right F-ing NOW

  2. There you go Tech. A reference back to the 1969 Glory days of the purple people eaters and the Original Johnny(Franny) Football. Zimmerman will be a great addition at HC. Skol Bergle!

  3. Time will tell of course, but I think Zimmer will end up as the most successful HC out of the 2014 rookies.

  4. Vikings got them selves one hell of a head coach. I’m sure pftpoet will Log on and say something absurdly stupid about this article shortly, but in all seriousness I think with Zimmer at the helm this will be the most improved team in football next season.

  5. That is funny.. Vikings “maybe” in the Super Bowl in the Again. Stop it. I can’t stop laughing and “maybe” Favre will come out of retirement again to tek them there? or “maybe” Bud Grant will have another garage sale and sell all his worthless Viking junk.. Too funny.

  6. This surprises no one. With their history of abject failure, even a third-rate coach like Zimmer has monumental doubts. Book a one-and-done coach after a 3-13 campaign for this horrid Viking franchise.



  7. It’s just as likely hell will freeze over, or congress will pass meaningful legislation, or Abraham Lincoln will stop by the practice field for a look-see. Ridiculous.

  8. I just finished reading Bud Grant’s autobiography. He says Zygi Wilf contacted him in 2005 and said they were about to fire Mike Tice and wanted him to come back and coach…at age 78!
    It would have spared us the Brad Childress era. Sigh.

  9. “I almost didn’t go [for a second interview in Minnesota], yeah,” Zimmer said, via Mike Garafolo of FOXSports.com. “I was so disappointed. It was like, ‘Why even do this?’ It was to that point. I figured it was the freakin’ VIKINGS’! I thought, ‘Forget this.’

    “But I talked to a couple of people who said, ‘Hey, you’ve gotta go, those dumbasses will pay you millions anyway. What are you doing?’”

  10. I’m still struggling to see what the Vikings see in him as a HC that he can’t contribute while working in a more specific role tailored to his particular strengths. I just think that a HC needs to be highly intelligent and very well versed in all areas from Offense to Defense and he doesn’t strike me as having a very strong profile in a couple of those areas to be a great HC. It sure will be interesting to see how this experiment pans out!

  11. He’s got a lot of work to do up there.

    No one hires a new head coach because they’re a good team.

  12. Only the Bengals fans can appreciate what they lost. Introducing the next Super Bowl Champion head coach for the Minnestoa Vikings…ladies and gentleman..please welcome Mr…..Mike…………….Zimmer!!!!!!! Gold and Purple Confetti is BLINDING!

  13. Best decision for both the franchise & Zimmer. Competent coaching with the new infusion of talent will make this a contender in 2-3 years!!! Exciting times in MN with new stadium

  14. Cue the Packer trolls. This was a “Wow, I’ll never be hired due to my age thing.” Packer trolls will say, “Oh, he knew the Vikings sucked. Lol 13 championships.”

  15. I have a really good feeling about Zimmer in Minnesota. He seems to fit right in here, we prefer the Zimmer types to the Frazier types. Maybe its part of being from the North. His straight shooter, no nonsense, tell it like it is, is a breathe of fresh air to the tundra.

  16. Always amazed me that Norv Turner was continually allowed to fail as a head coach, just to go back to a coordinator position he never should of left, but it took this guy this long to get his shot

  17. He could’ve stayed at the Bengals, likely co-ordinated more top 5 or top 10 defenses until Lewis gets sacked in which case he maybe takes over or is incredibly highly sought after and can pick a strong team to rebuild the defense.

    That’s probably his thinking.

    But good on him for making a brave call and having a go. I think with time he can build a really good defense at the Vikings but wonder if he’ll find the QB and the offense to make playoff runs.

  18. he has no chance of winning there
    if he was smart he would of saved his reputation and not gone to the worst franchise in the nfl.

  19. Zimmer should have gotten a shot the last few years. Understandably, he got disgruntled about the process. Maybe the Vikings hit a home run.

  20. You make it sound like he was disappointed he got a second interview in Minnesota. He was actually disappointed that he didn’t get another interview for the Tennessee job and was thinking he would never get a head coach gig. Turned out it was the best thing that ever happened to him.

  21. I can appreciate his many reasons for not wanting to go to the vikings.

    On the bright side, there is no pressure to win. Nobody expects much from the vikings. If he can somehow motivate the vikings to squeeze out 6 wins, it will be a 20% improvement and he will be liked locally.

    He doesn’t have the pressure of being on national television.

    Additionally, he is now paid as a head coach. He can expect to be employed as long as Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier were employed and then retire.

    It has been 38 seasons since the vikings did more than win their division. Coach Zimmer is under zero pressure.

  22. Dude has to be looking in the mirror every morning thinking “What did I get myself into?”

    Oh, and Super Bowl appearance? You need a QB first!

  23. That’s doesn’t sound to good..either u wanted the job or u didn’t.. That’s something u never want to hear a first time head coach say.. Doesn’t send a confident message to the team. So your saying because people convince you to that’s why your there.4-12 or worst. In way over his head and he knows it

  24. Leave it to highly paid NFL coaches to give up on trying for a new, even higher paying job.

    In the real world, a working stiff would never give up on a great job opportunity.

    Well, assuming he is OK with moving to purgatory err Minnesota.

  25. “I almost didn’t go [for a second interview in Minnesota], yeah,” Zimmer said, via Mike Garafolo of FOXSports.com. “I was so disappointed. It was like, ‘Why even do this?’ It was to that point. I figured it was the freakin’ VIKINGS’! I thought, ‘Forget this.’

    “But I talked to a couple of people who said, ‘Hey, you’ve gotta go, those dumbasses will pay you millions anyway. What are you doing?’”

  26. I believe him. After a few teams passed on him, I remember him saying the same thing. He probably got tired of interviewing and getting the job. Glad for him it worked out this time

  27. Zim will improve the Defense, but it’s still doubtful whether the Vikings have found a QB. If you haven’t got a QB, you’re not in the game.

  28. So glad he changed his mind! Or the Vikings head coach would be Todd Bowles right now.

  29. He is a damn good coach and the Vikings will definitely surprise an awful lot this year. You’ll have your detractors and smart mouths but teams will not like facing a Mike Zimmer coached up team from both an offense as well as defensive standpoint. I don’t predict records but the Vikings will be kicking lotsa butt!

  30. The Vikings went against the trend for younger coaches. This is evident by the re-introduction of the “flying wedge,” and the “drop kick” into their play book. Zimmer was heard to say, “If it was good enough for Halas and Lambeau, it’s good enough for the Minnesota Vikings. Let’s win one for the Gipper.”

  31. Great things happen for a reason. The Vikings best coaching move since Denny Green. And he has a shot at being a bigger legend than Bud Grant if he brings that first ever Superbowl trophy(should never ever never ever never ever be called the Lombardi, what a joke.) to Minny!
    ZIMZAM ain’t gonna take no flim flam!
    Rock N’ Skol!

  32. That doesn’t sound like a very good sign.

    A head coach who said “Why even do this?”

    I mean i can’t blame him, it’s the Vikings, but still he should have more ambition to be a head coach than that, right?

  33. Can’t blame him… Hall of Fame running back on his last legs, no QB, horrible offensive line, no defense, horrible weather, and playing at a college stadium for a couple of years… Sounds like hell to me too…

  34. there are a very small number of head coaching jobs in the NFL. If you want to be a head coach, you don’t walk away unless you are young and expect another opportunity to come along. The Vikings have a better roster than many losing teams. A head coach who demands excellence and holds people accountable usually gets a big improvement the first year. I expect them over 500. The real test will be year 2 and 3. Personally I think having no stadium is such a disadvantage that even given his age, I am surprised Zimmer didn’t walk away.

  35. Semi-professional isn’t terrible, mikey! If you do an adequate job with the Vikes you may get hired as a defensive coordinator for a true NFL team, and someday, maybe even coach a real NFL team. Just do your best with these scrubs, learn how to be a truly great franchise by watching the Packers twice a year, and keep improving.


  36. His instincts were right, his ability to make the correct decision is suspect.

    But put yourself in his shoes, he’s 57, he’s interviewed unsuccessfully in the past so he didn’t know if his chance would finally come and when it does, its on the fringes of the NFL, a last place team with a history of failure that is second to none in the NFL.

    So he inherits a team of misfits without a QB and a GM who has a long history of never finding a QB, good luck to him.

  37. Let’s face it it’s a huge job to start a franchise over and remove the losing mentality, for many of the players that’s all they have known and have been accustomed to. It’s the culture of the vikings and the fans. For any coach to sign up for a 5 yr rebuilding process both mentally and physically it will take a toll. That’s the reason for the age comment. After further consideration and advisement why not fleece the franchise for a few years like so many coaches and players have done.

  38. Ignore the naysayers Viking fans. Chip Kelly initially turned down the Eagles and it’s worked out great. I think Zimmer was the right choice and the only thing this story proves is that he is human.

  39. not a viking fan but a huge zim fan – he will be a successful hc but if not come back to cincy!

  40. I love it…….with all the cowboys fans and Bengals fans that can personally attest to Zimmer’s coaching abilities over a 20 year period, the Packer fans continue to bash, even though they have McBlubber looking lost without his wooby , Erin last year.

    Let’s see…..Zimmer versus Caldwell…….not even close.

    Zimmer versus Trestman…….edge to Zimmer.

    Zimmer versus McBlubber…..I can’t stop laughing!

    SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!

  41. Do people need to bash opposing teams and their fans to fulfill their shallow lives?
    A little lesson for Packer fans, In the history of the Green Bay Packers, they have had 15 head coaches, only 5 of them have ever had a winning percentage over .500 Funny how you all forget the 70’s and 80’s…
    P.S. Objects in your mirror, maybe closer than they appear

  42. he almost didn’t want to go, then watched tape of the packers offensive line and couldn’t stop laughing! have fun leading a defense that puts aaron rodgers on injured reserve every year.

  43. He watched tape of the GB offensive line?

    If he did he saw the Vikings, Seahawks, and Packers O-line statistics in a dead heat at Nos. 22, 23, and 24, respectively.

    He also saw the number of QB hits; Seattle at 94, Vikings at 84, and Packers at 75.

    He also saw First Downs Rushing; Vikings 31 and Packers 55.

    He’s laughing alright, but he’s laughing to keep from crying.

  44. Why try, Stellar?

    Vikings fans think they won the Super Bowl last year, had the best offense AND defense in the league, and that their relations with their siblings are A-OK.

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