Bengals running low on tight ends in OTAs


When injuries begin to concentrate at one position during the season, it’s a major concern.

When rosters are at 90 instead of 53, it’s less so, but the Bengals are still without the top of their tight end depth chart.

According to Geoff Hobson of the team’s official website, both Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert are being held out of OTAs.

Neither are expected to miss training camp time.

Eifert’s out with a shoulder injury, while Gresham’s is of the unspecified (read: We don’t have to tell you, so we won’t) variety.

“He’s just not out here because he’s not practicing. He’s doing what he has to do,” head coach Marvin Lewis said of Gresham.

They have three other tight ends on the roster, so it’s not an emergency at this point, as long as those injuries don’t linger.

14 responses to “Bengals running low on tight ends in OTAs

  1. Sanchez playoff wins — 4
    Tebow playoff wins — 1
    Dalton playoff wins — 0

  2. Trade Ted Thompson some draft picks — the Packers got lots of NFL-calibur tight ends.

  3. The Bengals are the sure cure for insomnia. I mean really, is there a more overrated, boring team in the NFL? They’ve had the great fortune of playing in a watered down division over the past couple of years, but with the Steelers and Ravens re-tooling this year…and hell, even Cleveland’s ‘Not Ready For Prime Time Players” troupe coming together….all I can see is a return to the usual mediocrity in Cincy. 7-9 sounds about right.

  4. Clearly there is a more boring team… yours. Otherwise you’d be reading about them instead of commenting on a Bengals post.

  5. So 2 Super Bowl champions and 1 more apperearance by the AFC North in the last 6 seasons is considered watered down? Also no matter what you think of Dalton he is still in the top 1/2 of NFL QB’s no matter how you want to sway your stats and only entering his 4th season. Hopefully with a real OC he can get a game plan to win a post season game this year and they will get there again this year unless decimated by injuries. The Ravens could give them a run for their money but the Steelers and Browns will be fighting for a distant 3rd.

  6. Agreed. The Ravens are better than Steelers. I’d be a little concerned with the Ravens RB situation if I were a Ravens fan. Otherwise they filled the holes better than the Steelers have. Wonder why my previous post was reported? Oh the truth hurts got it.

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