Baalke on Kaepernick deal: 49ers always look to reward our players

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San Francisco 49ers General Manager Trent Baalke says the big new contract for quarterback Colin Kaepernick shows that the team takes care of its players.

“Colin’s hard work and dedication have played an integral role in the recent success of the 49ers organization,” Baalke said in a statement released by the team. “His work ethic, leadership and on-field production have positively influenced our team, and we look forward to his continued growth in all areas. Our organization always looks to reward our players for their contributions and commitment to the team. Colin’s agents, Scott Smith and Jason Bernstein, along with Paraag Marathe and Brian Hampton, should be commended for working diligently to reach an agreement.”

Of course, the reality is that NFL teams don’t reward players for their past play. NFL teams pay players for what they’re projected to do in the future.

And in the case of Kaepernick, a quarterback who has enormous upside and is only 26 years old, the 49ers project that he’s going to be one of the best players in the NFL for the next six years. Today’s deal means he’ll be paid like one of the best players in the NFL for the next six years.

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  1. Baalke went on to say; “Kaepernick was willing to take a large portion of the guaranteed monies in the form of floor-to-ceiling mirrors surrounding his locker space. It was the least we could do.”

  2. Isn’t this the same team that asked an injured Mario Manningham to take a pay cut or get released onto the open market while he was still hurt?

  3. Only winners in this are Kap and the teams that might have overpaid for him other than the Niners…

    The Raiders dodged a bullet today!

  4. Meanwhile, Baalke gave the lame duck Coach Harbaugh a high five, some sunday newspaper coupons and a lucky wooden nickel.

  5. “Baalke on Kaepernick deal: 49ers always look to reward our players”
    “His work ethic, leadership and on-field production”
    Just the same way they take care of Aldon Smith.
    If you’re a bad citizen but can ball on Sunday, 9ers will take care of you. Forgot to mention their off the field character though. Hmmm?

  6. Kap’s worth good money, don’t get me wrong… but potentially the highest player in the league?! Over/under on when they’ll try to restructure his contract: 3 years into the extension.

  7. Matt Ryan makes 20 Mil

    Jay Cutler, Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford also earn at least $17.666 million annually

    There is no “overpaid” in regards to NFL QB…its the cost of doing business…id take CK over those guys all day

  8. Mediocre Qb’s like Kap should thank Ozzie for his contract. Ozzie’s the one who started giving average Joe’s ( pun intended ) Qb’s mega deals. Dalton deserves a 100 million dollar deal as his passing skills are far superior to Kaps.

  9. Uh what………LOL! Kap is not great by any means. I wonder what they would give Ponder?!?! You gave us all a great laugh with that one niners! SKOL!!!

  10. This is exactly the kind of deal the Seahawks should be avoiding with Russell Wilson. The dude needs to get paid (he actually HAS a Superbowl ring btw) but we don’t want his paycheck to kill the team.

    Depending on the details of Kaeps contract, I don’t see how this deal doesn’t kill the 49ers.

  11. kaepernick has more road playoff wins than joe montana and steve young combined. he earned his payday.

  12. This is a direct result of Seattle saying the same thing after paying it’s players . It’s to make sure the same message that Seattle is sending league wide is being sent by the niners . I guarantee that’s the motive , he’s not lying just making it very public for a reason .

    I personally saw the value in waiting to sign Kaep bc to me this a make a break season . He could have bet on himself and got major dough or they could’ve have saved money if he doesn’t take a big step this year . As a hawk fan I follow niner nation closely you know keep your enemies close type thing . I believe that Kaep is the most natural gifted athlete in football playing the qb position . I think he’s got a lot of mental leaps to take and this is his 4th year and if he doesn’t take those steps I’m not confident on saying he ever will. He like many who are supremely gifted tend to fall back and rely on their blessed athleticism when times get rough . He can compensate for errors bc of that but my opinion is that player and people in general make the most progress when their backs against the wall . He always has those escape options so he might not develop the timing and throwing people open or read coverages as well as say a more cerebral qb .

    I’m interested to hear what people think!

  13. Drew Brees demands an explanation because the details of this 49ers deal are sure to give everyone a VERY good laugh.

  14. overpaid. Alex Smith had arguably a better season last year, and I wouldn’t even think about paying him that kind of money

    this is ridiculous.

  15. Someone said it best in ESPN radio.

    The 49ers essentially just forced the hand of the Seahawks to overpay Russell Wilson MUCH, much more than they would have otherwise.

    This is a great move by the 49ers.

  16. 18.5 for a solid qb with superstar potential? I’m ok with it, If he went out and got the next super bowl without extending his deal he’d be paid $22 – 23mm with the cap escalators set to hit next off-season. To me this is like betting on 18 when the dealers showing a five, is there some risk? Yeah, But it’s a bet you have to Make.

  17. Kaep has performed at a high level in the 1 1/2 seasons under his belt. All this hate just comes from the disingenuous criticism of our QB and team stemming from our recent SUCCESS. Appearing in 3 consecutive NFCCG and a Super Bowl would be the envy of 31 other teams in this League.

    Even the Super Bowl winners, considering the last 2 of the last 3 never even made it to the playoffs and I predict 3 for 3 following the Seattle hangover.

    In any event Kaep has yet to play his best football which only frightens the trolls and thus brings an outpouring of hate.

  18. Yeah, he is going to play better now that he has $60m guaranteed and can’t be cut or traded for 4 years. Its just human nature; look at Albert Haynesworth and Joe Flacco. Once they got their big contracts they went out and had banner years.

  19. Too bad Kaepernick is a “running” quarterback and just as Steve Young said he has a ways to go on making his reads and throwing from the pocket. He’s a RGIII with a torn ACL waiting to happen.

  20. And as far as that “Average Joe” comment…(Flacco)…nothing wrong with having a big fat Superbowl Ring to wear…a Lombardi trophy…in his trophy case and $120 million in his bank account. AND he has just as many superbowl rings as Peyton Manning. I’d love to be that AVERAGE.

  21. This is the same QB who was 0-10 in the red zone in the Super Bowl . Red zone is all about reading defenses. Just saying.

  22. I wish the 49ers and Kap all the best. They are now married. I hope it doesn’t become a loveless, bickering marriage of convenience… which with 126M on the line, it is likely to. Gads.

  23. This is just insane. The guy isn’t even as good as the average QB he replaced.

    Stupid deals like this sink franchises. Get ready for the flood of free agents leaving town because they can’t get paid fair market value.

  24. Say what you want, but 31 other GM’s are in a state of shock over how much the 49ers overpaid this guy.

    My prediction, he will never win a Superbowl and go down in NFL history as the most overpaid (and overrated) QB.

  25. Boy, he sounds like Carmen Policy and Eddie DeBartolo when they used to “cheat…oops” work around the salary cap back in the late 80’s/early 90’s!!!

  26. Apparently whether it is deserved or not Trent. Top 15 QB MAYBE. The 49ers win with defense and a strong running game. Quite a few good qb’s should feel disrespected. This will turn out to be a mistake unless he dramatically improves.

  27. CK is the best QB in the league, he is even greater than Montana and Young, this is the greatest day for San Francisco fans, as CK will lead this team to an undefeated season and back to back super bowl championships.

  28. They are out of their minds. Seattle and San Francisco both realize they each have one year left in their “up” cycle. This will be followed by mediocre play for 4-5 years during which time they can stockpile high draft picks and when the time is right, overpay a few free agents and field a competitive team for a few years again. This is why they will never have extended periods of success.

  29. Its about potential vs production. He could be the
    next Elway or the next Jeff George. His skills are off
    the charts but I don’t see the the great QB/clutch gene.
    He threw the NFC title game away (no way Seattle should
    have won). They should have franchised him to see if
    he makes any improvements .

  30. See the next PFT article about how incentive laden this contract is. Kaepernick is betting on his own athletic ability, the 49ers have an extremely cap friendly long term deal on a franchise QB whose two seasons have ended up in the Super Bowl and the NFC Championship Game. Suck it haters.

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