Hoax lawsuit against Manziel finally is dismissed

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Not surprisingly, the hoax lawsuit filed against Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been thrown out of court.  Somewhat surprisingly, it took nearly two weeks to get there.

“The complaint is stricken as immaterial, impertinent and scandalous,” Judge Steven Merryday said in the written order dismissing the complaint, via Lindsay H. Jones of USA Today.  (Jackie Chiles approves of that message.)

The order was entered on May 28.  The claim had been filed on May 16.

The obvious hoax prompted a debate (at least on these pages) about whether courthouse personnel should be required to flag filings that seem suspicious for review by a judge or someone else who could decide whether it’s a legitimate document that should be made part of the public record.  Absent such protections, anyone can smear an athlete or celebrity with a fictitious lawsuit that, for at least a little while by at least a segment of the media and in turn the population, will be regarded as an actual claim.

For Manziel, he deftly turned the page on the information that emerged on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend by having a memorable weekend in Las Vegas.  Which to date has spawned no lawsuits, real or fabricated.

23 responses to “Hoax lawsuit against Manziel finally is dismissed

  1. Can’t Manziel counter-sue for Malicious Prosecution or the filing of a Frivolous Lawsuit, maybe even Extortion?

  2. The people who filed that suit need to be fined, big time. Put a stop to this frivolous lawsuit biz. Lord, you could ruin someone. At least Manziel has the cool to not get upset about it.

  3. All we need is another reason for Court Clerks to act like they know the law, are lawyers, or otherwise have great powers that waste the time of everyone involved.

  4. I would just like to say that it would be really awesome if an opposing stadium played “It’s A Small World”.

  5. Funny, I don’t recall all this spin with Peyton Manning in the past or Andrew Luck more recently. Can Johnny measure up to the hype? Doubt it. That thud you will hear at the season opener is JF’s first pass hitting the turf in open field–as he lays on his back.

  6. Now, there is 3 names I don’t want to hear from the media ever again

    It started with Farve, then Tebow and now Manziel

  7. If rubbing his fingers together as if to count his money becomes his signature gesture, football fans everywhere (who don’t have the money he does/will have, yet scrounge to buy merchandize and tickets) are going to have great contempt for Johnny Football.

  8. Boy you all have no sense of humor… Sue everyone. I had a patent suit filed against me which I won.., it only cost me $407,000 to win… Not fun.

    The guy is a bonehead whom makes 20k per month. Johnny C-town needs to worry about football, not paying his lawyer 500k to sue a nobody, whom then will file bankruptcy.

    Come on men…

  9. Now If Johnny buys a Corvette, we’ll know that one part of the in the lawsuit was true!!!

  10. Can’t Manziel counter-sue for Malicious Prosecution or the filing of a Frivolous Lawsuit, maybe even Extortion?


    He can, but no real point. The guy is a broke, convicted felon. Manziel could get a judgment that’s completely uncollectable. The state or Feds prosecuting him on the other hand, might actually accomplish something by locking him up again.

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