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Steelers sign Ryan Shazier


Four weeks after the Steelers made Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier the 15th overall pick in the draft, Shazier officially has become a member of the team.

The Steelers have announced that Shazier has signed a four-year contract.

The former Buckeye becomes the sixth of nine Pittsburgh draft picks to ink a rookie deal.  He’s also the 17th of 32 first-round picks to agree to terms.

He’ll receive a signing bonus in the range of $5 million, part of a fully-guaranteed payout of roughly $9 million.

With blazing speed and versatility to play any of the four linebacker positions in the Steelers’ 3-4 defense, he could make an immediate impact for a team that definitely needs one.

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42 Responses to “Steelers sign Ryan Shazier”
  1. chizzle20 says: Jun 5, 2014 5:55 PM

    Mosley is better.

  2. ryann252013 says: Jun 5, 2014 5:55 PM

    He looks like handsome squidward

  3. thepftpoet says: Jun 5, 2014 5:57 PM

    This man already looks like he’s 30 years old.

    Anthony Barr will be 100x better.

  4. aceakking says: Jun 5, 2014 5:59 PM

    The Steelers don’t need Ryan Shazier. What they need are Bill Leavy and his crew to win another SB.

  5. steelerofthedraft says: Jun 5, 2014 6:00 PM

    Defensive rookie of the year !

  6. citizenstrange says: Jun 5, 2014 6:07 PM


  7. jghs38 says: Jun 5, 2014 6:11 PM

    Take it from a Michigan fan, I hate Ohio state, but this guy has talent, good sign.

  8. stillers1229 says: Jun 5, 2014 6:13 PM

    Jealousy breeds hate! Bring it on suckers! Hahaha

  9. craniator says: Jun 5, 2014 6:23 PM

    Problem number one: Shazier doesn’t have great instincts.
    Problem number two: he doesn’t project well to a team which runs a 3-4 defense.

  10. ctiggs says: Jun 5, 2014 6:28 PM

    GO Buckeyes!!!!! GO Niners!!

  11. clashpoint says: Jun 5, 2014 6:32 PM

    Shazier has some disease that means he can’t grow hair anywhere on his body, which explains why he looks the way he does. He actually went pro a year early, so he’s young for a rookie and I think it makes him look a bit scary. He’s gonna be awfully scary to the teams the Steelers play, too. He’s relentless and lightning fast and had 150 tackles his last year in college because he can get to any point on the field in a hurry. He’s going to be a good one. Go Steelers!

  12. Nofoolnodrool says: Jun 5, 2014 6:34 PM

    The Steelers don’t need Ryan Shazier. What they need are Bill Leavy and his crew to win another SB.


  13. realdealsteel says: Jun 5, 2014 6:43 PM

    Let the Haters hate. Shazier will be a top 3 linebacker in this league very shortly.

    Steelers will be in the AFC Championship game this season. Book it!!

  14. stillers213 says: Jun 5, 2014 6:50 PM

    Didn’t get to see many Buckeye games so I can’t wait to see this kid play. I believe he is the same size as Timmons was when he was a rookie but much faster.

  15. urbusted2 says: Jun 5, 2014 6:51 PM

    I’m a Browns and Buckeye fan. This kid is a football player. I hated that the Steelers signed him.

  16. 4thqtrsaint says: Jun 5, 2014 6:56 PM

    Who drafted his eyebrows? Steelers whiffed on those. #ProBowlBrows

  17. billco6192013 says: Jun 5, 2014 7:02 PM

    Solid player

  18. pike573 says: Jun 5, 2014 7:05 PM

    So fast he ran off his eyebrows

  19. billybone says: Jun 5, 2014 7:09 PM

    Looks a lot like James Harrison. I’m sure Pittsburgh hopes he can play like him too.

  20. steelcurtainn says: Jun 5, 2014 7:11 PM

    Defensive speed kills. Here’s your next future ILB star for the steelers. Shaziers going to be a stud in Dick Lebeaus system.

  21. drummer2177 says: Jun 5, 2014 7:13 PM


  22. rjl1pghfan says: Jun 5, 2014 7:29 PM

    People hate the Steelers because they know we’re going to see #7 before they even get close to one.

  23. tangysizzl says: Jun 5, 2014 7:33 PM

    I’ll be watching to see how the kid does in the Burgh since he was my top target for the Packers at 21.

  24. 700levelvet says: Jun 5, 2014 7:38 PM

    Bust… Tomlin is a fool

  25. t8ertot says: Jun 5, 2014 7:40 PM


  26. coloradical420 says: Jun 5, 2014 7:42 PM

    … and they still suck

  27. says: Jun 5, 2014 7:45 PM

    I’m excited to see what types of blitz packages LeBeau can dial up with him. There’s already talk he’ll be lining up outside in certain packages and coming off the edge. If anyone will find creative ways to get the most out of his speed and athleticism, its Dick LeBeau.

  28. GenoAtkinswillnotbestopped says: Jun 5, 2014 8:49 PM

    Buckeye alumni and fan here… As a Bengal fan, I vomited in my mouth when Pittsburg picked him. He’s a beast…. Just ask Montee Ball

  29. landshark says: Jun 5, 2014 9:14 PM

    Good pick, he can be Tomlin’s replacement on special teams.

  30. ravens2xworldchamps says: Jun 5, 2014 9:43 PM

    CJ Mosley way better

  31. pfu2 says: Jun 5, 2014 10:21 PM

    Reach! I’m a fan & wouldn’t have taken him. He only had 6 sacks this year, he’s going to get lost trying to fight through blocks and is just not going to be able to get to the ball. So sad Steeler fans….weep….weep…weep. Busta!

  32. oldcracker says: Jun 5, 2014 10:40 PM

    Browns & Buckeyes fan. Wish Browns could’ve found a way to draft Hyde, Shazier and Robley but, I wish them all well, except when they play the Browns.

    First game of the season, I’m hoping to see Manziel facing off against Shazier. Good times!

  33. crownofthehelmet says: Jun 5, 2014 11:44 PM

    Steelers rarely miss on high pick inside LBs. Timmons was 21 when drafted in 07, only 28 now. If Shazier’s a quick study and sharp enough to pick up the D, this will be the best ILB tandem in the NFL for 2015-201?.

  34. tinytoolalldrool says: Jun 6, 2014 5:06 AM

    Super Bowl lol.

  35. staffordsyear says: Jun 6, 2014 6:05 AM

    Yea because Ohio State has been just knockin out great players as of late. smh.

  36. mangoman1966 says: Jun 6, 2014 8:37 AM

    Steelers should win division easy. Ravens and Ben gals on the decline. Cleveland a bit improved. Super bowl is very possible. The dynasty is alive again.

  37. drfeelyouup says: Jun 6, 2014 9:03 AM

    Fast and skinny. Ben Tate will run this dude over.

  38. crownofthehelmet says: Jun 6, 2014 12:02 PM

    “Ben Tate will run this dude over.”

    He won’t have a chance. Johnny Football will audible out of every designed run.

  39. kevo95 says: Jun 6, 2014 4:26 PM

    Going for number 7

  40. jamson64 says: Jun 6, 2014 7:12 PM

    The hate only makes me realize: GOOD PICK!!!

  41. VenerableAxiom says: Jun 6, 2014 10:14 PM

    Isn’t it nice to have a high draft pick. Probably get another opportunity next year.

  42. samhergert says: Jun 7, 2014 6:10 PM

    Yeah 15th is insanely high. I’ll take 8-8 rebuilding years. That’s solidarity. Man the haters really came out to dis on a 1st rd pick being signed. I love it. I read steelers news. I don’t go to rivals pages and hate. Pittsburgh is the standard for Lombardi’s. So I get why others care about what they’re doing. Pit knows how to reload and they’ve done an excellent job this offseason .

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