Vacationing Packers fans help Bucs sell tickets for December game


The Buccaneers typically struggle to sell out Raymond James Stadium, but they’ve already sold out all their single-game tickets for one December home game, six months early.

The Bucs have sold all of the single-game tickets for their December 21 home game against the Green Bay Packers.

Obviously, the reason those tickets sold out quickly is that Packers fans are rabid enough that they’ll travel to see their team. Leaving snowy Wisconsin for a December trip to sunny Florida is an easy sell for fans in Green Bay.

The Packers-Bucs game is technically not a sellout because there are still some tickets available, but only as part of Bucs season ticket packages. If the Bucs are out of playoff contention by December, expect plenty of Bucs season ticket holders to look for Packers fans who want to buy more seats. The Packers may even enjoy a home-crowd advantage more than 1,000 miles from home.

64 responses to “Vacationing Packers fans help Bucs sell tickets for December game

  1. And While the Packers fans are enjoying a game in Warm Tampa….

    Minn fans will be enjoying their Ice Fishing, listening to their team play in Miami cause they can’t afford to go to Miami


  2. Cheaper to fly to Tampa and see that game than it would be to buy scalped tickets to Lambeau. We did that all the time to see Giants at Cards when they were in our division.

  3. Packer fans realize this is the last win of the season they might get to see. Lions will smoke them the last week of the season, and then in the playoffs… nevermind.

  4. Good post. You forgot someone will buy season tickets – and just go to the Packer game. You think it’s a Packer fan??

    The Packers rule away games and it has been just freakin hilarious for years at the Dome down by DinkyTown. Peace. They had to tear it down. Too many bad memories……of more Packer fans in attendance than the home team !

  5. Packer fans not only sell out Lambeau, they help sell tickets in every market they go to. They’ll be in Minny helping Viking fans sell out a college stadium that they couldn’t fill on their own. In two years, when Lambeau West is finished in MN, Packer fans will sell out that double-wide dump as well.

    Best traveled team in all of sports!

  6. Leaving Wisconsin for a trip to anywhere is easy sell for fans in Green Bay anytime.

    There, fixed it for you…

  7. Did want to spend money to sit in Lambeau and experience another loss in the first round…

  8. If by some chance the Packers manage to host another home playoff game this year, maybe the Tampa fans could return the favor by helping the Packers to sell out for a change.

  9. The Packer fans will be easy to spot. Just look for the people that outweigh offensive lineman and are wearing a flannel and staggering around drunk 4 hours before kickoff. And those are just the female fans.

  10. Yeah, because all packer fans live and are from Wisconsin. Most likely born and raised in Florida and decided to be packer fans. Souless.

  11. The common thread message to be learned from amongst the Packer-hating comments herein is simple: Jealousy breeds contempt.

  12. Let’s see if they show up when their team is 4 games below .500. Biggest bunch of bandwagon jumpers in all of sports!

  13. I remember when the clash of these two teams was called the “Bay of Pigs” game of the season.

  14. I have been to that dump they call Lambeau… no wonder Pecker fans like to travel to where it is warm, sunny and there are good looking cheerleaders.
    Ever see a Packer cheerleader? I didn’t think so.

  15. I like Packers fans, the ones I’ve meet have all been friendly and funny. If you have a problem with folks who enjoy beer and good food you might be in the wrong country.

  16. The reason Packer fans attend games in MN is because half of Wisconsin has moved to MN to find work and decent schools. The reason Packer fans attend games in Tampa is because half the population has retired in that part of the state since it’s cheaper to live in northern part of FLA than down in Naples and Miami. But if this great fan delusion makes them feel better, what the heck.

  17. “Does any fanbase love themselves more than Packer fans?”
    Well, there’s another fanbase which talks every year about how good their team is – even if they finished in last place the previous season.
    And they talk about how their team is about to embark on a dynasty for the ages – even though their team has never once, in 53 years, won a single World Championship.
    And they think they are not part of flyover country and that fans from around the world are going to be giddy with delight to visit their home state in the dead of winter. Because it’s an awesome place or they wouldn’t be there, would they?
    I don’t know if it’s just love; there’s quite a lot of narcissism and colossal delusion mixed in as well, obviously. But whatever it is, they’re quite a collective piece of work.
    I’d say who they are, but there’s really no need, is there?

  18. Did you ever notice the cheese Packer fans put on their head is cheddar but has holes of swiss cheese? You would think that people that got that fat from eating cheese would know the difference.

  19. I’ve been to almost every home game for the Packers in the last decade, and several away games.

    Minnesota fans should know that in all my travels, in all my experiences with opposing fans, Vikings fans are the stupidest, most unattractive fans in the NFL.

    I don’t know how that’s relevant, but the truth always helps, no matter what the conversation is about.

  20. Just another story about the great Green Bay Packers and their fans. Which is another opportunity for the Vikings fans to crap all over it as usual. Green Bay has enjoyed better facilities, coaching staffs, quarterbacks, fans, more wins and a whole lot more trophies than that team up in Fridley..

  21. Y’all realize that home playoff game did sell out, right? Just like every other game we ever play at home in our “dump” of a stadium. Keep grasping at straws haters.

  22. Love seeing MN fans dump on packer fans and stadium. Your women are just as ugly and your weather is just as cold. Only difference is your team sucks and your stadium actually collapsed….but keep throwing those stones if it makes you feel better.

  23. Viking fan still getting use to NFL rules vs Arena Football league rules ..

    Most disappointing rule you can’t bring your own food in the stadium like they could during the arena football season..

    Wives and Husband who are also brother and sister don’t get a 15 percent discount for being related twice like they did in the arena football league

  24. The comments on this thread are priceless. A lot of the people need to go back to living under their bridge and wait for those three billy goats to cross it. Unbelievable.

    I’ve determined that the Packers and Bears fans are pretty classy and show true respect for each other. The Vikings and Lions. Well they’re just also-runs.

  25. I have been to every vikings game for the past 2 decades and a lot of road games, packer fans are always the drunkest.


  26. NFCN trash talk is some of the finest around!! Some of these comments are side-splitting!

  27. It’s unfortunate Viking fans don’t have the opportunity to travel with the team. For starters, it’s common knowledge that Minnesota is the most insular society on Earth, and it’s rare for a Minnesotan to have ever traveled further than 20 miles from their birthplace other than “to the cabin up der in Brainerd.”

    Secondly, would you board a plane in a state where the infrastructure routinely tumbles to the ground?

  28. Back in the days of the NFC Central, Packers and Bears fans came to Tampa in droves every year.

    –You would find any excuse to get out of Chicago or Green Bay, if you lived in either, too.

  29. The Packers may even enjoy a home-crowd advantage more than 1,000 miles from home.
    That San Diego game from 2011 was wild.
    Over half of that stadium were chanting “Go! Pack! Go!”

    Still wasn’t as fun as the time we got Brad Childress fired… wiped the field with the vikes that day.

  30. Fans tend to travel well when teams contend every year. But this is the Packers. They would travel well even if they weren’t contending.

    I guess we’ll find out this year.

  31. Bucs fan here. Lots of northerners relocate here. Many becomes Bucs fans, many support their old teams from up north, some support both. I have three sets of season tickets, and make money off all as I only use one set. I just sold two tix to (apparently) a cheese head for $75 profit each. Happy to do it. And they are happy to be in Tampa soaking up the BBQ, sun, atmosphere etc. Win-win. I go to games free, keep my status to trade up for better tix, they get to see their team.

  32. You can wear a ridiculous piece of yellow plastic on your head on game day if you want. But come December at Raymond James, if the Bucs are viable this year, the stadium will bleed red and pewter. It’s always fun to watch unsuspecting opposing team fans from out of town wet their pants when the cannons fire. Go Bucs!

  33. Headline:
    “Vacationing (Insert Northern, dank, freezing, dirty, over-crowded city) Fans Help Bucs Sell Tickets for December Game”

    Of course they make the trip and help sell-out games; these people live in Filthadelphia, Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, D.C. etc…

    Northerners: Florida is too hot, loaded with mosquitoes, (even gators) and naturally in the path of hurricanes. You’d hate it!

    It’s much better up north! Please spread the word, so people don’t take the needless trip.

    BTW: The Bucs will still be in playoff contention for this game; things are different now!

  34. Poor jealous queen posters ripping on the Mecca of NFL stadiums. Going to a game at Lambeau is on every diehard fans bucket list just like Wrigley or a game at Fenway in MLB. The envy really makes you guys appear very petty and no amount of bluster is going to make any Packer fan or every other fan you have insulted because you want to know why? Your team flat out stinks and the 53 years of futility makes it all the better!

  35. Yeah, those Packers and their fans are terrible. Absolutely terrible. Let us count the ways.

    1. The Packers and their fans/owners have maintained the most iconic sports venue on the planet, while the Vikings have reveled in the Metrodump and now a college stadium.

    2. They’ve sold out more games than any team in history, while the Vikings are sweating blackouts year after year.

    3. They’ve won more Word Championships than any other team in history, including 4 Superbowls, while the Vikings have won… nada.

    4. They’ve completely dominated the division for years upon years upon years and appear poised to continue the run, while the Vikings have been the laughingstock of said division… and football in general.

    Terrible. Just terrible.

  36. Figures, those gbtrolls are fair weather fans.
    The plummeted tickets sales barely made the cut during playoffs last season.
    Now, this bandwagon crowd is opting out during the regular season.
    Meanwhile, i got my TCF Bank tickets when that so called “team” from cheesebay visits in mid Nov.

  37. Hey, Bucs fan here, live in Tampa. Season ticket holder. I love it when other fans come visit. I take them (friends, fmaily, colleagues) to games….Panthers….Vikes….Bears…Packers….you name it. We make money in Tampa, sell the area, and they are always impressed with football in December among the BBQ, bikinis, palm trees, bikinis, cheerleaders, pirate ship, booming cannons, bikinis, gun smoke, and stadium bleeding red and pewter. Did I mention bikinis? We can’t make the team win (that’s coming this year boys and girls), but I don’t care who your team is, when you come and sit in a NFL game at Raymond James Staidium October thru December…you KNOW paradise.

  38. Where else in the NFL in November/December can you BBQ in shorts and tank tops (bikinis if you want) all morning, go drink Mai Tai and Rum Runner drinks in an air conditioned lounge lined with palm trees listening to a band, eat in a Caribbean style pirate town in the end zone having pulled pork, steak, mojo chicken, shrimp, crab legs, fresh beer, and work on your tan while watching NFL football? C’mon it’s a no brainer. Freez my buns off or go to Tampa. Airfare only 300 bucks. Give me a break.

  39. Enter at your own risk. All are welcome; few leave. Ray Jay bleeds Red and Pewter. Booming cannons, smoke, scantily clad cheerleaders in 83 degrees in December. BBQ pork, shrimp. Crab legs. Fresh beer. Cool rum drinks. Party, party, party. New friends all over. Do you risk it?

  40. Doubt the Bucs care what’s driving ticket sales as long as they sell the tickets.

  41. Packer fan living in Tampa. No question which is the better place to live. Lovie will have the Bucs doing good things this year. Should be a great game. Weather at kickoff will be 75 and sunny. Are the Vikings still in the league?

  42. There are Packers fans everywhere. They may travel well, but they also have a large fan base throughout the United States.

    I’m always hearing Packers fans chanting “Go Pack Go” at their away games. A lot of times they’re so loud, that it seems there could be even more Packers fans in the audience than rooting for the home team.

    That’s not something you see too often from a visiting team’s fans. Packers fans seem to take over some stadiums.

    In fact, at one point I visited the #2 ranked sports bar in the nation. They had an entire room reserved for Packers fans. Every single widescreen showed the Packers game. It was quite impressive.

    The funny thing is that this award-winning sports bar was located in downstate Illinois…

    Packers fans are everywhere.

  43. I was at a game at Lambeau in 1985(only about 20,000 of us were crazy enough to go there) when a foot of snow fell and more coming. The Bucs played in their white uni’s, making them nearly impossible to see in the wind and snow. It’s the only time I can say I saw a professional football team quit. By the start of the third quarter the Bucs simply ran through the motions, punted and went to the sidelines. The defense only put up a meager effort. Lynn Dickey and the Packers had a fun day. It was during the Forrest Gregg era in Green Bay, arguably the worst stretch of the “bad years”, but this one day was a bright spot. A young Steve Young tried to put some spark into the Bucs, but the rest of the team just gave up.

    If I had the cash, I’d go to Tampa too.

  44. This is no surprise, among all the NFL franchises, only a handful are counted as the most loyal and well traveled and at the very top are GB and Pittsburgh.

    Our poor country cousins 300 miles to the west can be counted on to post their best sarcasm in an attempt to placate themselves for lack of success; 3 last place finishes in the last 4 years, 0-4 in Superbowls that they appeared in over 30 years ago and 0-5 in the NFC championship games in the intervening 30 years. Ouch, that has to hurt!

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