Monica Seles could own the Bills, eventually

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The tennis player best known for being stabbed during a match by a fan of Steffi Graf and fictitiously taken out by an overzealous ball man could end up owning the Buffalo Bills, in time.

Via the New York Daily News, Monica Seles is engaged to Thomas Golisano, who has emerged as one of the leading candidates to purchase the franchise from the family of the late Ralph Wilson.

Given that Golisano is 72 and Seles is 40, Seles will likely end up surviving Golisano, at some point.  Which depending on ownership structures and prenuptial agreements could put her in position to own the team.

Golisano recently announced the impending nuptials at an appearance on Thursday.  He also has confirmed his interest in buying the franchise and keeping it in Western New York.

51 responses to “Monica Seles could own the Bills, eventually

  1. Monica Seles was on her way to becoming one of the all-time GREATS before some German nut bag, resentful of Seles eclipsing Graff, stabs her from behind in the neck.

    Seles was never the same after that. Really classy kid then and great person now.

    I wish her all the best.

    About her owning the Bills, there’s no reason why that would be a bad thing. She’s an honorable and classy person – and a fighter. My guess is she would have Buffalo’s back like few others.

  2. @fttr2013 – I was actually directing my comment to “ialwayswantedtobeabanker”. That was the episode where Kramer got kicked in the head.

  3. As long as she doesn’t scream “Hen-RI!” the French name every snap, the way she did every tennis swing.

  4. Monica Seles was best known for her grunts. It was unbearable to watch her games, despite her talents !

  5. Wineshard says: Jun 7, 2014 8:12 PM

    You must have been kicked in the head by Crazy Joe Davola. A 30 year age gap is disgusting.
    You won’t think so when you’re my age! (Good thing my wife doesn’t follow football :))

  6. Tom’s a very nice man & Monica Seles is an amazing person, she’ll also beat anyone you might randomly know that plays tennis. Class acts, be proud of them to have them as an owner.

  7. When ran for governor he wanted to legalize prosititution . When your a 70+ billionaire with a 40 yo you have pretty solved that.

  8. Wow… she couldn’t find a rich guy her own age and he couldn’t find a much hotter and YOUNGER trophy wife? 32 year difference is just ridiculous. He probably has kids older than his future wife!

  9. I’m 50 and I find that age gap a little creepy. One’s the age of my father-in-law, the other the age of my niece. What do they have in common? Oh wait, this is about football? Anything that helps the Bills is fine by me. I’m not a fan of theirs, but I hate seeing franchises so down in the dumps for so long.

  10. Golisano is an Independence Party lunatic, so he and Woody Johnson will fit in well together at league dinners.

    A 72 year old and a 40 year old. Well, sex isn’t everything, I guess.

  11. Monica Seles was best known for her grunts. It was unbearable to watch her game

    How about it. Glad that era has passed.

  12. Never understood why anyone would want to marry someone as old as their parents. A 32 year age difference is just creepy.

  13. To those who say its disgusting, just wait till you’re 70 years old, then a 40 year old woman would be your second choice to the 24 year old twin sisters.

  14. Apparently Seles is experiencing what Jackie Kennedy Onassis did – old age creeping up on her.

  15. People in comment sections of an article mocking out a multi-billionaire, who is engaged to a woman 30 years younger than he is…that sounds about par for the course for the world we live in today.

    You have an issue with Michael Sam dating a man, you have a problem with Tom Golisano dating a young woman.

    As for Golisano himself…you people clearly have no clue who he is, what he has done, and what he feels or thinks about Buffalo.

    On a side note…you failed to perfectly incorporate the fact that Ralph Wilson was married to someone about 30 years younger than him, who just so happened to be a tennis player. Go figure, right?

    Also, don’t forget Danny Wegman in this process…he’s worth more than Golisano…and he’s a huge Bills fans.

  16. First definer of DWEEB:

    Obsession with the Seinfeld sit(err NOT)com, a diarrhea of the mouth from the king of the 90s class clowns, a self professed show about nothing (except smarmy non-gentiles pretending to be smartly stupid)

    Continually referring to it infers it is the only exposure you ever had to attempts at humor, which is sad, and if so, barren.

  17. To the guy who regularly bashes the Bills, and said Golisano doesn’t have enough money – he’s worth $1.9 billion, which I believe would put him at 19th on the list of NFL owners.

  18. I love how folks freak out over an age difference. They have been together for 5 years and evidently love each other. Both over 21.
    And the gold digger angle? She made over $14,000,000 in tennis, not counting endorsements and investments. She’s not exactly moving up from a trailer park. People, get a grip!

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