Texans may be letting a QB go before training camp


Maybe Texans coach Bill O’Brien will win an award for his remake of Sophie’s Choice.

According to Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle, O’Brien indicated he might prefer to only take three quarterbacks into training camp, which would mean releasing one of the many fine passers on the roster.

“Any time you have four, . . . I don’t think it’s easy to divide the reps,” O’Brien said. “I think you can really get three guys reps in practice, which is basically what we’ve been doing. I know that’s probably not the easiest thing for those guys. But three out of four have been getting reps.”

What kind of monster would make a man choose between Ryan Fitzpatrick, T.J. Yates, Case Keenum and Tom Savage?

Actually, it’s really down to two. Fitzpatrick has $4 million in guaranteed money coming his way, and they didn’t draft Savage in the fourth round to cut him after a few months.

That means either Yates or Keenum could be on the way out?

Keenum took over last season for the declining Matt Schaub, and then declined himself. He’s 0-8 as a starter, and has a career 78.2 rating, to Yates’ 2-3 and 71.4.

Whatever will they do without one of them?

16 responses to “Texans may be letting a QB go before training camp

  1. It’s a shame that probowl talents such as Andre Johnson and Arian Foster have had to endure playing for such a lackluster franchise over the years. Hopefully they’ll get their chance someday to play for a respectable, successful team before their prime years are past them.

  2. .

    If the Texans can develop a strong ground game, then Fitzpatrick may be a competent game manager. His problems usually arise during shootouts when he tries to do too much.


  3. It should be Keenum, but it won’t be. McNair’s got to make sure those UH and UH Downtown wackos who think they went to UH stay on their meds and not blow up the 610 phone lines all week

  4. Kubiak messed with the QBs heads so much once he realized his job was on the line. Keenum led their pitiful offense–which featured a backup RB–to score some decent points. Schaub stunk up the place. Fitzpatrick will probably start, but he won’t wow anyone. Better hope Foster returns full force, otherwise I think Keenum starts later.

    Whomever is left out gets traded for a 7th round pick–Yates or Keenum.

  5. Just give both players a scorecard that tallies the things they can do to remain on the team, if everything ends in a tie even after an overtime session then we go to a coin flip, it’s all part of the NFL process.

  6. I’ll always have a soft spot for Fitz. Sure he walked away with millions of my Bills’ precious money without ever really performing up to his contract, but he beat the Patriots…For one magical game I could look my Boston friend in the eyes and that’s enough to make me a fan for life. Go gett’em, Amish Rifle.

  7. Hell, Commander Cody is better than all four Qb’s..All bs aside , Yates has the only playoff victory..I’m not sure who’s more mobile between Keenum and Savage , I’d guess Keenum , however Fitzpatrick has the most experience. It might be time for Mr. Yates to hit the road.

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