Darrell Bevell backs off running back committee comment


Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell signaled a change in philosophy for the Seahawks offense last week when he said that the team was “going to be running back by committee” in 2014.

Marshawn Lynch has been a high-producing bell cow in the running game and helped propel the Seahawks to the Super Bowl last season, which would make a shift to a committee approach a significant one for the team’s offense. It seems that the shift will only extend as far as the offseason program, however. Bevell said Monday that he was only talking about how the team would be handling the running back position in the OTAs that Lynch has opted not to attend.

“I was thinking more out here. We’re kind of rolling all those guys. Really like what we’re seeing from them and just kind of moving them around,” Bevell said, via the team’s website. “That’s not our policy. It’s not something we talk about or do that way. So it’s just something I threw out there and really was thinking about the OTAs.”

Robert Turbin was the chief backup to Lynch last season, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see Christine Michael see more work than the 18 carries he had as a rookie last season even if the split falls short of committee status. If Michael and Turbin do well, they could move into a truer rotation in 2015 should the Seahawks decide the cap savings from parting ways with Lynch can be put to better use.

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  1. It would be smart to let him walk after the contract and go in a different direction. He is really close to the “30” years old mark. Which spells the end for runningback careers.

  2. The way he runs, it’s amazing he isn’t in a wheelchair by now. Love the guy, but I would be amazed if his career lasted too long past 30.

  3. I agree with kuranda84. I think lynch should be the starter but with his running style you gotta back the load off him a little if you wanna milk every bit of football he has in him & i think he’s the type of player that wants to play for as long as a team will keep him around. He has done so much for the hawks i will hate to see him be a cap casualty in ’15. If anyone has earned every penny of his contract its Marshawn Lynch. I understand the business aspect but its still slimy that a team can backload a contract & then weasel out when the big money kicks in with very little penalty to the team. Let the man play out his contract even if he’s only used in goalline situations in ’15. He’s earned it.

  4. The reality is that Lynch goes into the final year of his contract next season with a cap number of around $9 million, so this may be his last year in Seattle. That’s why it’s important now to see what Michael’s got, as his rookie contract runs through 2016. If a Michael/Turbin combo is able to get you most of what Lynch can, then you either release Lynch or maybe trade him if he’s still useful and there’s a buyer out there. Wilson has to be extended, and there will have to be consideration for cheap young defenders such as Maxwell, Wright, Wagner and Lane. Oakland has a ridiculous amount of cap room, so maybe they will want a hometown guy for a 3rd round pick next year if he’s any good still. But I think Michael is the future when he learns pass protection (important with a bad pass blocking line like the Seahawks) and puts it all together. He was extremely impressive in limited action and has all the physical talent in the world.

  5. C MIKE BABY!!! #33!!!! Love me some BEAST MODE!!! Trade turbo to the vikes or the lions!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  6. liddogg, I speak for all of Seahawk nation when I say, we do not need our own blue and green version of logicalvoicesays, you saw what happened to the Redskins man, don’t bring that down on us like that.

  7. They actually HAVE to do a “running back by committee” right now, during OTAs…because Lynch isn’t participating in OTAs this year. So they get reps in for the other guys and work with who is there. When Lynch shows up for work, the committee is dissolved.

    Makes sense when you think about it.

  8. Can’t wait to see what Michael can do! He was as explosive as any back I’ve ever seen last pre-season. Was surprised Turbin kept his spot as the #2. For as herculean as Turbin is, he can’t seem to shed a tackle to save his life. Hopefully Michael has learned the pass protection part so that he can get on the field. He’s too talented to keep on the bench.

  9. i never saw turbin produce in a game. for all the hype he gets,he is lackluster as a player. let’s give micheal a try.

  10. The reason that you never saw Turbo produce was that you could literally say that every great run he had was called back because of a penalty, usually holding. It was like clockwork… he’d bust a 20 yd run, and guess what, yellow hanky… it was crazy. Another guy where his numbers don’t reflect his value…

    That being said, can’t WAIT to see Michael run… that dude’s lightning on turf…

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