Report: Seahawks sign Kevin Williams


The Seahawks have reportedly added another body to their defensive line rotation.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that Seattle has signed longtime Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams. Per Werder, it is a one-year deal worth more than $2 million.

Williams visited with the Seahawks in April, but spoke with several other teams since becoming a free agent. He also contemplated retiring if he didn’t get an offer worth his while, but that choice obviously was less appealing that joining up with the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Williams won’t play as prominent a role in Seattle as he did in Minnesota. His presence should allow the Seahawks to field another formidable defensive front after parting ways with players like Red Bryant and Chris Clemons. Williams, Tony McDaniel, Brandon Mebane, Jesse Williams and Jordan Hill give the team ample options to keep things fresh and productive at the point of attack.

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  1. If the Raiders had signed him, it would just be a waste of money of an over the hill guy who cant get it done anymore and is unwanted anywhere else. If the Seahags do it, its a brilliant move. Haters keep hating. Hope you like the taste of crow, its whats for dinner for you this year.

  2. That’s hardly a surprise. There’s still a year or so left in his tank if used correctly. Good luck to a classy guy and a great player — I hope he gets a ring.

  3. Dude! Not another Viking. I guess if you’re gonna have a farm team you might as well use it. College, semi-pro, Seattle. We have some of the best trained FA in the league. Tongue planted firmly in cheek.

  4. Love it! Another guy who still plays a high calibre game even at his age. Williams should be able to stay fresh as a rotational player that’s only going to help solidify what is one of the best D-lines in the league

  5. Would have been an excellent rotational player and mentor had Spielman resigned him. I have a feeling Spielman tried to play hardball with him like he did with Winfield.. Which the Vikings lives to seriously regret. I doubt this more will hurt that badly, but I don’t really want to find out either.

  6. Good to have the Minnesota AAA affiliate farm team continue providing players for the Superbowl champions…

  7. Dude should retire. Watched him play last year, he’s one of the reasons Minnesota’s defense lacked any type of pass rush.

    Called up from a farm team? Haha, charade you are.

  8. Now he will be able to experience a winning culture. Wish he went to the Patriots, but now he will get to play in the playoffs and wont have to deal with playing for a minor league team any longer.

  9. After finishing in last place for 3 of the last 4 seasons, Williams must be tremendously relieved to finally be playing for a successful franchise.

  10. It’s only a matter of time before Adrian Peterson sings with Seattle at this point. Thanks Minnesota! See, you are good for something other than losing Super Bowls.

  11. Sterling, only way the Seahawks and Vikings would play this year is in the playoffs.

    Did you see that? I put ‘Vikings’ and ‘playoffs’ in the same sentence! Ha ha ha!

  12. As a Vikings fan, I have always loved to watch Mr Williams. He was great. I hate to see him go, but wish him nothing but the best.

  13. This should prove embarrassing for Minnesota Viking fans if they are even capable of acknowledging embarrassment, which is difficult to believe when they keep buying tickets to watch that god awful football team.

    Williams is no fool, he wanted to play for a team with a QB but pretending to be interested in signing with the Vikings again just to create leverage. I bet he is relieved today knowing he can look forward to playing in meaningful games beyond Oct 15th.

    Meanwhile, the Viking’s fortunes for 2014 continue to point downward, not good for an already last place team .

  14. Good depth signing. Looks like he wanted the ring he NEVER would have gotten in Minnesota

  15. Good Luck to KWil.

    Looks like the Seahawks finally might have another ex-Viking who will actually contribute to the team (aside from Heath Farwell — don’t be ashamed, look him up Seahawks fans).

  16. He may be a veteran player at the twilight of his career, but he wanted to sign with a WINNING team.

    Regardless if he ever takes a snap with Seattle, his main goal has been met. And that was to get out of Minnesota.

    Minnesota is a nice place to live and work, it is just too bad their pro football team continually sucks.. and that has their fan base so totally jealous and bitter…

  17. 1) The poor old guy won’t be on the field all the time like he was with the viking.

    2) He will get rotated in the Seattle line up as a part time back up player.

    3) After all the fake crowd noise pumped into the vikings arena he should handle the real crowd noise in Seattle.

    4) A quality franchise like the Seahawks pay little for free agents while the vikings are forced to pay outrageous amounts. He will be paid as much as the vikings spent on Josh Freeman last season.

    5) The quality of life in Seattle surpasses that of the Twin Cities.

    6) He will get playoff money; virtually unheard of with vikings.

    7) He will be seen on national television now.

    He has to be laughing and singing the theme song to the Jeffersons.

  18. Wow I used to respect Seattle but after their SB win the arrogance is off the charts . Enjoy your big win it was a great run no doubt but now the coaches personality is taking over not only the team but the fans of the team as well . I look forwards to playing you this year ! Skolll Vikes !

  19. Great signing!!! Kevin is an all time Viking great! His body is breaking down! Seattle was the only place to go ans get good PEDS, HGH, and ROIDS, smart choice Kevin

  20. Your a year late Kevin the hawks ain’t winning another SB anytime soon with that being said Seattle continue to take the Vikings leftover which is not shocking anymore cause without the Vikings castoff the seahawks kouldnt win a join toss let alone a SB😂😂😂

  21. The Seattle Seahawks: Getting the Vikings players SB rings one player at a time… cause no possible way they are ever getting one playing for the Vikings…

  22. We all know where your tongue is firmly planted, it’s the same place you talk out of.

  23. SHOCKING…….Vikings West on it again.

    Vikings West can’ wait till the real Vikes cut down their roster to 53……they are salivating right now.

    Is there ANYONE from the Vikes that Vikings west doesn’t love.

    Infatuation is an understatement.

    Dudes…..we fleeced you with Hutchinson years ago…..

    L E T I T G O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I don’t think at this age he would be able to sustain high-level production as a full time starter, but as a rotational player on the D-line, I think he can still wreck havoc.

  25. I never really minded the Seahawks. I always gave props to the fans that stuck by them for years. It sucks to see how all those fans are now so arrogant. I’m glad you won the Super Bowl, I really am, but come on. All this #dynasty garb. Win another one and I think you may some ground there, but one SB doesn’t make you a dynasty.

  26. Thanks for your years of service K-Wil, you will be missed. I’ve proudly been wearing a 93 jersey since you were a rookie, good luck with the PEDhawks!

  27. Vikings fans are NOT sore losers. 95% are happy and wish Williams all the best. He’s a great guy and team player.

    Unlike the Packers talking all their garbage and wanting to burn their Bret Farvre jerseys after they basically ran him out the backdoor with a bunch of conditions to never be able to play in the same division…

  28. Should help cushion the loss of Bryant. Think he will be the one most missed by the D. NFC is going to vicious this year and whoever represents the conference should cake walk over the AFC again in the next SB.

  29. Vikings fan ain’t sore loser Seattle is they’re signing all the vikings castoff to piss of the vikings for the Hutchinson poison pill BS #Facts

  30. And since the Vikings are supposedly a farm klub to the Hawks imagine how your team Be without us? Don’t bite the hand that feed you Seattle lol

  31. I wish him the best he is a class act guy. To bad players get older & then can’t afford them with the cap. Good pick up for rotation Seattle.

  32. Seattle needed to do somethin… if mcdaniel or mebane were to go down they really wouldnt have much left… so hate to say it but its a solid signing on their part… but its also if williams has anything left in the tank and thats a big if

  33. The reason Packer fans and Seahawk fans came together is pretty obvious. The Viking posters spout off continually like they have actually won something or are actually good. They go from article to article insulting people and now are getting their just desserts. You know what they say about stones and glass houses.

  34. You Vikings fans are making me lol….

    Do you guys really think each time the Seahawks sign a former Viking it’s because of the Hutch poison pill? Do you really think Pete Carroll and John Schneider would base their personnel decision based on something that happened 8 years ago with the previous regime? Yeah, that sounds like a solid way to build a Championship team.

    The Burleson signing was a revenge signing and Holmgren said as much. Outside of that, the rest have been sound personnel decisions based on team need.

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