Pagano says it’s a struggle to keep Reggie Wayne off the field


Colts receiver Reggie Wayne is eager to get back on the field after a torn ACL prematurely ended his 2013 season. But coach Chuck Pagano is telling Wayne to cool it.

Pagano joked that he needed to hire extra security on the first day of the Colts’ mandatory minicamp because Wayne was trying so hard to get on the field.

“Yeah, he was ready to run in there right at the end of that team drill,” Pagano said. “He looks great. Again, we’re going to have to have plenty of security around him so he doesn’t sneak out in pads come training camp time and try to get in there too soon. We all know what Reggie’s made of and how he’s wired and what his DNA is, and so he’s chomping at the bit obviously to get back out there.”

Asked if he thinks Wayne will be practicing by the start of training camp, Pagano answered, “I’d be shocked, I’d be shocked if he wouldn’t be.”

Wayne is 35, and a torn ACL is serious for anyone. But there’s little doubt that Wayne will be good to go long before the start of the season.