Steelers sign second-rounder Stephon Tuitt


Now it’s like nobody wants to be last.

After point out this morning that there were only 10 unsigned picks, and then nine, it’s now down to eight.

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers have signed second-round pick Stephon Tuitt, wrapping up their draft class.

The defensive end from Notre Dame could step in quickly for a Steelers defense that needs to get younger and better, adding some run-stopping ability immediately.

18 responses to “Steelers sign second-rounder Stephon Tuitt

  1. This is a very intriguing pick — and a perfect fit for the Steelers. I absolutely love their ’14 draft — major credit to Colbert and Coach T.

  2. I’ve tried to ignore it, but I can’t anymore. 6ball, I cannot stand your stupid periods before and after your comment.

  3. a better front seven makes the secondary better. all you have to do is look at the starting cornerbacks during the last 3 Steeler Super Bowl teams.

  4. Getting Tuitt under contract wraps up the Steelers draft pick signings as the team is in mini-camp. Now everyone’s focus can be on football.

    700levelvet says: Complete waste of a pick

    OK genius, which team is “yours” and who did they pick?

  5. I really liked this guy leading up to the draft. I didn’t think there was any way he made out of the top ten of the second round. I was hoping for a good receiver to still be available in the second for the steelers to scoop up, but once this guy slipped to them, I was ecstatic about this pick. Home run second round pick. Like getting 2 first rounders in the same draft in him and shazier

  6. I like that he probably doesn’t have to step in right away as a starter and can learn and lean on others for now. I kinda want to see how the guy from the Chargers looks as an end, and there’s also possibly Brett Keisel to be signed in the near future. If he earns it, great, but barring injury, next year is when Tuitt’s time in the starting line up most likely really starts. You never really know this early in a player’s career, but he sure looks like a good one.

    Another thing I like about the draft this year was the Steelers got several players who were in the draft a year early. Of their first four picks, Shazier, Bryant and Tuitt were all in that category. Getting an extra year out of your player’s careers is a nice move. Go Steelers!

  7. Nice to have all the draft choices signed. I also like this draft, or at least the “potential” of what they could bring to the team. They covered a lot of positions, got speed, strength, size, etc.

    Also, I do think a higher performing front 7 will make the secondary better. When they had a great DL and LB corp, they didn’t necessarily need stellar play from the DBs. The opposing QB had less time to react and throw. With the drop in sacks and pressures, they gave up more big pass plays.

    Can’t wait for football season!

  8. I see a revamped steel curtain. ….as much hate as I see towards the black and gold…all those haters wish they had a rocking superbowl team to party for….trust me we know how it feels to win so a 2 year drought and the old and slow comments will soon be a afterthought. ….tuitt is a man amongst boys….solid signing

  9. Anybody who thinks that this cat was drafted to sit around isn’t following the Steelers too closely. Shazier has been installed as a starter already and they’re banking on Tuitt to do likewise.

    Lebeau–and other Steelers brass–have made it abundantly clear that they’re not in any type of position to have guys ‘sit and learn.’ There’s no one impeding their progress because the talent is just not there to be stuck behind.

    This kid was drafted to play. And to play immediately.

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