Tom Brady still tops at least two quarterback lists


Tom Brady might not be in your top five.

But he knows he has at least two polls that have him No. 1.

My wife thinks I play pretty good, my mom thinks I play pretty good,” Brady said, via, “so that doesn’t matter.”

Brady was able to laugh about the annual summertime rankings, and his place in them, acknowledging that the critics don’t necessarily “fire him up.”

“Umm, I’m always pretty fired up so, I think there’s people that always have opinions about us as athletes,” Brady said. “You just try to go out there and do your best and go home and hope that you left it all on the field.

“Some days you don’t play your best, but that’s sports. I’ll try to go out there and be the best I can be this year. Were they Jets fans, or Dolphins fans, or Bills fans? Patriot fans? I don’t know. Everyone’s a little biased.”

Of course, so are his wife and his mom, but those are the opinions he’s chosen to put stock into.

33 responses to “Tom Brady still tops at least two quarterback lists

  1. Second best QB in the league, behind Peyton Manning. May be in that spot until one or the other retires.

  2. Great playoff record when he played on June 18. He wasn’t even the best player on the team back then. Ever since he’s had average teams, he’s had a average playoff record. .500 playoff record since spygate.

    Thumbs down all you want, but you know it’s true

  3. Great playoff record when he played on Elite teams. He wasn’t even the best player on the team back then. Ever since he’s had average teams, he’s had a average playoff record. .500 playoff record since spygate.

    Thumbs down all you want, but you know it’s true

  4. 3 SB Rings, 2 SB MVPs, 2 MVPs, a hot wife

    people who want to hate on this guy as a loser should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror….

  5. For crissakes. He’s an all time great. He’s getting older. About 30 teams would rather have him then who they have. He won before they got caught cheating. That has to be factored in. It’s only June still are we gonna be talking about top qb rankings all summer?

  6. Well, he can prove himself by outdueling EJ Manuel, Tannehill, and Geno Smith… then we’ll resume this debate.

  7. 3 Super Bowls with asterisks next to them for all intents and purposes.

    Hasn’t won a Super Bowl since he can’t study film of the other teams’ defenses.

  8. I support with my entire heart and soul anything that his wife says. If I could paste a picture in here you would all agree.

  9. Hes a legend every team in this league would take in a heartbeat. His statistics speak for themselves and hes not done by a longshot. Those that verbally assault him are jealous. Those that are fans cant get enough of him. 11 division titles 7 AFC title games 5 Super Bowls 3 Titles….theres no better resume folks..a resume still being added too

  10. You have it backwards. He made above average teams , laden with street FAs, elite. Almost singlehandedly. Any list w/o Brady in the top 4/5 is a joke.

    Do whatever you want with your thumbs(I have a suggestion).

  11. Every team studies film of the opposition defense to this day. What do you think they mean when they say they’re ‘reviewing film’.

  12. Name more than four teams who would NOT trade their current starting QB for Brady. If you can’t do it, then he is top five. I hate the Patriots but facts are facts.

  13. It’s odd.. I’m not a Pats fan, and I consider him elite as a N F L QB , but the fact he hasn’t won anything ( superbowls) since spygate has tarnished his image in my mind. I could care less if he did, but I respected Montana, and I once did Brady, but the proof is in the pudding.. Spygate will tarnish everything about him, that and the fact Goddel burned the tapes… I can’t be blamed for the obvious

  14. Perhaps the greatest QB of all time. However, the facts show that he had the 20th best pass completion percentage last season.
    He still had some great close wins but more was due to the Pats running game and at 37 years old, the window is closing on his career whether he wants to admit or not.
    Belichick drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd round as Tom’s future successor. Patriots fans can refuse to accept the obvious.
    Tom should also consider leaving the game while still a good player. He doesn’t need the money, it would be a pity to see him progressively decline.

  15. Some of you people kill me, he’s one of the greatest ever, not the greatest though.

    That’s reserved for Joe Monatna.

  16. Any and all legitimate fans of the NFL would certainly recognize Brady in the top 5 current QB and potentially top 5 of all time. Snide comments about spygate only show the posters ignorance of the game, policies and events at the time. Love the comment about studying tape as cheating…..Case closed.

  17. Tom isn’t my favorite player by any means. Growing up a despised the guy. But over the years I’ve come to respect the hell out of him. He’s an undeniable hall of famer and one of the best to ever play the game.

  18. Yet once again, an article about Brady being elite, top five, top 2, a possible decline or whatever. It’s a great big PR machine to take the focus on the most laughable, one-sided SB in history…43 – 8….the g.o.a.t. megahead with a stellar cast around him got hit by an upstart freight train called the Seattle Seahawks….the discussion should be what is manning’s legacy again???

  19. I am the furthest thing from a Patriots fan, but I have mad respect for Tom Brady. One of the greatest to EVER play the game. He may not be the same quarterback he once was but he still has the skills to go to the playoffs every year even without elite receivers.

  20. A longtime Bills fan here(rockpile days) and I think Brady is not only in the top five, but the top one of QB’s. Who decides this nonsense?

  21. It’s funny how some people will say they can’t stand Brady. I can’t remember a more affable guy in such a high profile position, in an age of such incredible up close and personal 24/7 scrutiny. The guy always says the right thing, never appears consumed with himself, yet always brings incredible fire, competitiveness, and consistently great performance to his job, i.e. exactly what he is getting paid to do. I can’t imagine a fan of any team, looking back in time, and not wishing their team had been the one to draft this guy.

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