PFT Live: Haden speaks highly of Manziel’s work ethic

Browns’ CB Joe Haden talks about rookie teammate Johnny Manziel. Haden believes Manziel needs to get a ‘phone valet’ to protect him from making a mistake off of the field, but notes that he is getting better with each OTA.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Haden speaks highly of Manziel’s work ethic

  1. Just like A.J. Green, Joe has the rookies covered too.

    If your friend still takes a picture, then he’s not really your friend.

  2. I would listen to Hadens advice before I listen to Brady Quinns. Joe Haden is a great team mate!! He’s actually the epitome of everything I like in a football player!

  3. When I went into the Army, I used to hear, “Army Aviators had more fun accidently, than the rest of the Army did trying,” and we did. We worked long hard hours and played even longer and even harder than anyone else.

    Maybe Manziel is like that….and why he’s so envied by all the other teams, especially the Vikings who got stuck with Bilgewater.

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