Prime Numbers ponders No. 22 on Friday

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Since Friday is the 20th day of June, the Prime Numbers series on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk will look at the best to ever wear No. 20.

And since Sunday is the 22nd and we won’t be on that day, we’ll do 22 on Friday, too.

It’s also our 400th show.  We considered also taking up jersey No. 400 on Friday, but decided that would be way too hokey.

As to No. 22, vote for the best to ever wear the position from a group that includes a couple of Cowboys and the guy who put a curse on the Lions.

Then, dial up NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET on Friday for the one-hour broadcast.

It’s only two weeks until our three-week summer hiatus.  You probably won’t miss us while we’re gone, but in order to be sure you should watch us every day we’re on until then, so that you’ll be sure that you don’t.

19 responses to “Prime Numbers ponders No. 22 on Friday

  1. I’m a Redskins fan raised to root for two teams; The Skins & whoever is playing the Cowboys. But even with a lifetime of despising the cowpokes I can admit the Emmitt Smith is easily the greatest to ever wear #22. This is a no-brainer.

  2. Roger Wehrli??? Seriously??? Let’s see, we have the NFL’s all time leading rusher. We have a guy who forced defenses to change the way the game is played. We’ve got a championship level QB. And we’ve got Roger Wehrli. If you voted for Roger Wehrli, you need a history lesson.

  3. Mercury Morris loses to Emmitt in my book, but he should be over 4 of the guys you did include.

  4. Mike Haynes in 4th place is a joke. 9 time Pro Bowler, the only member of this list on the NFL 75th All-Time Team. I know people love the Cowboys but Bob Hayes had easily the least impressive career on this list. 7 good years, big deal.

  5. My top 22s of all time:

    1) Mike Haynes: A top 5 corner in NFL history.
    2 Smith
    3 Gatski: Only Webster, Langer, Stephenson, and Ringo were better pivots.
    4 Krause
    5 Wehrli

  6. Two of the most overrated players in NFL history are Bob Hayes and Layne.

    Maybe only Joe Namath is more overrated than Layne. Detroit won 3 world championships mostly due to their tremendous defense and Layne’s awful numbers might have been better had he played sober.

    Hayes was all speed no direction or hands. Not a factor in cold weather, not deserving of hall of fame status. At least 100 wide outs since have been better football players. His speed was a novelty at the time.

    Gatski is the most underrated here. Key player on 4 World Championship teams, and several more titles in the old AAFC.

  7. Emmitt Smith is number 1. I agree with some that Hayes was all speed but 3 times he averaged over 20 yards per catch. Plus of all the track guys who tried the NFL, he was the one who succeeded. Bobby Layne is another questionable HOF if you look at his stats-more ints than td’s but guess what he beat Otto Graham several times in the title game. The guy was tough, gritty and demanding. You would have to beat the living daylights out of him to win.

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