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Terry Pegula “following the developments” of Bills sale


The sale of the Buffalo Bills took another step forward this week when the team mailed non-disclosure agreements and “teaser” sale documents to prospective buyers.

The full list of potential buyers has not been revealed, but Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula is believed to be among the bidders. Pegula and his wife released a statement through the Sabres on Friday saying that they want to see the Bills remain in Buffalo without offering any confirmation or details about their plans to make a play for the team.

“Terry and Kim Pegula have a deep commitment to Buffalo and Western New York. Their ownership of the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans and the construction of HARBORCENTER are evidence of that fact,” the statement reads. “Like everyone else in this community, they have a strong desire to have the Buffalo Bills remain a centerpiece of this region. Accordingly, they have been following the developments involving the sale of the Bills. However, out of respect for the process being conducted by representatives of the Wilson Estate and the Bills, they will not be making any additional comments about the sale process.”

Pegula reportedly netted $1.75 billion via the sale of 75,000 acres of Utica and Marcellus Shale leases in West Virginia and Ohio earlier this year. That money would come in handy if he does move forward in pursuit of the Bills, although several other deep-pocketed possibilities have been kicked around as potential buyers since the death of Bills founder and owner Ralph Wilson.

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22 Responses to “Terry Pegula “following the developments” of Bills sale”
  1. doctorrustbelt says: Jun 20, 2014 2:02 PM

    Dirty hydraulic fracturing money.

  2. conspiracybrotherjones says: Jun 20, 2014 2:19 PM

    The Bills belong in Buffalo, period.

  3. djshnooks says: Jun 20, 2014 2:23 PM

    Going nowhere, like I said all along.

  4. rdrfan says: Jun 20, 2014 2:24 PM

    Sure hope they stay in Buffalo. It really sucks when your team jumps town.

  5. fitzmagic1212 says: Jun 20, 2014 2:39 PM

    he will be the owner.

  6. billsfanattick says: Jun 20, 2014 2:57 PM

    You dont just sell land for that amount of money for no reason. That is not a coincidence. Hopefully this process is smooth and painless, and in the best interest of Bill’s fans everywhere!!

  7. iamkillerfin says: Jun 20, 2014 3:31 PM

    Being a Fins fan, if the Bills do get an owner with money GOD forbid, they might return the the glory days of early 90’s & MIGHT win a super bowl???

  8. darksidecowboy says: Jun 20, 2014 3:32 PM

    The Wilson family needs to sell the team to an owner who loves Buffalo, Pegula is the man!

  9. esracerx46 says: Jun 20, 2014 3:47 PM

    As a hockey fan, Terry Pegula is a great owner. Has said on multiple occasions money wont be an issue with his team. The Sabres are in a rebuilding mode, but has said in the past money won’t be an issue when the team is ready. He also said if the Sabres aren’t making enough money he’ll just drill another rig in order to keep the team in Bufalo. Haven’t heard a bad thing about the guy.

    Youre probably the same person that complains about the cost of their gass bill and the price of gasoline. Exactly how does fraccing hurt you and what’s dirty about it?

  10. Andee says: Jun 20, 2014 3:50 PM

    Shoot, Terry, you want to be mayor too?

  11. gmen32 says: Jun 20, 2014 4:11 PM

    Good luck Terry. Keep the team in Buffalo and out of Toronto, LA or London.

  12. mz1394 says: Jun 20, 2014 4:58 PM

    Yeah pegula said if he wanted more money he would just drill funny how you leave out the part where he has raised ticket prices every year since. Typical buffalo fan just a homer with diarrhea at the mouth and constipation at the brain

  13. Billsweregreatonce says: Jun 20, 2014 5:18 PM

    Why do the Haters hate Buffalo so much, what have we or our teams done to garner so much hatred? GO BILLS!!!!!!

  14. kgun80 says: Jun 20, 2014 6:27 PM

    They are mostly Jets fans who see the Bills getting better and are sad they are stuck with Geno.


  15. misteranderson41 says: Jun 20, 2014 7:10 PM

    1.75 for land in utica? someone got hosed lol….good for you peluga!

  16. knucklehead93 says: Jun 20, 2014 7:32 PM

    Good luck to all Buffalo Bill fans! As a Viking fan, I know it sucks to have your team threatened to move.

    I hope you all get to keep your team.

  17. bluntsmokinskinsfan says: Jun 20, 2014 8:13 PM

    Hope the Bills stay in Buffalo. I’m enraged about the talk of a name change that won’t happen here. Can only imagine if my team moved.

  18. joetoronto says: Jun 20, 2014 8:23 PM

    The Bills are gone, period.

  19. pftbillsfan says: Jun 20, 2014 10:54 PM

    I hate Bon Jovi and his hair is stupid.

  20. billswillnevermove says: Jun 21, 2014 7:13 AM

    joetoronto says:Jun 20, 2014 8:23 PM

    The Bills are gone, period.
    The only thing gone gone is you. The writing is on the wall. Bon Jovi will never outbid Terry. The Bills will move to Toronto when the Maple Laughs win the Cup, which is never.

  21. mc321984 says: Jun 21, 2014 7:19 AM

    Mz1394, to qualify for revenue sharing in the nhl you are required to raise ticket prices so the league makes more revenue. Casual sports fans like yourself wouldn’t know that and just come on here and chirp

  22. keepyerstickontheice says: Jun 21, 2014 12:45 PM

    C’mon joe, you’re not even trying. It’s like your heart’s not even in it anymore.

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