Adam Gase on the Super Bowl: Bad calls, bad execution


As Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase reflects on his team’s performance in the Super Bowl, his conclusions are simple: The Broncos’ offense did all the wrong things.

“I make some bad [play] calls,” Gase told the Denver Post. “We had too many turnovers [two interceptions, two fumbles]. We didn’t protect Peyton as we should. We played our worst game on offense.”

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said after the Super Bowl that Seattle knew Denver’s signals, but Gase doesn’t think that was the issue. Gase thinks the difference between the Seahawks and the Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday was about execution, not preparation.

“We were aware of everything they were doing on defense too,” Gase said. “They didn’t do anything unusual. We just didn’t execute. They did.”

Gase coordinated the best offense in the NFL last season, and when they turned in their worst game it’s tempting to explain that they must have had bad calls and bad execution. But it’s also possible that it was just a matter of running into the best defense in the league. There may not have been anything the Broncos’ offense could have done to beat the Seahawks’ defense.

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  1. Yeah any team can win any game if they can pull off that execution part.

    If they were to play a 7 game series like in other sports, then perhaps they would have won one of those games. That would be the best game of the series for them in terms of executing compared to the Seahawks. And if only that one game happened to be the one game that was for the Super Bowl, then they would have been champs.

  2. Yeah….bad calls made up a 35 point difference? And you had TWO weeks to prepare? You got your tail kicked, plain and simple.

  3. Defense wins!!!! Make all the excuses you want…. Seattle embarrassed Denver. 43 – 8 – no excuses for that… Denver, you were straight up out played in every area… Defense and offense
    Done…. GO HAWKS!!!!

  4. I think Seattles defense was the main issue. Give credit where credit is due coach. Stop making excuses.

  5. I would buy the argument that “They executed, we didn’t” over “There may not have been anything the Bronco’s offense could have done to beat the Seahawks’ defense”.

    Everyone knows that in today’s NFL, because of how the rules are structured to favor the offense, a high powered offense that is executing well can always score some points on any defense. So I simply don’t buy the argument that there’s nothing Denver could have done differently to win that game. What I believe is that Seattle was the better team on that day and that’s why they won. Play another game on another day, the results may be quite different.

  6. Lets assume he’s correct. What to do? I know. Lets give coach(s) extensions and raises.

  7. No way denver was beating seattle, denver would have been 10-6 in our division and never would’ve broke all those records playing the hawks, 49ers etc

  8. I highly doubt that the Broncos will get back to the Super Bowl this year. Peyton Manning is a year older and there has to be somewhat of a letdown from the last SB loss. I have reservations that the team will be able to play at the level of skill, intensity and motivation that it needs to get back there. I could be wrong about that, but I’d be willing to bet that I’m not.

  9. I’m not taking anything away from Seattle though, they are the best in the NFL.. probably top 5 D of all time.. but Denver shouldn’t have been there. They could not have hand picked a softer schedule. All bottom ten teams in the league, they played them and OAK twice. I have no respect for Peyton at all with his stat padding on one yard screens.. like throwing for 1000 yards on Madden with it locked on rookie. First team he played he was squashed, embarrassed and then it becomes a “team” loss.. those wins are all him though lol.

  10. Peyton Manning is one of the greatest QBs of all time, maybe the best ever, but he seems to be go into hyper panic mode in Super Bowls. The moment was on the very first snap of the game and when it was botched he ratcheted up his intensity after that.
    People will try to put a nice spin on it, but instead of being the calming voice of experience he becomes the most frantic panic merchant out there screaming at all his teammates. In simple terms he chokes when something goes wrong in the big ones. Very great player but young Russell Wilson was much better at handling the situation.

  11. He may wanna watch the game again. The Hawks were just a way better prepared team with a better scheme.

    The Broncos did execute. Peyton hit on 70% of his passes, but they went for only 5.7 ypa. The excution was there, but the Hawks tackled. Demaryius, who caught short passes all year and led the NFL in yac, was tackled on the spot.

    Peyton was sacked only once, so it wasn’t the plays or execution, it was just an old fashioned beatdown. I don’t see how anything the Broncos did could have made a difference.

    As a matter of fact, it could have only been worse. The Hawks let up after 3 quarters. The Broncos offense was exposed and the defense was throttled. Peyton’s nerves set the tone when he botched his pre-snap read/call on the very first play.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks the score might have actually been closer if the weather was foul? Think about it, less Denver passing means less Peyton interceptions, less Seattle passing means that the Broncos’ secondary wouldn’t have been as badly burned.

  13. Adam,
    The reason all those things happened was because the team on the other sideline kicked your butt. They are a better football team. Period.

  14. It’s kind of like when Mike Tyson (in his prime) once responded to a question about an opponent having a tactical plan to beat Tyson — Tyson said something to the effect, “It’s hard to execute a strategy when you’re getting punched in the face.” (say that out loud with a lungful of helium and a lisp to get the full effect)

  15. Poor coaching job top to bottom. Peyton is going to bear the brunt of the blame but it was obvious from the start that both of these teams went into this game with the confidence that they could just play their style of football and come out on top.

    Unfortunately for the Broncos, the Seahawks were simply better in every phase, and when Denver’s style of football wasn’t working they had no plan B.

  16. “We made bad calls for peyton”
    “We didn’t protect peyton”
    “We didn’t provide peyton with enuff off season f/a signings”

    When will the apologists stop it!
    GRSQB. Plain and simple

  17. Rightfully so the AFC champs play the NFC champs with the winner being the World Champs. But last year it was the NFC title game between SEA and SF that was a match between the top two teams in the league.

  18. Not one person in the entire Donkey organization can admit exactly what it was: nothing but a good old fashioned butt whooping.

  19. “There may not have been anything the Broncos’ offense could have done to beat the Seahawks’ defense.”
    Seattle didn’t go undefeated last season. Denver just got whipped.

  20. Sorry Mr. Gase, but as Russell Wilson is well known for saying, the separation is in the preparation.

    You prepare well, you execute well.

    It was pretty obvious which team was prepared that day.

  21. The patented Manning Choke Job was on from the 1st play. He’s been handed huge losses in many of the biggest games of his career. Can’t stand the pressure when everything is on the line and its win or go home with a failed season.

  22. Still talking about a game that was played how many months ago? Time to move on fellas. It isn’t like you have won multiple titles. Well below average franchise.

  23. Come on Gase! Take your eyes off the rear view mirror. Old news. Seattle kicked Denver’s butt up and down the field. The Broncos did not execute or get any breaks.
    Seattle was the better team plain and simple. Contrary to what Peyton said I’d call the loss an embarrassment to true Broncos fans. 2014 brings a new season and a new opportunity. Go Denver!

  24. No…the problem was Peyton Manning was the QB, just saying. I like Peyton Manning.

  25. Well they may not have defended Peyton during the Super Bowl but they sure are defending him now. Nary a word has been heard about his performance. No one dares question The Great and Powerful Oz! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

    On a side note, Richard Sherman said the Seahawks knew the Broncos signals. According to my recollection of the recent past, that’s considered cheating on this site, right? Oh where is the outrage!? Where are the endless articles questioning everything the Seahawks do from this point to eternity?

  26. Not making excuses is exactly what he is doing. Saying that there were bad calls and bad execution is the same thing as saying we got beat by the better team that night. Take a rest Broncos haters, the Seahawks were clearly better that day, period.

  27. I wish there was a way of showing the number of Seahawk fans before Russell came to the team, before Sherman even. Its amazing to me how many people jump ship to a good team when their own is doing awful or just because they want to join in on the fun. It happened with the Patriots when Brady blew up, it happened with the Packers, and it happened with the 9ers…and now here we are talking about seahawks.

  28. Preditcable gloating and classlessness from Seattle fans. The fact is Gase is right, but he forgot one thing: Seattle simply wanted it more. Denver went out and tried to play cerebral Peyton football, and Seattle wanted to smack them in the mouth. Add some unpredictable mistakes and bad luck, and it’s not hard to understand. Congrats to the Seahawks, but to the fans? Act like you’ve been there before. It won’t last long, either, because there is no way you’ll repeat.

  29. ok, sorry Denver but the fact is you simply got beat. My question to Denver is this. Seattle beats you badly, wouldn’t you think Denver would look at Seattle and see how they built that team and try to do the same thing? Instead Denver goes out and signs high priced free agents and a DE in Ware that while very good is on the down side of his career and is honestly nothing more than 2 year stop gap. I always say a team is a direct reflection of it’s coach and GM and this Bronco team is just that… a direct reflection of Elway’s bloated ego!

  30. Niner fan here so not inclined to praise Seattle, but that SB was an annhilation. The 43-8 score makes it seem closer than it actually was.

  31. Oh come on, Coach Gase. Seattle was ON and they just whipped your butts. Tim Tebow could not have saved the Broncos that day.

  32. Gase just made bad suggestions.. Everyone knows peyton is the oc/qb.. He knows way more than the oc on most teams.. Being that peyton is a flopper in the post-season i can understand to a degree adam taking some heat for his qb. But he also has to think of himself.. And the way denver got beat up i would not claim that body of work if i didnt do it….i wouldnt put it on the qb but words like “colaborately” and “we” would be used in any public format..

  33. .
    Seattle was a buzzsaw at playoff time last year. They clearly had the best December roster..

    The true test of the Seahawks is whether they can go on a decade long run like the Patriots.

  34. It’s kind of like when Mike Tyson (in his prime) once responded to a question about an opponent having a tactical plan to beat Tyson — Tyson said something to the effect, “It’s hard to execute a strategy when you’re getting punched in the face.”

    Mike Tyson’s quote when he was told that a certain boxer said he has a plan to beat Tyson: Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!

  35. I coined the phrase “cotton candy “to describe Peyton’s lofty, air-filled stats, last year, which were not too different from previous years.

    My point was clear and not meant to disparage Peyton’s accomplishments. The numbers look great until you take a bite and realize that there’s no there – there. It’s mostly air, empty stats built with a short passing game, predicated on crazy yards after the catch.

    There was noway with Peyton’s weak arm, that he could throw into the teeth of that defense and come away clean. His screens and pick plays were met with vicious, bone crunching tackles that took the will out of shell shocked receivers. The one long pass completed to D. Thomas, was promptly fumbled.

    It’s a passing league, but if your ball stays in the air too long, get ready to tackle. Seattle’s DB could cheat up because they know Peyton can’t throw downfield.

    But to the critics, we shouldn’t file the game away, just yet. Not until the next SB. That’s how it works.

  36. Lack of a run game sealed your fate the only way you keep that d honest is to commit to being physical at the line of scrimmage. That’s not Peyton led teams style they’d lose 7-10 times!!!

  37. Here it is months later and manning still hasn’t been called out for his horrific performance in the SB. Let’s not blame his royal highness, who can’t win the big game to save his life. When Manning’s team wins, he takes the credit, but when they lose, it’s the team’s fault…can’t have it both ways. One poster here even said Broncos didn’t get any “breaks.” There’s the mindset, poor peyton didn’t win and it’s everyone’s fault but his. He pads his stats, gets all the awards, but loses and it’s all on the team. I’m still waiting for Seattle to get the credit they deserve. They have yet to get it because it was nfl royalty who they beat.

  38. At least we are talking about two of the elite NFL teams for now…and not the woeful Vikings, otherwise known as the Keystone Kops of pro football.

  39. wow, maybe poor coaching as in poor play design, poor training, poor preperation as in conditioning ayour team against the worst teams in the NFL

    who didnt see this coming, its easy to win playing the worst teams around, seattle PLAYS the BEST teams in football 3 of them twice a year!

    to be the best you have to play the best plain and simple

    my guess is if the Donks upper management puts on thier thinking cap they will learn a plethura from that game but the bottom line is they DO NOT have the physicality to beat a team like Seattle

    any team in the NFCW is going to win that game and PLENTY in the NFC, NFC is simply stronger than the AFC by a fair margin

  40. Bronco fan. We all agree that the game was not even competitive. But the reality is that they were without half their starters, and you won’t win a SB with backups. Elway went to five SB’s, losing three by huge margins. The Broncos should not have been there, and Elway was the only reason they were. Same as in this case. Whether due to injuries or not, the Broncos should not have been there. PM was the only reason that they made it that far. Without Manning, Broncos might have been .500 team.

  41. Well, Adam, you have a chance to test your theory in week 3.

    The same thing will happen. Seattle simply has superior athletes at every position. And they are well coached, disciplined and intelligent.

  42. To me its just kind of proved how rigged the NFL is.

    For proof just look at superbowl XL, the refs/league was in no way going let the seahawks win that game.

    Then for payback the whole 2013 year the seahawks defense is allowed to hold and commit PI blatantly right in front of the refs. They even admit to it and the league just lets them go right on cheating.

    I am not a fan or hater of either team but it would be nice if the officials didn’t decide the outcome of most of the games played.

  43. It was the Seahawks day, plain and simple. They played better. Lots of other factors played into it such as all of Denver’s injuries (Denver missing Ryan Clady & Von Miller, both 1st team all pro’s previous year, 2 of out top 3 players.) and Seattle’s lack there of, but Seattle took the game.

    2014 is a new year. I’m looking forward to the week 3 matchup.

  44. Their offense just isn’t as good as people thought. It’s that simple. It was no fluke performance. Seattle wins that game 99/100 times. Denver was not even a top five team last year. Many teams from the NFC could have destroyed the broncos. Heck even Dallas put up 48 against them.

  45. Im not ashamed of being part of the Seattle fan base there is always gonna be people who jump on and quite a few I may add but I applaud this…it means were doing well. Actually the commentary actually shows elation over finally winning. ..we have been thru hell as a franchise and now were overjoyed! Always have supported the Hawks always will when we lose ill still be there and look back on this wonderful day with pride so chastise us as you wish call us classless bottom line….we won thats all I wanted

  46. Seattle has a better team this year than in 2013/14. The ‘hawks added Simon to the secondary, Toomer and Mayowa to the linebackers and Kevin Williams, Britt and Jesse Williams in the trenches. In addition, Seattle gets Harvin for the entire season. This season is going to average 30 points/game on offense rise to #1 as the best defensive team in the nfl. The 2014/15 season will be much like that in 2013/14—year of the Seahawk.

  47. I think the Broncos knew what they were in for.Didn’t they play in the preseason as well and
    got smoked?Yeah I know PRESEASON but Seattle
    played them tough even then.

  48. Did NOT bother watching: had no emotional involvement with either team (If my Niners ain’t in it, I ain’t either). Anyway – from what replays, etc., etc., I’ve seen, Manning did his typical Manning bit and choked right outta the gate. And Denver’s D was not up to par along with their offense. But this began and ended with “The God of QB’s” going belly up. Again!

  49. They should play the best 2 out 3 games every year to determine the champion. Do the 1st game one week after the playoffs and then give them 2 weeks between games. Would only add 3 weeks to the season max.

  50. The true test of the Seahawks is whether they can go on a decade long run like the Patriots.


    Not a fair test.

    The Pats have turned over every position except QB, usually multiple times since 2001.

    I would compare this Seattle team to the 2003 and 2004 Patriots when the Pats had a cheap young QB and a super talented defense.

    But who knows what kind of team Seattle will be when all the cheap young talent has to be bid for again in free agency.

    It won’t make this team any less special if that future team falters.

  51. The best thing about it is listening to all the other fans make excuses and hate us. Hearing Gase do that is hilarious. His team got dominated. Outright owned. It was never close. Seattle scored on the first play, and they were on defense. That game was a total beatdown from start to finish.

    As to the rest of you jealous haters, your tears give us strength. Keep on hating, the Seahawks will keep on winning.


  52. Fair to blame Manning. He didn’t play very tough and got rattled. To his credit, he was without his left tackle, as mentioned 1st team all pro from 2012. The run game was too soft as well. If you let a pin your ears back defense rush the passer all game with no threat of run, and all the factors working against Denver (such as injuries overall), you get a beat-down like we got.

    Elway’s Super Bowl winning teams showed that you need balance. You need to run the ball effectively. The key for Denver this year is getting their injured players healthy, incorporating all the guys we signed in FA and improving on our running game with Montee Ball.

  53. Ok. The hawks won. Just keep you mouth shut (especially Sherman) and let’s see what happens this year.

  54. Being a Offensive Coordinator behind of Peyton Manning-led offense must be one of those honorary titles like being a Defensive Coordinator on Rex Ryan’s Jets.

  55. That is horrible sportsmanship.

    Give the Seahawks some credit, instead of claiming the Broncos were just having an off-day and the refs cheated them.

    Adam Gase has no class.


  56. The only AFC team that might win a Super Bowl is Cincinnati. If they ever find a Quarterback.

  57. The Bronco’s were out matched from the start… which was what made it all the sweeter victory. Some of us Hawk fans remember all the years we had to endure Elway bringing them back to win games or just beat us out right. Beating them bad in pre-season was good but beating them bad in the SuperBowl… Priceless.

  58. He has to say that. If he concedes the better team won he may as well hang them up.

    Will be interesting to see if Denver can get redemption this year. Their window is still open and Seattle is going to have a tough road out of the NFC.

  59. The Broncos were simply not ready to play. That’s on the coaches. They also failed to make adjustments in the second half. That’s on the coaches as well. Put Tom Coughlin in as coach and at least the game would have been close.

  60. I agree with most fans- Denver was not ready to play but more importantly Seattle’s defense was too good. That performance rivaled the Ravens versus the Giants and the Bucs versus the Raiders. Give credit to the ‘Hawks, they earned it.

  61. Manning can’t throw deep or outside the hashes with much velocity. He can only throw over their head if they bite on the play fake.

    The entire gameplan after that was bubble screens & draws

    If the entire league made Manning throw 20 plus+ 20 yd passes every week for the entire season, his arm wouldn’t hold up

  62. bengcolt says:
    Jun 22, 2014 4:15 PM
    I wish there was a way of showing the number of Seahawk fans before Russell came to the team, before Sherman even. Its amazing to me how many people jump ship to a good team when their own is doing awful or just because they want to join in on the fun. It happened with the Patriots when Brady blew up, it happened with the Packers, and it happened with the 9ers…and now here we are talking about seahawks.

    sorry i was not a lifelong seahawks fan…for years they were GB west….but I watched every game Mr Wilson played at the UW…and knew he would do great things wherever he went…so now…I am a seattle fan…the bangwagon is nice

  63. distracted9 says:
    Jun 22, 2014 3:16 PM
    I’m not taking anything away from Seattle though, they are the best in the NFL.. probably top 5 D of all time.. but Denver shouldn’t have been there. They could not have hand picked a softer schedule. All bottom ten teams in the league, they played them and OAK twice. I have no respect for Peyton at all with his stat padding on one yard screens.. like throwing for 1000 yards on Madden with it locked on rookie. First team he played he was squashed, embarrassed and then it becomes a “team” loss.. those wins are all him though lol.

    Wow, can you comment be any dumber? Denver shouldn’t have been there, then who should? This isn’t college where you vote the 2 best teams in the championship. I guess the niners shouldn’t have been there 2 years ago because they were getting blown out until the power outage. What exactly is hand picked soft schedule? The broncos don’t choose their opponents, the nfl has a system. I’m trying to figure out how does a QB pad his stats by throwing a 1 yard screen? Isn’t it the WR that’s running for those YAC? Now is manning was throwing hailmarys all game then you’ll have a case to make. You win as a team, you lose as a team, unless they’re playing tennis no individual player in the nfl wins a game for their team.

  64. Denver sucks nuts, The NFC is stacked and Denver won a weak AFC. Sit back and watch the donnybrook that is Seattle vs. Santa Clara and the winner in 2014’s TITLE GAME will smash whatever AFC team (INDY) shows up. GO TO VEGAS AND BET IT ALL ON the NFC in 2015 SB!

  65. Let’s be real, it was just a bad game for Denver. I’m not saying they would have won because I don’t think any team could’ve beaten seattle that night, but the best offense in the nfl does not only put up 8 points in the super bowl. That happened because there was literally zero execution on Denver’s side. Seattle did everything right, especially getting pressure on peyton, because that defense is just wicked as all hell. Peyton made some poor decisions, receivers could not get open (except DT), and the offensive line did a terrible job of protecting peyton. The seahawks wanted it more, and denver simply lost steam from the first play of the super bowl with that botched snap from the offensive line that played their worst football all year on that day. Again, I’m not saying the broncos would have won, but trust me when I say it would’ve been much closer had denver executed. They were just not themselves. 0% execution = 0% chance of winning. The broncos failed the execution part and seattle outplayed them. With that said, Denver is too good to only put up 8, but seattle is one great team. We will see a better game between these two teams this season in seattle. Good luck to both teams next year though; I can’t wait for this season!

    I hope I can see peyton manning win one more ring because he is not the best quarterback, but he works harder than anyone and has so much heart. He is not the best at all, but he is the greatest player ever due to what he has done to the game and how much he has influenced it. He is why I got into football. I just know it will be a sad day when the pure pocket passers like Tom Brady and Peyton manning retire. Here’s to peyton manning retiring on top. I believe he will.

  66. Just a reminder here…

    Denver lost 10 of 22 starters combined, went 13 – 3, set the NFL all-time scoring record and went to the Super Bowl.

    If you had told me that before the season began I would have never believed it.

    The plain fact is that Manning dragged a depleted team all the way to the Super Bowl.

    GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Super Bowl XLIX Champions !!!!!!!

  67. Who is this man who presumes to speak for the real OC, Peyton Manning?

    Here’s a clue, when one team stops the QB of the other team, the OC can figure out something else to try. When one team stops the QB of the other team – and he happens to be the OC as well – you don’t have anything else to fall back on.

  68. Denver had a cream puff schedule that was overshadowed by the K.C.’s schedule.

    Both those teams were frauds.

  69. At least read the article before posting…

    He didn’t blame the refs. The ‘calls’ he referred to were his play calling.

    And all the ‘Hawks commit PI and aren’t called…’

    If true and your team isn’t doing it, you’ve got bad coaches.

    If it’s so obvious to overweight, beer guzzling fans who can’t spell interference much less identify it, yet it isn’t called by the refs, then your understanding is obviously running on empty.

    And whatever you’re objecting to, if so effective, should be used by your team.

  70. Not only does Seattle play 3 of the best teams in the NFL twice a year, their offense plays against their defense in practice. Expect the Seahawks offense to improve next year (O-line is a bit of an unknown, but I’m an optimist). Expect Denver to stay roughly the same, maybe decline slightly. Expect the 49ers to improve in some way.

    Looking forward to the 49ers/Seahawks matchups. Best two most completely well-rounded teams in football.

  71. There was something wrong with the preparation for sure. 1 week before the game there was a tweet from the NFL that said ticket sales were a 2:1 ratio….WA vs CO. And after the very first play of the game everyone on the Denver sideline was shocked by the crowd noise. Sorry…but that is a lack of preparation.

  72. Denver’s strengths played right into Seattle’s strengths. And Denver didn’t have an answer for Seattle’s strengths. Hence….blowout.

    Denver’s strength was passing…but 50% were after the catch in the regular season against a very soft schedule. Limiting YAC is Seattle’s strength.

    Turnover ratio….Seattle strength, Denver weakness.

    Denver D vs Seattle underrated O. Denver didn’t face too many good offenses..and Seattle’s offense played against a lot of good defenses. In fact…I think the Denver D was their easiest matchup all year.

    THAT is why it was blowout….and THAT is why more score prediction of 38-10 is still on my whiteboard in my office. 🙂 Well…maybe it’s still there so my Niner fan friends can see it.

  73. Peyton Manning isn’t even close to the qb of all time. He’s not even in the conversation. The younger generation is the target demographic of all major sports & unless they’re sports geeks most of them aren’t even aware of how football used to be played. In Montana & Elway’s time a defender could be 3 steps away after the qb released the ball & still knock the crap put of him. Not only was it not a penalty it was expected of them as a defender. Manning, body wise, reminds me of Dan Marino. If Manning had played in Marino’s era he would’ve been lucky to be Marino’s backup. The only reason Manning has the numbers he has is because of the new tendencies to protect all superstars, not just qbs. The broncos ran into a throwback defense similar to those of the 70’s & 80’s & the whole world saw how, not only Manning, but the offense & the coaches handled it. They had no answer, no plan B, & IMO no heart. They gave up after Harvin ran the opening 2nd half kickoff back.

  74. Lets think logically…

    I think it was poor execution but I truly think weeks 1-4 Denver was the best team in the NFL… I also think game by game the Denver broncos as a team got weaker since losing Ryan Clady, Von Miller, Derek Wolfe, Vickerson and 2 safeties…You could just see by the Colt’s game and then on, they lost steam, the dam was beginning to break with leaks. Although they were still good enough to make it to the SuperBowl beating an elite team like Seattle or Sanfrancisco who exploited teams offensive mismatches wasn’t going to be beat.

    Seattle had 2 mismatches to exploit on both sides of the ball. On offense it was the tackles…On defense it was Denver’s weak pass rush. Denver had a bandaid line on both sides of the ball.

    Not saying Denver would have won if those guys were healthy, but I don’t see Clady getting beat like Clark did, that was a mismatch from hell. I also think Von Miller would have contained the scrambling of Wilson to atleast make a difference. Might not be a huge difference, but maybe to make it closer.

    Denver’s line led to turnovers. If Clady was there who knows, he’s the best tackle in the game or was. He wouldn’t of had anything to do with the first snap of the game though, that was the game and that was the FIRST sign of being “unprepared”…IMO

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