Keenan Lewis raves about “Lightning” Brandin Cooks


Thanks to the NFL’s nonsensical rule that blocks draft picks from joining their teams until the conclusion of exams that the draft picks aren’t taking anyway, the Saints didn’t get to see much of first-round receiver Brandin Cooks during offseason workouts.

What little they saw after Oregon State finished for the year was most impressive.

“I called him ‘Lightning,'” cornerback Keenan Lewis said Friday, via Christopher Dabe of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  “A [defensive back] might be in his back pocket and the next thing you know he’s 50, 60 yards down the field.”

As Dabe explains it, Lewis experienced that dynamic at practice on Thursday.  Cooks took a reverse handoff and ran down the sideline.  As Lewis chased Cooks, the rookie slowed a bit to let Lewis think he had a chance to catch the speedster — and then Cooks took off.

“It’s always an honor to have a guy like that,” Lewis said.  “Not just because of the kind of football player he is, but because he’s a good person too.”

Cooks will make up for lost time by getting together with quarterback Drew Brees in San Diego.  Cooks will next be toying with NFL defensive backs when the Saints come to West Virginia for training camp.

16 responses to “Keenan Lewis raves about “Lightning” Brandin Cooks

  1. As if Drew needs any more weapons! Almost everybody looks good in shorts. Let’s hope it translates to putting on the pads, in contact drills. Who dat!

  2. Unbelievable player. I followed him leading up to the draft and when Payton traded up for him I knew he was everything I thought he’d be. Payton has an eye for offensive talent and for him to trade up for Cooks spoke volume. The man is a mismatch exploiter. An X factor. He’s the type of guy that keeps OCs awake at night.

  3. Paul Richardson is better. Look at the tape, tons of drops at OSU, I watch all PAC 12 and Richardson was overlooked since he played for a dismal CU. Watch!
    Go Hawks!

  4. The best NFL game to watch each week will be the Saints. This season will be monumental.

  5. Should be a great fit in that offense, put up the same combine numbers as Tavon Austin last year.

  6. its about time for another Super Bowl. When they won the one, it is easy to erroneously assume that another will come quickly, but it takes some years and some bounces going Saints way to get back. I think this is the year we have party with lombardi sequel.

  7. in reality, the satins are the only team in NFL with top 5 offense and top 5 defense. Seattle may have the drop off that almost all super bowl winners have. Its time for another super bowl run.

  8. He needs all the weapons he can get to cut down on the doubke coverage it will open up a lot of things.

  9. vusnu says: Jun 22, 2014 10:53 PM

    I truly believe the Eagles would have taken him had he been available at no. 20.

    He DID get drafted at no 20

  10. Unless he is gonna go over the middle a lot I didn’t understand the cooks draft pick cause breese doesn’t have the arm to use him the right way.

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