Michael Sam on early NFL experience: It’s very positive, very fun


NFC rookies are in Ohio this week for their Rookie Symposium, an event the league holds to help players transition into the professional ranks with discussions about the history of the league, health and wellness and workplace conduct.

That last topic is getting a bit more attention this year after the conduct of the Dolphins’ offensive line became the subject of an investigation last year and also because of the presence of the league’s first openly gay player. Rams defensive end Michael Sam hasn’t experienced a hard time, though.

“It’s very positive, it’s very fun,” Sam said, via the Associated Press. “I’m excited to be playing for the Rams, I’m excited to be in the NFL.”

Sam’s Rams teammate Greg Robinson called Sam “just another guy” and “really cool once you get to know him” while Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans said it was easy to see how much Sam’s new teammates enjoy his company. That’s left Sam with plenty of time to focus on the football side of things.

“It’s very fast. Everything is full speed,” Sam said. “If you make a mistake, it could cost you that win in practice or that win in a game. That one mistake. So you’ve got to pay attention to details.”

Sam isn’t likely to see much time behind Chris Long and Robert Quinn and has been working on special teams in hopes of earning a roster spot with the Rams, which gives him plenty in common with most of the other rookies attending the events in Ohio this week.

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  1. Hmmmm weird. I’m looking but I don’t see any articles for any of the other 31 players selected in the 7th round.

  2. In just a few weeks, the ones commenting here with nasty comments about the SEC defensive player of the year, will almost unanimously be telling us how ‘powerful’ the SEC is as a conference, both on offense and defense.

    Are their current comments a reflection of how they view the SEC, or how they view people who have different sexual orientations?

  3. Indiana tight end Ted Bolser is a 7th rounder too.
    I wonder how many tight ends were drafted in the 7th round?

  4. Judging by the comments posted on this article looks like NBC/PFT is going to have to force feed the unwashed masses (the rest of us) all summer on the adopted talking points on the one gay man in pro football. All the football fans who come to this sight really do so to be educated on tolerance and acceptance. You know, like you did for Tebow.

  5. Gee…what does Michael Sam think about
    changing the Redskins name?

    Two for the price of one….

  6. romosrevenge says:
    on the one gay man in pro football

    I hate to break it to you, and I’m sure this will come as a shock to you, but there is more than one gay man in pro football.

  7. I think NBC Sports should just put permanent Sam and Redskin links at the top of page where all the different sports are listed. It can be like Golf Channel’s permanent Tiger link or when ESPN has ARod on the crawl with all the sports. That way we can ignore them.

  8. “cornerstone2001 says: Jun 24, 2014 5:45 PM Gee…what does Michael Sam think about
    changing the Redskins name? Two for the price of one….”

    Funniest remark of the day.

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