Devin McCourty says Greg Schiano’s tougher than Bill Belichick


There are many definitions of toughness.

But in the mind of Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty, his college coach Greg Schiano is tougher than current coach Bill Belichick.

During an appearance on “NESN Live,” McCourty said the former Buccaneers boss was harder to work for.

“Toughest coach I’ve ever played for,” McCourty said, via Zuri Berry of “I don’t know, maybe I should say Bill because then he might feel better and think he’s tougher on us. I might get in trouble but I’m gonna go with coach Schiano.

“[Schiano’s] more of a yeller and a screamer. He’ll get right in your face. Bill’s more sarcastic. Both can be pretty brutal, but I’m gonna go with coach Schiano.”

Maybe McCourty meant “tough to stomach” or “tough on the ears.”

Because it’s hard to imagine given their respective levels of success that Schiano would grade out higher than Belichick on any scale.

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  1. If you’ve ever watched a football life on NFLN about Belichick this kind of makes sense. You don’t really see Bill yell at his players he’s just overly scarcatic and/or just tells the players straight what’s wrong in a very monotone voice. Considering all the stories about Schiano being overly draconian and in your face… It kind of all makes sense.

  2. Schiano’s a losing tyrant, who had a safety net, landing a job. In a fair world, he wouldn’t even be employed.

    He blew up the Bucs and populated other teams with players he didn’t want, because of his “my way or the highway” attitude. At least he can’t fire any players in New England.

    It’s OK to say nice things about your boss, if being tougher than Belichek is considered a good thing.

  3. Different coaches different styles. The Style doesn’t mean one is better than the other or gets better results. Different players react differently and both will have degrees of success. Does the message or style lose effectiveness over time? That is what results determine.

    All that being said, Belicheck doesn’t need to worry about changing anything….ever.

  4. No one is talking about Patrick Chung I wonder if he did well in OTAs. I’m not a fan of him but in 2010 he played SS and had a break out year then injuries forced him to play FS and he stunk. We need answers

  5. Belichick leaves a lot of opportunity for other coaches to outperform him in the category of game day strategy tactics. He makes a lot of mistakes and Schiano is known for trying to think outside of the box to look at every angle he can find. He may not be perfect but he might be better at pushing things to the next level in trying to out-think the opponent. And Belichick does seem to be a little too quiet and timid from time to time. It would be nice if he showed a little more passion for his job and a little more effort into figuring out how to cut down on the strategy mistakes.

  6. So Bill Belicheck is better at everything in life because he has a better win/loss record.

    That’s well thought out.

  7. …and Belichick remains the head coach of the (to quote a recent CNN article) “football powerhouse” New England Patriots, while Schiano was fired after one year for going 4-12 with the shame mausoleum formerly known as the Bucs.

  8. I guess everyone’s different, but if I’m a 28 yr old man, I’m not going to handle someone screaming in my face very well. You don’t have to scream to be “tough”. My father was one of the toughest men I’ve ever seen, and I can barely remember him raising his voice to me. Did that mean I’d screw around, or didnt respect him telling me what to do? Not on your life!!

  9. Its a matter of time before Biilicick ends up next to hernandez. Billicheck cheated in his profession and his personal life so hes probably cheating the government in something too. A cheater is a cheater is a cheater is a cheater.

  10. If you are a mew coach, coming from the NCAA, you are going to have to prove your worth to the men that are already on the roster.

    When you are a Super Bowl Champion (more rings = more respect), players are going to shut their mouth because you have already proven yourself.

    Not a fan of either team, but if I was an NFL free agent and had the choice of going to a team led by Schiano or Belichick, it would take about a second to decide which coach I was going to play for.

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