Emmitt Smith: Jason Garrett’s “on a short little leash”


Emmitt Smith had a Hall of Fame career with the Dallas Cowboys, but he admits he’s not always sure what’s going on around there.

During an appearance on FOX Sports Daybreak radio yesterday, he was asked to explain the “love affair with Jerry Jones and their coach Jason Garrett?”

And as he did so often on the field, Smith ran with it.

I don’t think anybody can explain anything that Mr. Jones is doing, so I’m not going to even attempt to try to explain it,” he said, via the Dallas Morning News. “But it is a different kind of relationship, and it’s a relationship that I honestly believe is on a shoe string. Because success is something that the Dallas Cowboys are definitely striving for and definitely need to have this year, . . . And I see that shoe string being a little baby shoe string. That means that it’s on a short little leash.”

While that’s not a real surprise — with all the rope Garrett has been given to lead a perennial 8-8 team — it’s still a bit of a surprise to hear someone so deeply rooted in the organization say it out loud.

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  1. Garrett is the coach because he does whatever Jones says, he is a little puppet. THAT is what Jones wants, that is why he is still the coach. No other NFL caliber head coach would do that and Jones knows it

  2. With all the troubles my Giants have and that they already threw in the towel on the 2014 season, I bet this Garrett and Jones stuff is just a smoke screen the Cowboys are putting out so that they don’t intimidate other teams in the NFC East like my Giants. Jerry Jones is a class act and Jason Garrett is a Super Bowl champion who knows how to perform under pressure like he did on Thanksgiving Day when he lit up the Packers with a record setting Hall of Fame performance.

    The dog fight between the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins for the NFC East title should be a good one this year. I’d love my Giants to be in it but without my man Justin Tuck, the shutdown duo of Corey Webster and Aaron Ross, Jon Beason, Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Myers, David Diehl, Kevin Boothe, Dan Connor, Keith Rivers, JPP, David Wilson and so many other key players my Giants will be lucky to go 5-11.

    Maybe Tiki Barber will come back as a coach or even GM in 2015 and get the organization heading back in the right direction. He turned Eli into an NFL QB. He is a miracle worker.

  3. “I don’t think anybody can explain anything that Mr. Jones is doing, so I’m not going to even attempt to try to explain it,” he said, via the Dallas Morning News.

    The kicker is that there’s no end in sight either, Jerrah Jr is waiting in the wings.

    It sucks to be a Cowboys fan.

  4. Sounds like Emmitt needs something to do with his free time.

    It’s going be another 8-8 year in Big D. How ’bout them Cowboys?

  5. So he can’t even begin to explain it, and admits he not sure what’s going on, then proceeds to explain what’s going on?

    Okay then. Pure speculation and represents a guess that any fan/hater/media type can make, it has no more credibility than a guess any other fan/hater/media type makes either.

  6. I love Emmitt, but is there any real reason to believe a former player (or anyone else for that matter) has any real clue of what’s happening with the Cowboys?

  7. I never thought Jason Garrett was the real deal, but Jerry the G.M. sure as hell doesn’t give him a lot of help. For as much flak as Romo takes, what would the Cowboys be without him?


  8. Thats why I love Emmitt He speaks the truth. None of that cowboy bull sh!t that they always feed us fans…like going Oline in the 1st rd when you have the worst defense..or TE in the second round when you have a pro bowl TE

  9. Garrett has been giving so many chances. Any other team would of canned him a long time ago. Jerry has been over generous with Garrett and Emmitt. Everyone takes shots at Jerry but i guess Jimmy went with Dan Marino to make Miami a multiple Superbowl winning team right, and the Diamond around trash got a few as well.

  10. Not so uncommon. Look at Marvin Lewis. A long string of losing seasons and then unable to win any playoff game, even at home. In most cities he would have been gone. That Jones has a man crush on Garrett is obvious, just like Mike Brown and Lewis.

  11. I can’t argue with anything Emmitt said. We Boys fan’s don’t understand it either. Most of us outwardly wonder if Jerrah is fading. His moves don’t make sense when he is in control. He’s relinquished more and more control to his son, and to his credit has probably learned more from his dad’s failures he witnessed than his successes.

    Jason is a decent coach, but probably one who shouldn’t be a head coach. It’s too big for him. He also wasn’t given much to work with for all the years Jerrah went cheap. If we go 8-8 again, that will probably be the sign off of Garrett, through some of his own fault, but mostly Jerrah’s. You can’t go cheap on the O-line and defensive wide and expect to have any real success. And that’s the real shame of it all for a generally well liked guy like Garrett.

  12. Man, I love emmitt smith, the player, but does anyone believe he’s a confidant to jerry jones? Seems like the only news here is he spoke in public and didn’t invent any new words…

  13. Jerry Jones is a clown, he has won nothing since Jimmy Johnson recruited players left. Jerry fancies himself a GM but has nothing to show for all those years since the last Super Bowl. The Cowboys are an Average team with a below average Coach , an overpaid QB and an Owner who is more interested in being interviewed than having a winning team on the field. Although Jones should have already fired Garrett years ago, it does not matter as long as Jones is in charge …. The Cowboys are Doomed !!!

  14. “Because success is something that the Dallas Cowboys are definitely striving for and definitely need to have this year, . . . And I see that shoe string being a little baby shoe string. That means that it’s on a short little leash.”

    Phew! Thanks for clearing that up Emmitt. I was really confused about all of the string theory you’re droppin on us all.

    Now the parolees are running the asylum

  15. 50/50 that Garrett gets “garotted” with that “short little leash” by Jerruh after the 2014 campaign.

  16. I think JERRY is finally trying out Pateience with this team….Offensively we are a powerhouse, but Defensively we are rebuilding. GARRETT would make a great GM I think.

  17. In my opinion, Jerry is enamoured with the Steelers model of coaching stability. He would like to give a coaching regime a lot of time to develop a team identity and pecking order.
    His problem is that he is not a good judge of coaches and so he is giving the wrong guys time. He should never have blown up the Jimmy Johnson thing and hanging on to Garrett is foolish … five years of crap is five years of stable crap.

  18. Jerry Jones was about winning in the 90s. Today its about what makes him look good. He’ll do anything to make the NFL fans and media go,What?? Because thats headline material

  19. It will be tuff to find a good, winning coach that will up with Jerry Jones. Any coach will have to play second fiddle to Jerry. That’s the one thing Garrett is good about. He doesn’t rock Jerry World. So at the end of another so-so season this year, Jerry will look around to see if the fans are restless and about to quit spending money on tickets and merchandise. If that answer is yes, he’ll think about firing Garrett. Jerry has to blame somebody and that will be Garrett. Jerry can’t blame himself, that’s not in his make up. The problem will be finding a willing coach that will play second fiddle to Jerry. No self respecting coach will accept the job under those terms. So if Jerry can’t find another puppet, he will wind up keeping Garrett for another season.

  20. Jerry’s drawing a line in the sand. Anything less than a 6 – 10 record, will result in a two year extension for Garrett.

  21. the continued employment of Jason Garrett is an insult to the NFL, the Cowboys, and shows incredible selfishness by JJones…… but would anyone qualified agree to work for GM JJones?

    and how did that guy get to the Ivy League?

  22. The Cowboys again lead the league in “dead money”, money charged to the cap for players not there. Ware and Ratliff which were both predicted disaster contract extensions are the cause at this moment. So the Cowboys will be largely fielding a lower paid roster on the actual field. Other disaster contracts like Carr, Romo are on the books. The Cowboys are over the Cap for 2015 as well.

    Garrett has had some positive impact on personnel, bringing in cheaper players and cleaning out the closet. He’s a poor game decision coach for sure. The core problem has been at higher end contract decisions, Garrett doesn’t control these decisions.

    It’s the GM who should be fired, for sure.

  23. How is it that the coaches that deserve to get fired the most hardly get fired? Marvin Lewis has 0 playoff wins with 2 different QBs, Rex Ryan can’t create a functional offense to save his life, and Jason Garrett hasn’t gone beyond 8-8.

  24. What’s wrong with the Cowboys? Jerry Jones is what’s wrong. Subtract him and they’re 12-4. And I’m a Vikings fan.

  25. Since Landry, no Cowboys coach has lasted more than five seasons. If history is any guide, Garrett’s tenure is about up, unless he wins big this season.

  26. Look I want every body to understand something, Jerry Jones and his son are very good business men. When it comes to making money they are two of the best. But when it comes to football they are two of the worst. When Jerry first bought the Cowboy’s it took Jimmy a minute to build that winning team of the 90’s but Jimmy is a real coach. And you have to remember all of the other coach’s that we’re in place with the 90’s Cowboys. Jerry and his son will not win another Super Bowl until that issue is address. He has some of the player’s that is needed but not all. Since Jerry want talk to me then I must speak. Until Jerry Jones and his son decide to hire a real general manager and real coach that know football and allow them to run that team as it should be they want win. Jerry it’ s good for you to be involved with the every day business of the team but please allow your coaching staff to take control of the player’s. Jerry if you will step back and do that I promise you will become winner once again.

    A Fan that really loves the Cowboy’s

  27. we all jj is a CONTROL FREAK he wants too coach and control butt thank god NFL wont let that happen i say let him one season and BOYS DONT MAKE THE POST SEASON he is to own and hire a general manager whos not family like synder who woke up

  28. I get frustrated with Jones but he brought in Johnson and won 3 championships with his team. Can’t take that away from him. But ofcourse the media is all about making Cowboy fand miserable. They never had a good word to say about Jones in 94 either? Why? they hate the Dallas Cowboys.

  29. Jones said the Cowboys have a plan about three years ago? Since then Dallas has taken three offensive linemen early in the draft. They have a very young offensive line. They have two very young receivers less then 26. They have a rb about 25. Them passing on Manziel shows they are following a plan. Next year its defensive line in the first round. Dallas has a bright future but don’t wait for the media to say anything like that.

  30. At this point in time, I simply can’t place any of the blame on Garrett for the Cowboys’ failures. Look, giving Romo the contract Jones gave him last year is so beyond absurd that no one can explain it. Romo has been the starter for NINE YEARS. NINE YEARS! What exactly is Jones waiting for or thinks is going to change?? That Romo is going to magically turn into a Manning or Brady?? He lets one of the greatest linebackers walk for nothing, but holds on to dear life for a mediocre QB. Honestly, I’m expecting no better than a 7-9 season this year with what Garrett has to work with.

  31. Frankly I was surprised Jason survived last season after missing the playoffs when the rest of the division was awful.

    Inserting Jason as coach was Jerry’s idea so he clearly wants it to work and is giving it every opportunity to succeed. If Jason survives another 8-8 season (or worse), then we will know Jason has something on Jerry for sure.

  32. its amazing how i read all the comments and see so called fans of the cowboys bashing Emmitt. Thats whats wrong with us we dont want to hear the truth and to hell with anyone that speaks against the Mighty Cowboys. Thats why we are in the situation that we are. No one wants to accept the truth, not even the owner.

  33. Common man, the team is flawed. The talent is about at the 8-8 level. Blame that on the wanna be GM.

  34. I’m surprised Emmitt believes that the Cowboys are trying to be successful. Based on a few comments Jerry has made recently he seems content on the status quo.

  35. It is my suggestion that the knuckleheads on here knocking Emmitt should inquire about his foundation (s?). I can tell you it is to help young people acquire more interest in reading, and improving their education thereby. To criticize his shoestring comments is pure nonsense. It pictured the situation as he sees it. Maybe help in comprehension would help you. This won’t last, but I hope one of the jerks gets to read it.

  36. If Garrett had any dignity, he’d quit. He knows he’s in over his head. Then again, having a gig that pays over $3M a year just to win 8 games would be hard to give up.

    As far as Jerry goes, the only thing that hurts him more than losing is winning it all with someone else’s help.

  37. Jason Garrett: “Emmitt Smith’s a washed up running back who set records running behind an offensive line that opened lanes wide enough for a wheelchair. His major accomplishment in the past 15 years was to imitate John Travolta on Dancing With The Stars… and where were the stars? Get off my back and get a life.”

  38. Emmit was a great player but as a reporter and a NFL “Insider” he’s a joke! This is news? What’s next, Emmit attacks Johnny Football for partying? No,wait!

  39. As far as I can see Jason Garrett is a sock puppet for Jerry. When the team has another disappointing season he will the sacrificial lamb and Jerry will look for his next puppet. Don’t get me wrong ,at a personal level I think Jason is a nice guy but nice guys finish last as coaches at least with Jerry’s Boys.

  40. That whole staff needs to be fired! They lost to a Rookie College first year head coach that had a DC (lasted one year with the NYG, fried) and OC (fired after one year with the Brows) at home!

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