Jace Amaro needs to make “host” of adjustments to pro game

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There have been plenty of quarterbacks in recent years who have had to seriously adjust their games after coming to the NFL from collegiate schemes that have little bearing on a pro-style offensive approach.

It isn’t just quarterbacks who have to make the adjustment, though. The Jets selected tight end Jace Amaro in the second round based on the production he showed as a receiver in the no-huddle, spread attack favored by Texas Tech and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says that the rookie has to make a “host” of adjustments to fit into the Jets’ offense.

Rich Cimini of ESPN.com reports that Amaro, who saw time with the first team in three-receiver sets, looked “lost at times” during spring work and that his route running is a chief concern for the Jets as they continue to prepare for the season. Amaro also needs some work on the intricacies of playing in-line tight end after rarely lining up there during his college career.

Amaro may not polish things up enough to take over No. 1 tight end duties from Jeff Cumberland this season, but polishing up his routes would put him in position to play a prominent role on an offense that needs all the help in can find in the passing game.

17 responses to “Jace Amaro needs to make “host” of adjustments to pro game

  1. what?!? I thought he was going to rewrite the record books this year!

    I thought he was going to be promoted ABOVE Team Captain to Team General (which they’ll create specifically for him) ?!?!

  2. This is why I refrain from labeling players as “busts.” Jace Amaro played in a dream offense for pass catchers, it was a spread the field out attack.

    The New York Jets do not follow the same offense, nor is their offense anything similar. So, they draft a guy who was successful in an offense they do not run.

    If Amaro doesn’t excel, it’s not his fault, it’s the Jets.

  3. That is because he is one dimensional player and can’t block or run route trees. Defenses will put the right personnel on him all the time and he is not WR fast like Jimmy Graham. This Tight End nonsense is turning into another Wildcat. A few Teams were successful and now everyone wants to imitate.

  4. **BREAKING NEWS** – a rookie struggles in June

    If he is still struggling with the system in late July – early August then we have an issue. Until then, nothing to see here.

  5. You neglected to mention that he was lost in OTA’s because he was still learning the playbook.

    Jace spent many extra hours in evenings and mealtimes with his playbook and having coaches quiz him in the past few weeks.

    Can’t wait to see this guy cut loose for gang green this year!!!

  6. Super talented athlete but all these limitations were readily visible on his college tape. Nothing says he won’t make the leap, but if being tall and running fast was all it took to be a TE in this league then Zach Sudfeld might actually have gotten mentioned in this article.

  7. Blah blah blah

    The talking heads on draft day say some guys are Xmen superhero’s and they bust,,,,others are slow white boys who can’t run, pass,,jump and have no reason playing football,,,yet win 3 Superbowls and first ballot HOF (BRADY)

  8. Lol.. so many funny haters.. you know what they(haters) say about last year.. “richardson a bust” during training camp.. and look what up? Point is, there is no such thing as bust when he rookie and havent played at least 2 year to correctly grade him. I’m sure that Tom Brady would be happy to vs NY Jets 3 headed monstars =)

  9. If one were to read the actual article we have two sound bytes:

    1) “We’re deep and talented at the tight end spot,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said last week. “That’s going to be an impressive position for the New York Jets for years to come.”

    2) Mornhinweg said Amaro, a pass-catching machine in college, needs to make a “host” of adjustments to get comfortable in a pro-style system.

    Guess which one the media goes with? Wonder why Jets fans constantly complain about the media: No Circus – they make one.

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